Official Tries To Stop Winner Doing Lap Of Honour!

Laura MuirAthletics

Britain's Laura Muir was initially prevented from celebrating her 1500m gold by a 'spoilsport' official at the European Indoor Athletics Championships, before giving her the slip to complete her lap of honour.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae
Is no one going to talk about how the official didn't even try stopping her when the winner brushed her aside? I believe she had show her superiors she did her job but secretly inside, she wanted her to run her lap.
No one's going to talk about the background "Do It" at 0:43?
Jenner Clark
good on her
bow hunter
she should have just said "Catch me" and blitz it.
Chelby _q3bg
00:47 What the freak he said go for it girl😂 loool
I totally understand the official. I wouldn't want a sweaty woman sitting in my lap. There is nothing honorable about that!
What are they going to do? Arrest her?
Ilhan09 Crété12
Soomin Yang
What a buzzkill -.-
Bella Paley
J hope she was fired.
Stanlim LHY
the official is like "how dare u white ppl run faster than color ppl".
SunnShine 맑은
what a fucking bitch i would of pushed that bitch out the way and started doing my lap of honour..
she got a nice butt
haha yep shes got stickit to da man syndrome :) well done
Nature is Great
Probably run by Germans, they hate fun.
Bee C
It was just a matter of time before she gave them the slip. I mean, the official is trying to stop somebody from running a lap of honor, right after they won a running race? What chance does the official have of catching them?
who's your daddy
the 2nd official who gave her the flag couldn't give a shit about their rules. not quite thug life material, but still impressive.
gave her the ol' shake and bake
Quan Li
ban her from all future events
Fright Foo
Selfish and a bad example set for others. Noice one.
Screw that woman,
No lap of honor, sorry.
Elijah Ross
Good on her
Yes I agree she should get her lap of honour, but after being told not to why is she making such a fuss to do it... the offical is just trying to do their job but she deliberately ignores her. I dunno just a bad situation for both
Dylan Harrison
Why not just continue without her? I can't imagine I've lap would take that long. she can run her lap and everyone else can prepare for whatever they need to do next.
Geoff Longford
If that bitch was a man he would have been called Morris.
Dave2kxxl Dragon
That official should go kill herself cunt
Mawut Manok
That's fucked
Paradigm _sh1ft
An official that was clearly never good enough to be an actual athlete, so decided to become a meddling bureaucrat instead.
what a twat typical britains think they above everything. Now everyone in the next race and the schedule has to be held back. this why I always pick the Aztecs in AOEII
love it
she's representing northern Ireland lmfao
Kane piper
Imagine if it was a Muslim woman with a burqa, she would have been able to run around as many times as she wanted...
haha there's always one silly fascist. If I was the official, i'd be leaning on the barrier saying, "No. Please wait... (runner begins victory lap) You can't do it...(runner takes first turn)... don't do it, come back... (runner on home straight)... wait, I'll lose my job... (runner crosses the line)... oh well, I tried."
Andy Jay
"ok.. try and catch me hahahaha"
TheD3nkLord Tr3mph
Niamh Baszyl
when my grandfather won in a race that wasn't meant for our country and was meant for another they did the same thing. they can't believe that the under dog won and wanna still keep him down. good for her she deserved to celebrate and it wasn't even bad sportsmanship. she did it in style and grace. good for her.
What a nice ass too.
Chris Cullen
She shows amazing restraint ! I would've knocked that bitch on her fat are !!!
nexus 0
stupid management try to block her than using brains,so uncompetetive
Dream Big
I've thought about this situation a lot more and removed my original comment with over a thousand likes that basically said it was the officials at fault. I've thought about it and the winner really is at fault. There are other racers wanting to go. Respect the officials actions as they are thought about and if they think it was the right choice to stop her from doing the lap of honor than it's the right thing to do. We will still indeed celebrate her win with great respect.
hyou zan ren
i smell some conspiracy here!!! or just my neighbours burning barbeques!!!!!!
Guys, doing laps of honors are lot worse then you think. The officials have to pay loads of money for it as extra attention is given to the ones running it. This makes it so fans get excited and may run onto the track and potentially ruin the grounds which can cost them millions. It also creates the affect that I have no idea what I am talking about
fuck that bitch. no means no. if she cant follow a simple instruction take the medal back from her she doesn't deserve it
Jason Paul
Must have a shitty life when you try so hard to piss on someone's parade.
Jake Friendly
The runner isn't very smart tbh. Risked her own win
Julker Ninesixteen
liberals need some 'muscle' over here!
Hotdog Nonesky
Good for you! Honor is being stomped on in this world, and we wonder why everything is falling apart.
atlantic games
The girl stopping her getting the flag is selfish
I dont really have she should of done an extra lap, it's quite selfish of her. they were behind schedule and I don't fault the official trying to stop her, the audience doesn't want to be there all day waiting for the events to finish and the official was just doing her job to keep the events on a time
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