Ginny Weasley
I miss Hermione.
Paulene Styles
i ship them so much! if dan wasn't married, i'd want him to be with emma 💙 the chemistry between them is just 💘💘
Rodrigo Abreu
Lost N'Found
When you thought this was a Hermione video
azza A
I love the way he looks at her
Fenne Verrecas
Shes so intelligent, beautiful, and talented. Beauty, brains and talent.
Finding MOMO
Did anyone watch the movie The Circle starring Emma Watson. There was a scene where a chandelier was made of antlers. Mind Blown.
Mary's character is not very likeable, well I'm not a fan of her without Matthew Crawley, so Belle seems like an obvious choice
Nevaeh Gariepy
I love her accent
Dan Stevens, "I love you". Emma laughs so hard and thinks it's cute. Then Dan looks down so sad
How big is the chance that the most searched question isnt "Emma Watson nude"?
Disney Movie Geek
Oh my word, Emma LIKES Pocahontas?!! You GO, girl! That movie is really incorrect and not accurate, but it's BEAUTIFUL and has perfect moments, such as when Pocahontas meets John Smith. I thought I was going to dislike it, but I watched it for the first time recently, and it was actually the first movie that made me cry. Literally, cry, sobbing. Many movies have made me get teary-eyed, but none cry like I did when I watched Pocahontas. At the end, I was touched. I'm so glad Emma likes Belle AND Pocahontas! Love ya, Emma!
YouTube Obsessions
He should have just said Mary because as much I love belle and the beast together Mary and Matthew are freaking awesome.
Yukimaru Hanako
Did you really have to add 'HOT&CUTE!!!!' on the title man?
Watch our animated Emma Watson Parody!
daisy raman
Sammie Westover
"Can I have both? Is that allowed?" Best line.
D'Angelo McCarville
0:53 😂😂😂😂
D'Angelo McCarville
Karou Argent
Can someone help me? I don't understand the question? Why is she so upset?!
Adam White
If they just filmed Emma Watson sitting in a chair and occasionally walking around reading for two hours, THAT would be a wonderful movie. Emma Watson is all that! :)
Xiao Yang
kayla Westbrook
if he wasn't married and had children then him and Emma would be so cute together
Kitten Love
I know this might be a dumb question to ask but does the actors really kiss in the movie beauty and the beast? ( like in the movie beauty and the beast belle and the beast kissed did the actors kiss?)
Esme Jay
Both full of class, humour and intelligent warmth. I can't wait to see the movie! (Yes, I'm late)
FlushApple Adderley
does anyone see the tense chemistry???
Reese Morgan
I thought her favorite princess was Ariel 😂 wasn't that in an interview?
brendon's forehead
shouts so whole world dan hear I LOVE EMMA WATSON
Sophia Isma
0:20 i'm shook
Sebastian Baretto
That dude looks like pewdie pie!! 😮😮😮😮
emma isabella
"hurry up, the baguettes!"
No One
When Dan asked if he could have both, the Chinese caption said, "Dan, you're too greedy!"
Ava Gran
I died laughing!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jar Jar Kinks
Emma Watson is so beautiful
The Invincible J
"Goodness me!"
hahaha poor dan stevens he cant get rid of Mary Crawley. Love you beast!
Lukas Beck
some people mentioned that Dan looks so much at Emma. For me personally it's normal. I do always look at the person who is speaking no matter if it's a woman or a man
Its Blaze
I ship them so hard omg
Aleksandra Stojadinović
When she said: "Belle...obviously" I hoped so badly that she would mention Pocahontas as well ('cause those are my 2 fav Disney characters). And she did. :DD
WerewolfGamer216 // WG216 - Kat
Dan is so cute i rlly want to see him irl 😍
Do you even know how Mary is
Angel Darling


I love how he says "what's the next question, Emma Watson?" all the time 😂
Loribeth Clark
Of course he would choose Belle. He comes back to life with Belle, but with Mary, he ends up dead. But if it weren't for the life and death issue, I think it would be very hard to choose.
ohmigod omigod they mentioned Mary omigod
Kiaaa Kinseyyy
I love how Emma is wearing yellow
3:05 that "maybe" took my breath away
Saya Wilcox
I could honestly watch them do this for hours, I love Emma Watson so much!!!
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