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Warning: real blood is shown in this video

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Annie Lascoe

Conscious Period

Warning: real blood is shown in this video

Miles Is bored
Aussie Jay
At 5:05 it looks like a smily face with it's tongue pocking out.
4:07 What I saw on my first period.

How I reacted (In a school bathroom about 4 years ago) YAY! Sh*t..
Basic Multi Fandom hoe
I use super absorbent pads because I don't like tampons
2In A Cupcake
I'm watching this will I'm on my period..... Geez more period blood... Already seen enough
Krista Martinez
The only reason i like pads is because i never tried tampons before and i am afraid it will hurt!! ): #padgirl
Calista Ochsner
Kismita Sarma
Oh.....it's just gross....when I have my periods....😥
Laura Napier
Omg 4chan pranked buzzfeed her
Luna lovegood
"Vissible blood" lol
Simone Sharp
this episode just makes me so sad that people have to deal with their periods like this every month.
Panic! At The Pokelab
i rlly wanna try this but im going 2 a sleepover, the city, seaworld and another sleepover which will be my 4 days so im slightly sad but i mean hey i might start later or something...
Mya Rickabaugh
I got my first period today.....
Gracie The Unicorn
I just got my freaking period and I'm going on an overnight field trip at a camp with school
Nourhan Mostafa
Madylin London
That Annie girl was really extra
Millie Hopkinson
I want a Saf and Tyler relationship. They are just talking about periods and stuff. Tyler Doppelganger I"m waiting
Aguss Martínez
There's blood in my shorts
A A Apple
The girl who said super absorbent tampons and pads, I feel your pain
Sora Blue
I free bleed all the time. I change my period underwear about twice a day and shower daily. I have leaked before, but it's usually in my car or at my house, so it doesn't bother me, and I clean it up. My boyfriend has never been grossed out by it.
Imagine how long they waited for them to all be on their period at the same time
Elizabeth Grazier
Holy crap. I just got my period for the very first time yesterday and I came to this video for comfort
Buttercup Buttercup
Im in the 7th grade and sit next to my ex in one of my classes and he makes me laugh so much and I'm on my period not fun cause when you laugh you gush
Girly Black ops Gamer
In the UK, you can get a box of Tampax or any tampons for £2 which means in the USA, it is $2.64
And also you can also get pads for £1 which means in the USA it is $1.32
It is really cheap but they are comfortable
Snow Ale
Was that a dog pee Matt at the start?
Konokii Moshimo
My husband always says it's not right for a human or any thing to bleed for 7 days guess I'm lucky I only bleed for three.
Chloe Spater
What happened to Saf's hand?
Dashie 896
I am on my period
Khelsea Chiem
I turned 12 in may this year and I STILL DON'T HAVE MY PERIOD and it's September now . Only 8 months till 13
Khelsea Chiem
I turned 12 in may this year and I STILL DON'T HAVE MY PERIOD and it's September now . Only 8 months till 13
Khelsea Chiem
I turned 12 in may this year and I STILL DON'T HAVE MY PERIOD and it's September now . Only 8 months till 13
Sara Grunnet
Who else is having a Marathon with period videos because they are on their period?
Mr. Fish the frog
Why am I here? Why am I watching this? What am I doing with my life?

What is life?
fantage 318
I'm just a little boy and. I was interested
safae hope
the most disgusting video ever
Kamryn Potato
I haven't started yet :3
Annie Ngo
you probably bleed like that when you first got your period
Keelsy Diy
Omg I finally found a video with saf in it
Lols For Lily
To all of the boys reading this...

Janalie P. Guro - Kales Valkyrie
I like how they said it's real blood in the descript
Clementine Dominates
Me and my best friend Coraline tryed this at school!! it didn't go so good...... let's just say we got embarrassed
Eva Ettinger
my period lasts 8 days
GoshHannah xoxo
You don't realise how much us girls actually bleed
Hazel '
desyre Sanchez
Damn i got freaked out a little by the stare the women gave the camera a 2:19
Cäcilie Krüger
The free bleeding thing is messed up
AwManPati X
kids enjoy your time before your period...MOTHER NATURE PLEASE TAKE THIS NIGHTMARE AWAY FROM ME!!!!!
Abby Best
2:25 the one yellow tampon that just stands out
Danielle Bruce
In the UK, the supermarket Tesco has taken off the tampon tax off their sanitary products. So they pay the difference so you're simply paying the basis of the product themselves. No extra tax. Other supermarkets should follow suit!
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