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Warning: real blood is shown in this video

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Annie Lascoe

Conscious Period

Warning: real blood is shown in this video

Holly O.
this needs to be solved. rallys and protests should be held to get pads on NHS and in pharmacys for free. not the super nice comfy ones but the basic necessary pads and tampons. it's ridiculous how expensive they are.
la diabla
i wouldnt do this with mah underwear on geez
Sheila Burrell
Hey thumbs up if you think period products should be free
I Molleman
I don't have cramps, just a few. But my periods last for at least 8 days.
Alex S.
I thought freebleeding is learnig to "control" your period flow like your pee?
Mary Brown
I bet boys who don't know what periods are washed this vid would be scarred for life
Katie Henneforth
I go through like three to four tampons in three hours or less.
Randa Gad
Okay who disliked this??
i used to freebleed because tampons and pads give me dysphoria and pads are MAJorLY uncomfortable and then i bought a menstrual cup and it was a worthwhile investment
AlliesRandom Things
"i hope there are no visable smells"

Worst part is the result when they show their underwear is ive bled out through a tampon and pad before and my underwear has looked the same. If i did the freebleeding I'd probay turn that puppy pad into a jackson pollock imitation
i could feel the other people really judging them :(
Kyanna Holmes
use cold water wash the blood out just so you don't have to throw your panties away
all of them barely got anything on the sheet thing while mine would go through even that after a couple hours
Your Majesty
my period is never really that heavy that it would come through clothes
Alice Dem
there are people who do not have access to toilets, so should we be freeshitting? it's also a natural process, and it also smells, so why not. ugh
eww she rode in peoples Ubers? Hope she didnt stink up their cars or car seats......and the restaurant!! yuck!! people dont need to see or smell that when eating!
GMM! At the Impractical jokers
Jen ! She's wearing overalls! That used to be her fashion fear! She got over it and it's nice to see her wearing them
tea bag
Uh yeah maybe they should've tried something less horrific but more deceptive. Like they should've gone a day without fakeup.
Genderless Boy
Alexa Alfaro
Nothing is luxury about your period
Kay Babiee
Apart of me wishes commercials used blood because it gives you a more exact amountof blood it can hold
I'm gonna get my uterus removed.
Chemical Hearts
If I did this, everyone will get punched with a brick.
Buzzfeed, thanks for all the cancer you put out!
Natalia Gutierrez
oh god i feel you guys :*
Janine I love Ashton Irwin Rusinovich
I am not a tampon person but I love pads
Emo Youtuber
To take the blood out of the underwear soak your underwear in water and iodine and then wash.
maeve thiel
Sorry if I smell weird I'm just perioding everywhere
- Jen 2016
Snowball 101
I hate it
Speeding Atheist
You cunts should try freeshitting next.
Paris lover
i wont get my period yet but now i am seeing how scary it will BE
Sierra Schafer
i sneezed today on my period i had a tampon in AND was wearing a pad ... but that sneeze released satan ... and i bled through everything
Miss littleribbon
umm,what I want to say is....do even know what those red stuff are? I just need to tell that those are not BLOOD
Kate Dunkle
2 ways why my daughter likes being a girl
1- she can get whatever she wants from her dad
2-she can always have lots of friends

2 ways why she hates being a girl
1- you have puberty,and your period
2-you can get taken and raped easily if not careful

My daughter is strange and I still will always love her 😘😘
lts Javien
her name is chantel houston
Junie Bug June
I too get very sick when I have cramps :(
Kay Skywalker
I'm surprised they don't cover period products in food stamps, that's necessary.
Emma Wouters
Ow gosh what a nightmare
Emilie Forrest
My period is so light I only have to use a liner and it only lasts 1 and 1/2 days 😂
My Villain Heart
I mean boy
My Villain Heart
God bless I'm a bot
Si Hui Wang
Go buy period underwear from Younghearts (Asian company). Their rlly comfortable and u won't leak theu
Ormond Vloggers
Women. If you have your period. Tell me what age you got it.
Allania Soleil

Thunder Zapp
I think when girls have periods they sould be allowed to skip school.

Like if u agree
Jorja Blythe
Demon Child
I'm pretty sure this is a bad thing but I can't use pads or tampons at all idk why but I get so uncomfortable by it and so I just free bleed but I don't bleed very much at all so i kinda don't notice it
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