Nourhan Mostafa
this back bag is actually really cute. I was gonna cry at the end I about he will throw it away😢
Danny Kennedy
I love my pack. I wear it in stops me snoring.
Bella Rose
What brand is this backpack because I want it???
Nicole Marie Isabel Curtis
love this! I got the Tom Bihn 19 liter backpack about 6 months ago and im in love with it. I take him everywhere :)
Burned Potato
Am i the only one who draws a smiley on my backpack after watching this vid ? 😂
Kimmy Marcy
Now I feel bad for everything in my attic. Thanks BuzzFeed.
Rodrigo Gra
where can I find a backpack like that one?
Trey Tcg
wonder what my back pack is up to since it was stolen ( life in Chicago)
Eh Luong
better love story than twilight
Saul Lopez
what brand​ is the backpack? I want it
Why do I have such a connection to this bag
Why did they have to draw a smiley on it? Now, I feel all emotional.
Lucy Escobar
I was on the verge of tears when that weirdo stole his backpack. I felt the "lose the backpack" friend was out to sabatoge his life and was jealous of the bag. And I was overwhelmed with joy when he took it back out of the closet. Also, I now have the need to go to Target and aquire a lifelong bacpack friend.
Omg I love this so much. I have so much connection with my own backpacks too. I only n throw out the ones that are completely worn out and broken.
H Frable
How does the backpack stay that new? And not dirty on top of that! I can't even keep my backpack clean for a week!
i cried.
noooooooooo. this is giving me feels about the backpack i used throughout college ;_; i went to so many places with that thing....
for some reason I feel like I should be more thankful for my bag? and feel bad??
so like where can i buy this bag
This was emotional and like, my backpack's also been everywhere w/ me and I feel this ☝️ ☝️ ☝️ ❤️❤️❤️
this made me sad wth
liza schnauck
just spent a long time searching for it online, and i see a bunch of people doing the same lol so here!
Jared Evans
I wish this could be my backpack, but mine doesn't even last the year because of how I mistreat it xD
Nuki Howlter
This has make me appreciate my backpack so much!

*throws backpack on floor a day later*
Danny [BleachBoy] Murillo
The ONLY good Buzzfeed video.
Its elizabeth
I felt sad for that backpack
Happy KiDdO
Ken Madel
This is such a cool video
i still have a backpack from elementary school, and now i'm 24
Sam Hall
What is that backpack i love it xD
I could never draw on my backpack
moreagen parehamm
never thought a video about a backpack would make me emo
Ella Thomas
Crap. Now I feel emotionally attached to this backpack. Buzzfeed whyyyy
from dieing children to happy dogs you made a vid about my backpacks life?
Delaney LaMon
Why have I developed emotional feelings for this backpack? Please help me, I need this backpack to be in my life, I need to see in more videos.
Floresa Ha.
This was soo cute I love it! A bag pack is with you the whole time and once u'll realise that its full of memorys 😍
blue bubble gum
do u guys know the brand of the backpack
Prince AJ17
why does this make me sad
tot ala
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tot ala
SUBSCRIBE BackPackYourLife
Am i the only one who has feelings for the backpack?
Shraddha Satpathy
I now started feeling emotional for my bagpack.. that I never appreciated what it has done for me.. I love my bagpack now.. 😜
Rulia Lee
I always find it hard to adapt in new places, so sometimes the things that gave me comfort are my belongings that I'd used for years, like my watch, my bag and even my water bottle.
Otαkυ Orεοz
So...I'm not the only one who cried to this right?
Soflo Ben
Legend has it that this very same backpack is now used by his kids...
Andrea Vister
Did anyone else look at the smile the entire video?!?!??
Sonja Elisa
OMG this little cute face on the backpack is sooo damn CUTE <3
my book bag can't even last a school year
I've used the same backpack for 4 years, and I kinda and kinda don't want a new one. This video has changed my thoughts...
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