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Warning: real blood is shown in this video

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Annie Lascoe

Conscious Period

Warning: real blood is shown in this video

Emmett J
Winter F
period products are a "luxury" if you consider it a luxury that women are not actively bleeding over everything you love out of spite
Msp Bubblegum
"I see a peach!"😂😂
Hobi Hobi
We all hate periods
Don't we?😂
3:08 what I say every morning on my period
Summer M
men are offered free condoms for something that's optional, but women have to pay so much for pads and tampons for something that's out of our control.
Green Galxay
tampons and pads "luxury items" hahahaha no
Now that some of the lining is actually coming out when i used the tissue I was SHOOOK! JUNGSHOOK!! Not scared but shook.
Faisal Elyas
those women at the beginning of the vid are so fake
Cade Vestal
"No visible smells"..... let's just let that sink in
Caitlin Clemons
I think buzzfeed has run out of ideas
Amber Herrin
is it just me or who else watches stuff about periods while on there period? 😂😂😂
I'm on my period.. I would die if I had to do this..
Miss Alive!!!!!!
ways to ruin ur clothes
Mery Love
when you wake up, stand up, take two steps and feel the glob slip out.
nirvana carter
Lindsay Williamson
If you're going to free bleed wear multiple layers of underwear. Better than it being everywhere
CocoTheChocolate Bar
U r so brave.
Angelina Figueroa
i know one of them there an awesome u tuber
CrazyTommoGirl !
Why would you make them do this?
RealBeauty ComesWithin
Safiya: what do you guys see in it?
chantel: i see a VAGINA
devin: i see a PEACH
me: really a peach? 😂
Not A Peasant
Brandy Alarie
You go. Girl
the red water/blood they put in between scenes make me so uncomfortable it's unreal
David Goldfish
Taylor Cady
Now imagine all that blood on all the pads, times like 10. I'm only 14 and yeah. It's baddd.
But I mean I don't get cramps so I mean that's kinda a plus
chiari willis
I could never do it
They should do "women use one tampon for a week" so that they can get toxic shock
I applaud these girls. What a nightmare.
Anna Rafferty
negotiating with a tampon is harder than negotiating with North Korea
Gamergirl 223
Am I the only one who can't use tampons...they're so uncomfortable.
DeeDee - Gaming & More!!!
Those pads are for dogs to pee and poop in the house ._.
Aimee K
I love Devin lmao
Beata Blomberg
Instead of this company making cotton tampons covered in plastic that the homeless women can only use once and only solves the problem temporarily, why not make menstrual cups that they can use forever and solves the problem altogether for that woman?
I Am Normal
You know what is really weird about the title? "Women Go Without Period Products For A Day" is that, women don't bleed for a day, they bleed 3 days, 5, 7 or more so the title is a lie!
Filberto Bennett
Hello sweetie you can get some awesome free makeup at sites.google.com/site/a59f4898961
Hannah Chumley
I'm so amazed that you guys did this!! I could never because my flow is too heavy but wow, very courageous
cutiepie baby
who else is on their periods
Nikki and Dominic
These products are not necessary or needed. You can buy fabric and make your own stuff. Big corps told us we need them and now your brainwashed. But to think you deserve this stuff for free your delusional.
Dee-Anne Michelle
Freebleeding to me is super uncomfortable. Literally I cannot go without a product.
miss phantomhive
my period started with a big sneeze, I was wearing white pants
i can't imagine doing this.
hi ø
I feel like there should be vending machines with tampons and diva cups and pads etc where it's all free 😂
Magic Snow Wolf
Omg... I've been through this before. Its so uncomfortable 😣
Kitty Kat
Once my period lasted two weeks.

I don't think I'm ok
Monique Hore
Omg I am so scared to get older coz I'm 13 and get not even a quarter of what they Get. In a day I get like what they get in 2 hours
i i
ok but them freebleeding isn't nearly as bad as me when i'm wearing a pad bc no matter how big or absorbent the pad is i always bleed through
Think what women had to do in past centuries.... dried grass, cloths, those awful pad belts. Admittedly I am a bit of a germophobe too, but if all these things we are afraid of really did kill humans off en mass, we would be extinct. And I am not going back into 'the period hut!'

Think for yourself.
Taylor Wykle
You can stop cramps by eating a healthier diet when your on your period. If you also drink cucumber lemon water that helps too. It's mostly all the junk food we crave on our period that cause the bad cramps
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