Roy Gordonross
You honestly put more work into your let's plays than most people, especially when it comes down to the acting. I've never seen someone pull off the kind of character you put on and make it come off as genuine. When I saw how good you can take on the role of a social outcast with a decaying social life who turned to video games and online videos to find some semblance of purpose, I was really impressed. You must have undergone through some intensive method acting to create such a persona. I hope you continue to make videos as your character makes me realize that no matter how tough things are, I will never be that bad.
Kelsie Cavileer
"Your comedy is based off of jokes that a 13 year old would laugh at, you have no confidence in yourself unless you are in front of a camera, you are given awards that would be the same as a millennial receiving a participation award, and your hair is starting to turn grey...made you look." - Jacob Schreibman. First of I'm 13 so shut the fuck up, and you only have enough confidence to bring others down. And I would like to know how you think getting awards for 1 million subscribers and over is anything like people my age getting a participation award which even now we can't get unless we proved we actually did something which Mark has proven over and over. And who cares that his hair would be turning grey? Does his hair color really make him who he is? I would think not, but still I feel offended that you would say that he just makes jokes for 13 year olds, but I know plenty of people who watch him and are older then I am. So, GET YOUR ACT STRAIGHT UNLIKE YOUR PERSONALITY!!! (please do not hate on me that last part was a joke.)

- Kelsie
fuck haters they can go fuck themself but i have been watching since 2015 BUT BITCH IM 11 AND IM NOT LEAVING >:D SO I THINK I COULD BE THE OLDEST SUBSCRIBER FROM 2015 TO 2030 c:<
Jessica Campbell
Why did you dye your hair with Teddy Warren to work like almonds and Warfighter figgy owns favor can you don't want to f*** with
Jessica Campbell
You're just busy with no answer why did you dye your hair with so he wanted to be like fade
Jessica Campbell
You just want to part with your friends Dexter and CutiePie think your gay what is the
Jessica Campbell
F*** this video you're just a busy right now so CJ's you're so dumb
Jessica Campbell
Dish Network a Ninja Turtle where have you been using regular ninja
Jessica Campbell
Shrek the picture why Mario is dumb
Jessica Campbell
Ben 10 my look off your CD SpongeBob ass face happy face
Jessica Campbell
, you're just the best with no ride so what did you see what I see see you so dumb that time to hit you or face I would have been times
Jessica Campbell
Your motorcycle Porsche with no hassle Markiplier versus emergency you're born on friend of his he text you
Waleed Waleed
well mark good guy
Evan McDaniel
I'm Canadian and I have good grammar, we spell words like colour different but we have good grammar so do roast Canadian 13 year olds
Are stupid yes we are little kids but don't make fun of us
They say the camera adds 10 pounds.

How many cameras did you eat?
Billie Jo Bales
you suck a dick to keep your youtube
crazy 8
You are an ass to all engeeners man
eye Jack Lily Queen Dark
Wow Mark ohhhhhh why... Just why??????
Sam Barnett
In an alternate universe where you got a PhD in engineering and became a professor and you were Dr. Mark Doom, your students would have called you Dr. Doom.
8:14 I'm Canadian and that's, REALLY OFFENSIVE, you PRICK!
Anthony Perullo
C'mon Mark! I'm a Canadian fan! My spelling is fine!
Abby's World
withered bb looks better than freshly showered mark
Keria Bass
Keria Bass
Emerson Figueroa
I meant dicks.
Emerson Figueroa
We went to far with dushbags sorry
Avance Gaming
Mark keep that postivity and you will fly high in the world
Emerson Figueroa
Wow we sound like dush bags.
Patti Frizell
Paris Oneil
I don't want to roast you are still funny even if your not the old markiplier
l f
You know why markipliers head is red,blue,pink its because hes trying to remeber his stupidness from his mooooooooooooooom. Meh best i could.
Taylor Schultz
Damn your fans go hard what the heck man, I probably would've just called you a stale ham sandwhich or something ?
James Wyatt
i cant
Zxyy2121 :fun and entertaining everyday!!!
Roses are red
I like bread
I'm a dog
I like to shed
Raditz Animations
I have a roast :^D here it is: ahem, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH wait no that more towards jackelticeye..... rip I got nothing except the fact his picture mustache on his profile pics looks like pink sheep and pink sheep has a mustache to..... :^0
Jake Patrick
Your short 😈
Jake Patrick
Bring back warftashf and tiny box tim
May Lyn
This was posted in 2016.... eh.

Mark, as by watching you're videos all of it ( yes thank me later) you seem like a child clown, but you are a bad influence to those youths.
Before you goof off to bed I'd like to ask you. Do you think you're funny?

But don't mind me I'm just an 11 year old who is apperantly more retarded than a 10 year old.
Sky The Sea Dragon
6:41 "is that a short better not be a f'n short joke..."
Xx CreeperParty34 Xx
Roses are Red
Mark is a human
No he isn't
Fuck you're self
If you're on about short jokes, you must be triggered by yourself everyday. You shout in every video to spill your disappointment over what you see in the mirror. Oh, wait...

You only see your reflection in the computer screen in a horror game. Thats why you scream.
When I read the title of this video 9:34
Leahy the Doggycat
I have more subs than you Subs means subscribers feel like roasting me cuz if You Will Smith sub
achievement seeker
i think your videos are great!
GSS Video's
I want to do the roast me challenge live over YouTube so I would like to ask you would you like to co-host my YouTube Live Stream & roast me Live on YouTube ?
Matt Mshgbj
Im canadian and have fine gramer
Spoofy Bendy-o
The only thing I'm scared of is spiders
I hate spoooders, those creepy crawling just make my skin crawl and make me itchy
XxKiller_CupcakexX XD
People who roasted makimoo has no life...
Christopher Van Meter
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