Magnet fishing WW2. Finding submachine gun MP40.

Magnet fishingFindingsubmachine gungunWW2.

Nalezení samopalu MP40. WW2. Die Suche nach Maschinenpistole MP40.Aimant la pêche WW2. Trouver mitraillette pesca imán WW2. Encontrar MP40 subfusil.Ímã de pesca WW2. Encontrar MP40 metralhadora.pesca Magnete WW2. Trovare mitragliatore MP40 pistola.Магнит рыбалка WW2. Обнаружение автоматный MP40.Magnet visvang WW2. Dit vind pistool geweer MP40.Magnet peshkimi WW2. Gjetja automatik në MP40 armë.الصيد المغناطيس WW2. العثور على رشاش MP40 بندقية.Մագնիս ձկնորսություն WW2. Գտնելով ինքնաձիգից MP40.Magnet balıqçılıq WW2. avtomat MP40 tapmaq.သံလိုက်ငါးဖမ်း WW2 ။ submachine သေနတ် MP40 ရှာဖွေခြင်း။Магніт рыбалка WW2. Выяўленне аўтаматны MP40.চুম্বক মাছধরা WW2. স্বয়ংক্রিয় বন্দুক MP40 খোঁজা.Magnet ribolov WW2. Pronalaženje automat MP40.Magnet риболов WW2. Намирането автомат MP40 пистолет.Magnet pangisda WW2. Pagpangita submachine gun MP40.磁鐵釣魚二戰。尋找衝鋒槍MP40。Magnet fiskeri WW2. Finde maskinpistol MP40.Magnet kalapüügi WW2. Leida püstolkuulipilduja MP40.Magnet fishing WW2. Paghahanap ng submachine gun MP40.Magnet kalastus WW2. Löytäminen konepistoolin MP40.Magnet fiskerij WW2. Finen submachine gun MP40.Magnet თევზჭერის WW2. მოძიება ცეცხლსასროლი იარაღი MP40.מגנט דיג WW2. מציאת MP40 תת מקלע.चुंबक मछली पकड़ने WW2। टामी बंदूक MP40 ढूँढना।Magnet nuv ntses WW2. Nrhiav submachine phom MP40.Magneet vissen WW2. Het vinden van machinepistool MP40.Magnet ribolov WW2. Pronalaženje strojnicu MP40.Magnet azu WW2. Ịchọta submachine egbe MP40.Magnet memancing WW2. Menemukan MP40 senapan mesin ringan.Maighnéad iascaireachta WW2. Lorg MP40 gunna submachine.Magnet veiði WW2. Finndu submachine byssu MP40.マグネット釣りWW2。サブマシンガンのMP40を見つけます。Magnet fishing WW2. Nemokake MP40 suanten.Магнит балық аулау WW2. Submachine Gun MP40 табу.자석 낚시 WW2. 기관단총 MP40 찾기.pesca Magnet WW2. Gli mitrailleur MP40 fucili.masiyan Magnet WW2. Peydakirina mp40 gun demança.ການສະກົດຈິດຫາປາ WW2. ຊອກຫາ MP40 ປືນ submachine.Magnetas žvejybos WW2. Ieškoti Automatas MP40.Magnet makšķerēšana WW2. Meklējot automāts MP40.Magnéit Fëscherei WW2. Fannen submachine Pistoul MP40.Magnet halászat WW2. Megtalálása géppisztoly MP40.Магнет риболов на WW2. Наоѓање MP40 полуавтоматски пиштол.കാന്തം മത്സ്യബന്ധന WW2. submachine തോക്ക് MP40 കണ്ടെത്തുന്നു.Magnet memancing WW2. Mencari ringan pistol MP40.Магнет загас WW2. маркын буу MP40 олох нь.चुम्बक माछा मार्ने WW2। submachine बन्दूक MP40 पत्ता।Magnet fiske WW2. Finne maskinpistol MP40.ਚੁੰਬਕ ਫੜਨ WW2. submachine ਬੰਦੂਕ MP40 ਲੱਭਣਾ.ماهیگیری مگنت WW2. پیدا کردن MP40 مسلسل دستی.rybacka Magnet WW2. Znalezienie Pistolet maszynowy MP40.pescuit magnet WW2. Găsirea MP40 pistol mitralieră.Μαγνήτη αλιείας WW2. Η εύρεση υποπολυβόλο MP40 όπλο.fagota maneta WW2. Mauaina submachine MP40 fana.Magnet rybolov WW2. Nájdenie samopalu MP40.Magnet ribolov WW2. Iskanje brzostrelka MP40.kalluumaysiga Magnet WW2. Helitaanka MP40 qoriga caroortay.Магнет риболов ВВ2. Проналажење аутомат МП40.Magnet uvuvi WW2. Kutafuta submachine gun MP40.Magnet fiske WW2. Att hitta kulsprutepistol MP40.WW2 ประมงแม่เหล็ก หา MP40 ปืนกลมือMıknatıs balıkçılık WW2. hafif makineli tüfek MP40 bulma.Магніт рибалка WW2. Виявлення автоматний MP40.Magnet baliq ovlash WW2. makinalý qurol MP40 topish.Magnet cá WW2. Tìm MP40 súng tiểu liên.ukudoba Magnet WW2. Ukuthola submachine gun MP40.

Pavel Mikeska
Skvělé úlovky! Rád bych se zeptal, jaké magnety používáte, mám magnet s nosností 110 kg, prý je to málo na takové věci, obzvláště pokud jsou v bahně.
Xiviuz Tv
What makes it so special is the thought of someone else actually carrying the weapon as a personal firearm during WW2. I wonder how his life was and how his story ended..
Marián Mucha
thats mp40 from call of duty black ops
Catfish Nate
I sub to you and hope you do the same for me. Nice video
The noob probably had steady aim on and only hip fired.
Pinos G.k
Very nice.....
wtf stop this shit please fucking dumb ass
pooped warior
omg my fav gun in waw
Fernando Lima
you tear verr good morning
C W Southern Digger
If the soldier had perished there I believe one would have found buckles, buttons, grenade pieces, and various metal articles that so adorned him. This could have been a discarded weapon after the war, perhaps long after.
leonard bullhock
excellent result!
4:10 My thoughts exactly.
Manuekles YT
ppsh de bo3 :)
Yall pulling war ammunitions with magnets? Better be careful cause if you're pulling shits like this out the pond you might have the possibility of pulling a grenade as well.
Ahoj, mohl by jsi sem dat prosím odkaz na tvůj magnet? :)
Lisa Beard
there where 2 dogs what was the other cutie called?
Like for the music! ;D
graystripe 421
can the gun be restored to original state
geo tan
Sell it to me!
Massive Family
Dude. The body of the owner of that gun is still in the pond! You should at least tell authorities about the gun as well.
Lena Oxton
Guys, guys, guys... Let's keep politics out of it. It was obviously the Reptilians who did it.
Unknown Unknown
is that a MP40
Manuel Sanchez
just go to 3:35
beth sluss
this is fucking fake
Vincent Tucker
what they say
Good find.
Scion XB
Czech Mate nice weapon
QuebeC VR
Mm MP40 for dinner

What a good catch
Random Moustache Guy
sad your country wont let you keep it. send it to america it is worth $10000
Jameson Sloan
Your dog is horrible. Get a real dog.
GregJay Panem Et Circensis
You all need more minorities in Czech to many White people. here let us give you some of ours! We don't wanna be greedy. Lol How bout some nice Muslims for target practice? Their Somalis! C'mon
Tony Scaparrotti
that shit was riged they are liers
It's made in Germany you can still use it 😂
I wonder if its still operable. Put a loaded mag and try it. The ultimate mud test (25 years in a river)
Taylor Aston
Wow ich würde gerne so etwas finden, dass sorry mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut im american 😂
xHacker HD
Nice Hobby!
Thunder core
try and find a mp18 😂 jk..that gun was from ww1
Cheezy games by cheezy chaz
where do people find this type if stuff all i ever find is trash and coins
Colby Baker
Are you saleing the gun and how much $
Pinos G.k
AnotherPotato PassingBy
If you are in a place where you are able to find ww2, are you not in danger of extensive mines, or the like?
Dutch-Diggers: WW2 / Relics / Metaldetection
Very nice!
Gangster shit Tv
where is this
who needs to buy a gun when you can dig one up and restore it
whatthefuckiswrongwithyou? asshole
awesome find congratulations you have a part of history its why I magnet fish I haven't been that lucky yet but hope to be
Hit00r 1982
Thos doggos were crazy
Vito Lau
maybe a spy used that mp40 later in the war or a german was or rather a spy was kiled later in the after germany started losing land
That's cool, did you release it after catching?
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