ezra sloth
i hate being a girl so much..like im ashamed and very uncomfortable.
Emerald wolf club
I feel the pain, I just started my period at the start of the term! Worst day of my life!
max stunner
I will never go out without having pads in my bag
It took her two hours to hit the pad? In two hours I bleed through a tampon and the liner
Emily Ramey
my period always comes whenever it wants but mostly when I am sleeping so I wake up to a surprise but good thing I don't get my period every month and it doesn't last more than 5 days
Mythical player
I watched this video then after I went to the bathroom and I had mine God dam IT
spoiled but not rotton
House less not house less nes
Ryan playsroblox
I flip out if I don't have stuff
rainbowduck 58
‘There’s no visible smells’ ......rly?
itsmeangela 10
I'm on my period today!!
Libby 259
Ok, I agree that period products should not be a luxury tax item, but period products should NOT be free. Yes, they are a needed thing for most woman, but food is also a need thing for all humans and we have to pay for THAT. Sorry, that’s just my opinion. In no way shape or form am I trying to disrespect anyone, and if you have a different opinion, good for you girle❤️
Jasmine RBLX
Shelbers 13
I died of laughter at 1:19 😂😂😂
Shmegan 1234
I could never do this. I salute you all
Annalisa Mary
It's raining, but water isn't the only thing that's going to be flowing 👍👍
Philip Marshall
How old are you when you get your period I don't have mine yet
baby mama
Kpopu lifeu
Thank God I got mine at home, the day my mom didn't work (so she was home with me), and at the age of 13 (so I was ready mentally for it and didn't panic) 😅
Ajulu A.
if i did this my house would look like Beverly from IT bathroom scene
Jennifer Shitty
I got my first period while I was at roller coaster , its our fieldtrip lmaoooo
Hannah Olson
Safiya Nygaard
i don’t post
i haven’t gotten my period yet and i’m kinda concerned cause like am i never gonna get it ???!!?? i’m 13 in 12 days ..
Soha .H
I know pads and tampons shouldnt be classed as luxuries but people still should pay for them. You can't just say oh it's not my fault I bleed so the government should pay. That's like me saying I don't choose to get hungry so the government should pay for food.
Unnur Sólveig
01:18 I’m dying 😂
I could never do that because that blood is dirty and smelly its disgusting
Amanda Playz
When you sleep on your pleasing white bed and you're on your period and the next day you wake up under the flag of Japan 🇯🇵
El Bilodeau
Shooting Star
Why else hates being on their period and and your friends asks you if you can swimming and your available all day but can't go swimming 😡😡😡😡😡
Thoughts And feels
I have already free bleed. It's nice to be home
Thoughts And feels
I'd just wear boy shorts,shorts and pants
Thoughts And feels
I relate to Jen
rainbow sparkleunicorn rainbow sparkle
Nashee Manilall
Ugggh I hate period cramps
Damn,this made me realise how grateful I am to be living in this century!!Can't imagine how women in the old times had to deal with that+cramps!!
Karina Holm
Do some woman actually free bleed like every Month? I Would never Do that Not only you Ruin your clothes but you might also Ruin someone else furniture or clothes as well
Ellie 77
Am I the only one who eats chocolate like crazy on my period?
Btw: if I did this I think I would have looked like a murderer XD
Potey Toa
How do they all get it at the same time???😂
Max gaming
Whenever my friend is on her period she says "it's shark week."
ryan arterberry
that’s gross
Lamija Cunjalo
3:45 you know you're not suposed to take a shower or a bath when you are on your period?
Izzzyyy c:
oh god
Rie Enriquez
i'm 14 years old and still, i haven't got my first period, please let me know im not alone😭😭😂
Karl Rove
This video is transphobic and exclusive to trans women.
Karl Rove
Pure degeneracy
...wow here one pack with 84 tampons coast like under 2 euro 😱
Ariana Grande France
i was eating during the video 😭
Angel of Truth
TrippyNotes Official
1:17 Got me good!😂😂 vagina 😂 Vaggina
Nusrat Zaman
Who's watching this while their on their period
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