12 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone!

12 worst ways to break upbreak upsnigahigaryan higahigatvpunny

There's a lot out there on how to handle being broken up with.. not so much about how to do it.. Here are 12 ways to help you with that!

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Infire's Got No Jam's
His faces are priceless 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Maria Samaniego
what song is this
Emerald Rayquaza
the right left combo is definitely the besttt
Selim Medhat
whats the name of the song in the video
Evan Leonardo
i cried at 😂 2:01
Jacob Morones
popularMMos juju on that beat
well..first you need to find out how to not be social awkward and get a significant other so ya know..
So cringey.
*You hear a bell in the distance...

*It's clear someone rang it.
Benjie 106
What's the name of that girl
Vincent Mok
Doge dose not need a girl
What's the music lol does anyone know?
Tsehai harden
Simon Weiß
Funniest video ever!!!!
I wanted him to fall off the treadmill...but it never came.
Mama Ano
man u r soooo funny
angshuman Gogoi
this one is awesome. specially the sean one
Joker Gaming
Did anyone see the one where someone broke up with a spotify playlist
Arion Rebba
What is the background music that is in the video
Can someone explain the social media breakup to me? I'm so lost on that one.
Abteen 247
what the song that he always uses
Morerall Hunter04
Make a part 2 plzzzz
Darien schroeder
Anyone else want to use these because it's hilarious? im not dating but they are still hilarious.
Ahmed Dabbour
name of the song ? 😄
Raghav rv456
whats that music...pls somebody tell me name....
Junhoen Kim
bad puns but good puns at the same time,good job
I must've seen it 10 times by now but it still cracks me up man!
Morgan Clift
0:40 what's the song
Czane Vids
He BREAK the movie UP means BREAK UP
Danielle H
the chemistry break up and the lazy break up had me rolling
Danielle H
Lezah Nosis
Don't you C?
i dumped U.
Drama King
2:01 gets me all the time
Unknown Weeb
tried the left right combo. didn't work. then tried the lazy one I nailed it.
Skelly Bones
At 2:02 why was it Sean
Tom Griffin
This is the best skit he has done
I laughed so hard when Shaun/Sean (whatever) was there
ivan sanchez
guy: see this trash can.
girl: what about it?
guy: it is gross and it stinks just like you. that's why i am dumping it.

*trash breakup (music play in the background)
The dragon Super mario bros
can Ryan pin this comment for no reason?
Jack Quinton
This is my favourite video of Nina higa
Lt Unicorn
The best one was "Its Not Working Out"
LPS MusicVideos LPS MV
The funniest one was the left and right one!
Ziggy Castillo
Is the girl in this video your girlfriend for real?
Roo Saxton
Pause it on 1:06 and show it to someone who doesn't know who Ryan is and post the reaction
Perm Head Satiko Gintoki
lmao wat kind of break ups lines are these 😂
Boss 824
Best video ever
Da Bear
I will poke your nose
The Flash
dammm the last one tho
Andre seath
@nigahiga hey, what title of your dope music. can i use it for my video :)
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