Jeremiah Jennings
That was funny
Jayse Roderer
Best part ever at 6:12
'oh cool they're gonna check out my scary cool wall hanging decoration'
25 minutes long
'uh ooooooooh'
Katherine Smith
Skated that bed of nails very well. I figured it wouldn't prick you
Oscar Kokke
He nailed it.
SB Heuixis the Fox
More comments:)
Nicky Pedatella
This video is some Max Mofo, iDubbbz, and Filthy Frank stuff.
Gavin Colfer
The pressure evenly distributed on the nails. We all know that tho
Family Ellis/Row
It is sore
Family Ellis/Row
R.I.p mite dit of the blood just jokeing
I just got click BAITED
Billy Carr
You lot need to man up it's a little scratch
caleb coney
8:56 butts showing!
Jeremiah Hughes
i will skate that
XxFr3ezeRaYxX 1605
What bubble thing was on Doug's back in the razor blade
#onebrataley fan
Tennis balls on nails
Julia Sedano
Iarnan Lilburn
Hi, we're Braille Skateboarding and this is jackass
jey lee
half footy lando at 10:27
jey lee
best griptape ever.
You literally made me cringe the most i ever have in my life. 6:11
John McGann
"next week, we skate a noose"
Sean field
Make a fidget spinner skateboard
Dawson Bugeresta
Oh shit 316
Dafuck is that lump on Doug's back?
I would be laughing my head off if I got on that my feet don't feel pain
Michael ward
At 8:50 What the fuck is that on dudes back, there is no way that saw blade made that lumpπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
white assassain gamer 655
Yes Iove this video and u guys r cool and awsume
Chris Turnblom
It's simple ...just make some Kevlar in-souls.
Is it really 1080p?? I can only do 720p
Demon Edy
Leave it in the comments below
Ur feet would look like Braille if you did that without shoes
Jayden Liu
Why did you skate it with no shoes stupid dumbasses
Enid Kuria
Tell Fetty to show all his tattoos πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ Love you guys
K p.m C Co
dark slide!
Skye Jackson
who ever made that is trying to kill you.
Rip Steakface
Next, we skate a king cobra taped to a great white shark with wheels
Smith family Smith
Don't get on the skateborad
Smith family Smith
Timour Plekhoff
Darwin Awards.
The Kings2758
Im LEGIT biting my NAILS as im watching this video
Jesse L
Nailed it !
I used to skate till I got a nail to the knee PWHAHAHAHA XD Noice!
Cheyenne Kaye
has anyone made one with braille grip tape??
Joseph Noon
Is thet not sory
Idiotsinthewild !
Yeah u suffer
I guess is safe to say; Fetty and Doug are officially blood brothers.
Fred M8Beats
at least, you don't need griptape...nails got enough grip :D
6:11 Ρ€ΠΈΠΏ
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