What Airline Attendants Are Trained To Do When Passengers Become Unruly

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Kara Mulder, a flight attendant for eight years, runs the website TheFlightAttendantLife.com. She said a plane's in-flight crew is trained to deescalate situations involving drunken passengers, which are becoming more common. If someone seated near you is out of control, Mulder advises telling the person that you're using the lavatory then alert a flight attendant to the situation. "People don't realize how alcohol will affect them in the sky. It reacts with your body differently," she said.

Kaiden Artura
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Mr. Sandman
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Foxtrot Felix
Orlando Rossano
was I the only one who was laughing my ass off at this video super drunk
Alla Lusinko
They should ban alcohol on board as well don't sell it in the airport itself no rest no bar
Alla Lusinko
Crazy America
Twinkle and Co. Aj
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Or they simply just drag them off the plane.
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ahem, United Airlines.
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There is only one way to stop this from happening. ... drunk passage should not be allowed to board the plain ..and BAN alcohol from all flights ....
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Elise Neil
My Dad works as a Flight Attendant for Qantas and often he would stumble upon one person like this:

Worker: Hi, would you like any drinks?
Passenger: Coke
Worker: Oh, sure. Any ice?
Passenger: Yes ice
Worker: give glass of Coke with ice
Passenger: Actually I don't want ice
Worker: takes Ice out of glass
Passenger: In can actually
Worker: Bish what?
Sam Aka Vlogs
attendants will handcuff unruly passengers, like unruly passengers will be allowed to be handcuffed by a skinny attendent. and why do they offer alcohol on flights then.
Jeff Stryker
They should ban Alcohol from flights and if your too drunk you shouldn't be able to board the plane .
Cuttlefish Crew
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United Airlines in a nutshell!
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