Crushing $40,000 GOLD BAR with Big Hydraulic Press!

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Thanks to Baird & Co for supplying the Gold Bar and making this video possible:
Today we do the most expensive Crush in YouTube History! We Crush a $40,000 24 karrat, pure Gold Bar with our Big Hydraulic Press! 
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Address of Po Box-

PO Box- 2098
CR90 9PT
United Kingdom

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Qiuck Bob
U should pick me because my friend is in a grave and she loved u so I will put it on her grave
Morgan Morgan
because i love your channel
Adam Cohen
Adam Cohen
Sorry for the cus
Adam Cohen
Cry Shit lol
Mouwi Chow
crush shit
Jeremy Williams
100t press just isnt strong enough to give the gold a real good crushing.
Capitan Cata
uite dusterul romanilor!!😂
Lone Ranger
it it just me who read it as 'cru-shit'
I'd like to think that's Trump's head...
I'm savage
draizzer tamayo
You fucking moron
Сашка "Усложнитель"
А что если палец туда ?
That was retarded.. Why not crush it all the way?
gold is soft
ENB Ethan
Are you serious children in africa could of eaten that gold bar.
Donnie M
3:48 Looks like the Philosopher's Stone
Milgamesh LXIX
Why would somebody want some busted CO2 cartridge?
Dhruv Shah
u should give away the gold bar ;D
TheGamer 500
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Colton Brooks
Can you give it to me because I shared it
Are you serius man?
Diamond's Fire
You couldve have given it to me!!!
lil zae
was that gold hollow or weakened out some how cuz it crushed so easily
Marvin Busse
Das schöne Gold
crushes 40k worth of gold, video has 14 million views, double win cause he made more money! BTW the gold is still worth 40k after That!
Josh Greeno
that shouldn't change the price
Fischer Ionel
Can you still buy stuff now?
Oscar Jiro
Well at least you can still melt it down and freeze it back to any shape you want
Soham Khanna
Cushit I guess your a M Chanel. Because your cruSHIT
Ronildo Sanni Junior
idiot -_-
Pegeman 1
I wish you would weight the gold bar again to see how much metal came off. Thanks for the video.
Cubs Cube
it is maleable after all
Edgey Man 300
retro squad
money is being wasted on dis shit
Platonic Love
Why would you crush that gold? It's worth nothing now!!!!
wcrazy 2
you should have made a cast around it before so you can melt it down and make it a bar again
Ach du Heilige Scheiße
it's Fake , i bet it
umul soren
Gold is Gold in whatever shape
Giannis Dravis
Funny thing is that it worths the same after crushing. And it got denser as well. Good to see people in the coments being aware of that.
Nicolás T.
We need to know the weight AFTER the press.... Pelotudo
Whatsapp Videos
Youtubers could kill someone and say that was just FAIL , what a life ... pricks....
Paul Amarante
Should have weighed it again to prove no loss
Karlos Emanuel Cedeno
yo if were you i will buy what i want that is a fucking gold
helmi priyanto
very noob .i crushed 2000 grams gold
Samuli Tuikkanen
cheap copy of hydraulic press channel
People here have never heard of smeltery
John Pissbird
Everyone just skip to 1:36 because who really cares about his talking about his his sponsor who just wanted some free air time.
why is this so satisfying to watch
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