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Ajeet V Yadav
Ranveer Sigh Best Chutiya Actor Of Bollywood
Hah.. This sardar is a great actor
Gavnit Singh
Avoid Makemytrip to all punjabis. Then only these guys gonna understand.
amandeep singh
let me show you the aftermaths for making fun of my clan
Kds haha
bsss kro yrr
subham nag
I am so addicted to make my trip ad
very fucking annoying ad after every fucking fucking video mothafuckas
Lunso N
fed up
Amit Bhayana
Bhaad mein gaya Happy.
Abhijit Mukherjee
Satish Biswal
wow ranbir!!!!!
Navdeep Singh
Shame on the ad creator for portraying Sardars in such a stereotypical way.. Sardars are a well respected community.. Atleast ranveer the actor should hv some sense before acting in such a stupid way without wearing proper turban..
Manchand Singh
india represent their warrior sikhs as joker. ....shame on this dump nation
Muskan Creations
Alia ❤
all ads are superb!!!
Prakash Gaikwad
annoying...yeah bhad me gaya happy and make my trip
Alwin Mathew Jacob
Stop It!! Its Promotion is too much!! People are getting irritated when the ad appears!!
Eric arora
report this fucking ad
mena mena
alia and ranveer are awosome
rattanvir sasan
mmt remove this add or face the consequences ...wese bhi haal maade hn tumhare
nikhil angrish
please stop playing this ad
really getting irritating now. Feel like uninstalling mmt
Mumbai Indian
bhosde main gaya happy
ur bullshit ad pops up at beginning of almost all videos
delete ur ad bullshit
Ranveer nailed it in this character... awesome act..
Link2me Download
this shitty ad always pops in the middle of videos..I hate this fucking shitty Bollywood and those ass wipe so called stars of it like these to trashes..fuck off make my trip
Navpreet Singh
har saali video ch ehi kudichodi ad
Navpreet Singh
ji krda bund paad Da ehna di saleya ne kudichodeya ne gand paaya
Shibendu Mukherjee
cute ad ... ranvirs acting is awesome
Tej Singh
What's sad is that Ranveer Singh's actually Sikh...he shouldn't be ridiculing his own people like this.
Prashant Singh

Saba Fatima
nayan bukane
If You Find This Video Irritating Every Time , Try Mention To Flag It Guys..and Report it as Spam
Ranveer impressed with his acting in the ad but one question though. What was Happy doing in the other hotel? 😂
Aamir Shahid
ooout staaanding happee 😁
Bikram Das
one of my favourite ads
viking forever
phudu ad la dislike konsa sardaar asa green pataka lagta ha ,bollywood only shows sikhs a jokers shame on u all mother fuckers and bakwaas make my trip racism
The most annoying ad I've seen in a whole.
Johnny Singh
Koi naa karlo tichran jado china/pakistan naal lagi na war sikhan ne hi gaa pauna.. Time hai tuhada. Asli dashing sardar vekhe nahi hale tusi kakeyo......or I think you already have seen the smart, Dashing Sardars But you will not able to consume their attitude and looks. Thats why u defame Sardars.Polarised Society Shame on you Advitisers.
srv rocks
omg Alia Bhatt is looking awesome 😍😍😍😍😍
Pavneet Kaur
ad of flipkart was changed in a single day, which showed bahadur...y nt this ..?
anhud gupta
bollywood i think doesnt even seen any real sardars of punjab....jis din punjabia ne stupid comedy and mainly mzak jo udate ho agr offend hogy .... sab band hojega 😡😡😡😡
karan bajwa
Shame on those who made this ad....
Why don't you use #properSardar and make justice to his identity while portraying his character. Where is #turban by the way. It is a matter ki aise roles me tume #sardar hi milta hai dikhane ko. And that too is such sonny(लल्लू) roles. I don't know when our media would get up to realise that identity of a particular community must not be made into frolic. Had he been sooted booted gentlemen you would not have chosen that identity. Hamesha fun bnane ko #sardar hi milta h? Mje taklif yeh h ki thats how the people look upon u and media creates that identity. You never show him in his adequate space he always become fun due to some media. Totally sic#SardaarAd#SardarAd#Makemytrip#mmt.
sabi sharma
Gandu sala
Rohan Dali
I'm Sick of Watching this fucking ad in every single Video. WTF is Wrong with you?
Mathews Augustine
this is stupid ad. everytime I see this I feel like uninstall my make my trip app. this is totally irritating.
Amaan Siddiqui
That dont touch scene
deep Aman
Face to face na ajave kadi maar duga tenu
deep Aman
Jini vaar ad dekhda ha dil karda tere gand wich rod de dava
deep Aman
Gandu ranveer tere twitter account te v m gala kadia tere ma nu kuta chod gea
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