Jeff Hardy vs. Cesaro: Raw, April 17, 2017

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In a dream match never seen in WWE, The Charismatic Enigma takes on The Swiss Superman.


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Krista Mack
Come on brother nero. WAIT, what does brother nero mean? I only know that Matt Hardy called Jeff Hardy that name.
Ibrahim Mustafa
that twist of fate was like twist of stunner
Aven John
Aven John
disney world
if any one knows whats next for brock lesnar championship
Azrul Azman
jeff is back!!
Colton Thompson
the match was actually a whole lot longer then this.
piro midis
why is sheamus wearing a girls pants?..
Fong Yun Hao
Jeff Hardy unbeatable
PhantomJoker 2
It's not a boot to the midsection when Jeff does it it's called the hardy-ac arrest
you ever wonder if his stager ever stabs in his chest?
Fatih Çelik
türk yok mu awk djkskdnxnd
victorious vicky
when ur 2 favs are fighting
Jeff hardy is pretty Big for a guy so agile
Anakin Skywalker
What About
seems like i'm one of few people who like the repaired hardy's
Shianne Hardy
Does anybody know what race Jeff Hardy is?
Manny A
Why does shamus have a skirt on
I miss the days of flash photography. There was nothing like the flashes of an entire arena of people when he hit that Swanton Bomb.
Ninos Ustabasi
MSBO Gaming
Jeff Hardy return ?
Dries Vanoeteren
i'm so happy they're back
Noe Naim
sheamus wearing a skirt = homosexual illuminati propaganda
jeff hardy fan
Jeff rocks
13th Ward's Sean
I miss the glow in dark shirts lol
Jhon Ames
Finn balor vs Jeff Hardy
Chris Ramirez
Teasing Heel turn in the making? For cesaro and sheamus ?
first WWE singles match in 8 years, its good to have the Hardy's back
RIP Umaga
Victor _Gamer
Ladder - Hardy Boyz
Now Matt will have a singles match and lose, Since Vince loves throwing matt under the bus, Even though he is just as cool and talented as Jeff, They just don't give him the spot light. When they do, Hardy boys were created, Hardy boys were reunited, Broken gimmick came to be, Hardy boys reunite again. Matt is a genius and a great leader. He doesn't need to be skipped aside.
Carl Dereks
Good Sportsmanship by sheamus at the end there
Br Game Show mk
Jeff Hardy Vs AJ Styles Extreme Rules Or TLC Match
Br Game Show mk
Jeff is the best wrestler !!!
Mummy Cole
broken matt hardy vs the actual heel lunatic dean ambrose
Adevarul in Viata.
WWE will have an END!Their best toy Undertaker is GONE now they have brock lesnar,randy orton,john cena...etc but these will retires so be wake WWE FANS, WWE will DIE !!!!
Ben Darkwolf
Please don't tell me Booker T is back on commentary full time...
Dimitri Fourny
Cesaro, not at his level tonight.
Hasan İşeri
fair play
Johnny Esmond
it will be quite interesting about Willow vs Broken Matt
Rahul Daga
watch from 2.12 to 2.24 see cesaro moving closer
Berrak kısa
CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy PLS
LBrock Lesalr
Jeff shouldn't be jobber
LBrock Lesalr
I don't like cesaro he Sucks I'm glad he lost
Weird Guy
My name is Jeff
Cesaro is so hot it hurts :3
lBaphometh Truva
ı m so angry because mine idea jeff hardy is best of 2017 wwe. but when you came back, the class has now fallen. Jeff hardy is first class.I want Jeff Hardy vs Bray Wyatt, Roman Reings, John Cena... or more elite wrestlers. He used to wrestle with the Undertaker,TripleH, The Rock, batista! (sorry ım turkish, my eng language not perfect =D)
Samuel Tansil
Simon WWE Uppercut
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