Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro: Raw, April 17, 2017

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In a dream match never seen in WWE, The Charismatic Enigma takes on The Swiss Superman.


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Flamecuttingking195 1
Do a mix gender with Jeff hardy and lita or Matt hardy and lita vs sheamus or cesaro and a some diva! Vince McMahon also likes big sweaty men like jinder that's why he's wwe champion!
Tom Nguyen
Jeff Hardy v.s Randy Ortan
Sallehin Mokhtar
I miss seeing Jeff's swanton bomb...
Jeff hardy and Edge 2010 legend :,(
star platinum kujo
need to chanhe that song
yousif mohammed
Crowd sucks
Lim Lim
Jeff character kind of alike then me at work. Graceful
Gemenii S
im crying 😭
some guy
Why does cesaro have stickers on his arm?
Adnanc Camparaa
Hmm where is Jeff's face paint
Michael Martinez Jones
classic. thank you #WWE & #JEFFHARDY. 🤘
Fatih Erdem
yaşlanmışlar *mına koyim
i already know whats going to happen i wanna be the first to call it: wwe gives matt the broken gimmick turns on jeff and then the crowd turns on jeff and boos him every week until he leaves the company and were gonna be stuck with a stupid broken gimmick man im so tired of the fans of today.
wat a waste of talent cesaro and sheamus
Liam Thomson
guys cecasro uppercut is fake
W Max
I want the 08-09' Jeff charismatic enigma with 'no more words' theme
Nik J.R
missing lita
SuperSonico88 Spiegel
Good match
so glad hardys is back
TheJoker Lovesyou
thats a twist of stunner men
oguzhan ozgun
cezero snin ben anani bacini sikim oc
Sarah Ryder
Jeff Hardy vs Seth Rollins anyone?
ThePablo MadafakaRollins
madden moblie
jeff hardy vs fin balor
Gyhtf Grhhter
Guys they dint cheer the hardys cuz they are new wwe fans and they dunno who the f is jeff hardy so ye.....
Gyhtf Grhhter
Jeff hardy mah favorite !!
Anna Gregory
jeff hardys twist of fate looks like a stunner bring back the old twist of fate and the original swanton bomb
Nic laracuente
RaphaCool Johnson
why Jeff hardy stop wearing the paint
delon boston
Cristiano Hurtado Asencio
jeff hardy > roman reings
EY3less 70
He's back. My prayers were answered
Julio Javier González Fernández
Jeff por Universal or WWE champion again
wheres the face paint
KA_BeBoK 24
Ruby Naz
Could be wrong but is that the first time they've mentioned Umaga's passing? When Michael Cole said the Late Great Umaga?
Monkell Goodwine
Damn man jeff hardy really lost his touch
jarince alexander sanchez caudillo
Andrew England
I have to start watching now that Jeff Hardy is back. Haven't watched since he lost to CM Punk back in 2009 I think it was.
hippie boy bob tv
everybody subscribe to my chanel 🙏✌
Zack Williams
Sheaths has to get that dress off to look better instead of looking like a girl.
StarkKiller 2
I started watching wrestling after CM Punk retired Jeff, and I've seen YT videos about him, glad he's here to let me follow my dreams and also see him compete without losing his style
Frédéric Vanholme
Jeff Hardy is Awesome !!!!!!!
Michele Ruffato
wwe is fake
Lucio Cervantes
i would love to see a match between jeff hardy and aj styles
MJ Esc
The match was good and all. Just not a fan of how Cesaro sold that Twist of Fate. Idk, looks kinda weird. More like a RKO + Stunner lol
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