Emma Watson Answering Most Searched Questions About Beauty and the Beast HOT & CUTE !!!

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Emma Watson and Dan Stevens answering the most searched questions about the movie Beauty and the Beast. Emma is looking very beautiful dressed just like princess. I am so excited for the movie... I hope it'll be Awesome...

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Loribeth Clark
Of course he would choose Belle. He comes back to life with Belle, but with Mary, he ends up dead. But if it weren't for the life and death issue, I think it would be very hard to choose.
ohmigod omigod they mentioned Mary omigod
Kiaaa Kinseyyy
I love how Emma is wearing yellow
3:05 that "maybe" took my breath away
Saya Wilcox
I could honestly watch them do this for hours, I love Emma Watson so much!!!
Phea Chocolate
Is Mary his wife? I mean, ooh God, they looked perfect together tho!
Emma Jemley
I thought this was an official video until I saw that it said, "HOT & CUTE !!!" in the fricken title.

Come on, man.
Stop to appreciate the title... "HOT & CUTE !!!" IT'S SO UNNECESSARY WHY GUYS
Josh Leeman
Baidu tho
Paula Mourad
He is so hot! ;D
Allysplater Kid
Marie, the Baggetts, hurry up
Did Harry attend your wedding and can you explain Hagrid liking several pics on Beast's Tinder profile?
Jellyfish Swims
I love Beauty & The Beast,It's so Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MK Niazi27
I don't know who he palys in the Beauty and The Beast. I don't care. I just know Mathew is alive and has travelled in a further time xD
Megan M
They have great chemistry
Galen Powers
lol, a lot of filtering went down here
i was so against emma watson playing belle. and after watching the movie, she still didnt fit the role well. she was still herself. everyone scorned me about emma being belle well i m scorning you guys back. movie was well, didnt like emmas version of belle.
Sander Hoefsloot
Lol I saw the movie in chinese without english subtitles even though I only speak Dutch and English but it still was a great movie
Ross Makin
I wish I met Emma and Dan
Lollipops Studios
In the original movie belle was the only one in the village wearing blue
Moise Mouse
Oh my gosh as if her favourite are belle and Pocahontas just like me!! I also love mulan 💞
Hazel 26
which book???
Yassss! Same favorite princess!
Iman A
it looks like he's in love with her
jared Ortiz - Luis
Who is Mary?
Eva Šetina
who is mary?
Abbe Dong
At first I was really amazed that they were able to read Chinese
GD Sierre
So why is this hot and cute again?
Wait why is the background and paper with the questions in chinese or whatever language it is
OMG I ADORE HER MORE !!! She loves Pocahontas as much as me !!!!!
a b
yes, but can Emma Watson djent?
Jenny Pearson
Erm too sober now let's try them too pished lol 😂
Padfoot 934
Notice how Emma Watson is always acting with a Dan😂
Ash Smith
... I'm so glad someone else laughs at the "Antlers in all of my Decorating" as well... most of Gaston's stuff makes me laugh.
We also have the same Disney Princess favourites... did not expect that. :D
Ketsarin Rungsubpattana
Fong Eugenia King Hin
I hate the Chinese words occasionally passing across the screen above their heads :| it's mostly dissing emma and dan
I think Emma Watson is on her way to becoming one of the highest paid actresses in the future.. how lucky for her to be known for 2 iconic roles - Hermione & now as Belle..
kinda hate that it says HOT & CUTE in the title? idk why
Winter Murray
The baggets part is probably a throwback to the musical soundtrack
It's okay Emma, it's pretty hard to raise one eyebrow, but we all get there.
Erin Nelson
I'm sorry, but she's so not a Belle. I see her as the serious and studious type still, where Belle is feminine and airy. I wish that Anne Hathaway or someone else had played her role.
Gracie Martin
It's the baker he says "Maurie! The bagettes! Hurry up."
Ruby Rocks
Omg Emma Watson! I had no idea! Lol
tasnia nawar
emma sounds like my teacher and looks like my teacher
Fatou Ndiaye
amy clarke
Jenny White
I wish dan Steven was single so Emma Watson and dani Steven can get married but I kinda don't cause dan is happy with his wife
J Everyday
Dang she's so pretty
Sirius Black
omg i'm in love with dan stevens😍😍
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