Emma Watson Answering Most Searched Questions About Beauty and the Beast HOT & CUTE !!!

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Emma Watson and Dan Stevens answering the most searched questions about the movie Beauty and the Beast. Emma is looking very beautiful dressed just like princess. I am so excited for the movie... I hope it'll be Awesome...

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Sarah Ansari
"Maybe Mary and Belle didn't want Dan"😂 oh but I want him😅
Clara Simpson
Who ever doesn’t like Emma Watson your insane she’s fucking amazing
ravin roque-perrymon
Matthew still loves Mary!! 😭😭😭
Harry Potter Fan
I thought your favorite Disney princess was the little mermaid and your brother dressed up as Sebastian and your dad dressed up as king Triton for your fifth birthday!?
Guys, is anyone getting a Chinese version of this video? Like not the voices, but the screen at the back with the logo and the cards they were holding up?
Sandra Tran
1:06 the beast,everybody
Deenfreelance Splendor
Winter is coming, is it snow outside? May be Russia could be a best place for a vacation.
Could someone tell me what was this shocking question? I cannot understand what she's saying, not mothertounge. Thank You!
Blaze it
Her accent😍😍😍
hanaa mohammed
bitch is that matthew crawley???
Lucy's Monroe
My name is Lucy's
TheBiggestJordinSparksFan J-ski
Shailene Woodley like Pocahantas too/as well.
Audry Rahmania
current generation knows Emma as Belle instead of Hermione
Rita Panerotti
Savannah Fisher
Isn't baguette the French word for wand
I don't care if he's married.
Kailey Smoot
OMG I told my mother right before we watched the movie that the line I most remember from B&tB is "I use antlers in all of my decorating!" That's hilarious Emma said the same thing!!
Draco Malfoy
How on earth do u get/contact her in to get on a show jeez
Char - Mander
When I was a man I ate 400 eggs every morning to help me get LARGE!
My life as Alayla!!!
I use antlers in all of my decorating!!!!
Claire Smith
Dan Stevens is so hot!! And Emma Watson is so pretty!!!
Pratosh Dhasal
I had made video on emma Watson
https://youtu.be/dMTRTHgFckE support me if you are also a fan of emma.:-)
xca vuii
Is that the male Siri ??? 🤔
Ohhh...Hermione Granger ...loved her as that
It's me Teagan
Emma Watson likes the same princesses as me
Bethany Lake
Emma, you are amazing
_teenie_ fey_
Lol tencent
aleem ulla
I did a beauty and the beast musical. 0:56 THAT WAS MY LINE!
Katie Glenn
Why are the words in chinese?
Ginny Weasley
I miss Hermione.
HOEly Goddess
i ship them so much! if dan wasn't married, i'd want him to be with emma 💙 the chemistry between them is just 💘💘
Rodrigo Abreu
Lost N'Found
When you thought this was a Hermione video
azza A
I love the way he looks at her
Fenne Verrecas
Shes so intelligent, beautiful, and talented. Beauty, brains and talent.
Finding MOMO
Did anyone watch the movie The Circle starring Emma Watson. There was a scene where a chandelier was made of antlers. Mind Blown.
Mary's character is not very likeable, well I'm not a fan of her without Matthew Crawley, so Belle seems like an obvious choice
Nevaeh Gariepy
I love her accent
Dan Stevens, "I love you". Emma laughs so hard and thinks it's cute. Then Dan looks down so sad
How big is the chance that the most searched question isnt "Emma Watson nude"?
Disney Movie Geek
Oh my word, Emma LIKES Pocahontas?!! You GO, girl! That movie is really incorrect and not accurate, but it's BEAUTIFUL and has perfect moments, such as when Pocahontas meets John Smith. I thought I was going to dislike it, but I watched it for the first time recently, and it was actually the first movie that made me cry. Literally, cry, sobbing. Many movies have made me get teary-eyed, but none cry like I did when I watched Pocahontas. At the end, I was touched. I'm so glad Emma likes Belle AND Pocahontas! Love ya, Emma!
Morgan Attride
He should have just said Mary because as much I love belle and the beast together Mary and Matthew are freaking awesome.
Yukimaru Hanako
Did you really have to add 'HOT&CUTE!!!!' on the title man?
Watch our animated Emma Watson Parody! https://youtu.be/X1dzZwPBE0A
daisy raman
Sammie Westover
"Can I have both? Is that allowed?" Best line.
Addalyn Fitsurbert
0:53 😂😂😂😂
Addalyn Fitsurbert
Karou Argent
Can someone help me? I don't understand the question? Why is she so upset?!
Adam White
If they just filmed Emma Watson sitting in a chair and occasionally walking around reading for two hours, THAT would be a wonderful movie. Emma Watson is all that! :)
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