Yo Mama
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YouTube HATES short videos - forcing up to make our videos even longer. So, we’re trying a new format on new jokes with older jokes. We’re also trying something new - adding your joke comments to the end of each joke! I love your jokes and want to encourage you to post even more :D I hope you love this new idea! If not, no worries! I always appreciate your support and feedback :)

Jennifer Vaoliko
Yo mama so ugly that's the reason pewdiepie deleted his second channel!
Arktheohan Guzman
Yo mama so fat that when she farted the plants died and people was like deadpool without his mask
Clayton Mincey
Yo mama so short, some of her friends are rats!
Ivan theslayerD677
you PewDiePie dont tell that your mom is stupid cause your mom take care of you to a long time then your saying that your mom is stupid!?
Lil Vathana
You mama so stupid she thinks vanossGaming was her pet
Ariel Gonzalez
yo mama is so ugly when she's un pewdiepie's markiplier's and jacksepticeye's channnel there fans unsubscibe because She's ugly
Ariel Gonzalez
yo mama is so stupid she thougth the Jack In the box toy was jackseptice
Isaac Goldberg
Did no one else notice that when he was playing β€œCall Of Duty” it was Halo
In America we make fun of Yo Mama, In Soviet Russia Yo Mama makes fun of you
More your mama so stupid
Donot click Meh
Yo mama fat, ugly, stupid because its true!
kurtis zeke reld
kurtis zeke reld
kurtis zeke reld
mia rodriguez
Your funny family guy
nickster19567 vlogs1244
Yoooo mama so old! She died because got poisoned!!!
Gabi Duspara
Wow, I didn't knew Joe Swanson from family guy had a channel.
theofficial B.A.M
Yo Mama so old, she's older than God himself
Pindzi Halasi
Yo Mama So Short,
She uses a ruler as a diving board!
Starman Gaming
Yo Mama so STUPID! She thought Dan Bull was an actual Bull
ramos jonel
yo mama played mobile legends
Topaz Games
Y'all wanna my brothers first yo mama joke "yo mama is so ugly she died"
LaShonda King
Everyone lev
Charlotte The wolf
Your mama is you ugly when she Play is Bendy and the ink machine Alice angel runs from her
Cristina Tanasie
In Soviet Russia, the ,,Oposite day" it's a normal day!
thomas kilcawley
Yo mama so ugly she made fat mama not want to eat anymore
Iris_oreoz Reilly25
Do laurdiy
im anonymous
3:22 but it's halo
Jax GamerTM
co vn
RoadTo E4
Yo mama so fat when she was a baby she could barely fit the stroller and only her arm can fit
Hja Hya
Do you know Channel Markiplier and Jacksepticeye?
Marianne Fegarido
In America you spin fidget spinner, in Soviet Russia fidget spinner spins you
Yo Mama so Old, When she played Mario Kart, she came last place!
Manuel Sari
Your. Mama. So. Stupid. ,. She. Think. Minecraft. You. Mine. The craft. Out. Of. Steve
NewHolland Farmer /Zack
Ur mama so fat the scale said one person on at a time
Yessica Cruz
Brody Foxx doesn't sound like Joe from fucking family guy so fucking meme of the fuck alone dumbasses who ever saying that niggars and black people are saying it there niggars
Alana Bachman
Yo mama so so stupid she thought Twitter was a dating app for birds
Yo mama so fat when she stepped on a scale, IT RINGED MY PHONE NUMBER!!
tiny Dino world world
Yo mama so fat she's the reason all jym were created
Karma Lama
In america you take dog for walk, In sovient russia dog takes you for walk
Andrew Miguel
yo mama so damn fat in the medieval times the weapons get reflected if she gets HIT
Stanley Holland
Roblox Bendy
Yo mama so UGLY!!!when she played Roblox, everyone left the game except for one that's a noob.
Alex Rmr
Yo mama ugly we she go to the woods she see jason
Alex Rmr
Yo mama scary jason
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