gilby finn stonia
im left handed too
Kay Berris
That scream
gilby finn stonia
why is my video is in hd my internet is shitty
Nicholas Johnson
Me though

phil cabbage
It is summer for me and it is 1:41pm no school at all
It's Katie
im laughing way too hard at this 😂
you do to all of this and hi and i wont and i know that you aren't going to rply jk its 2017
Da Lekx
You deserve the views for each and everyone of your videos! (-:
fan of cloud only Luis
You don't have to worry about the zodiac Killer I do cuz I live in California in Galt which is only a few hours away from Fairfield
Penguin Catlover123
#9 is me
Cj Silva
The first Odd1sOut video I have ever watched. ❤️
freddy gamer 873
All of does thing are also things that keep me awake XD
sisters studios
number 3 is me!
GameMaster106V Xbox
Over 382K haves watched this video in 2516.... Wow
Ben Reilly
foxy fox808
ill will never frget you bro
Cartoon High
Was that racist comic supposed to be funny?
"Microorganism, more like, microorgasm" You killed me. xDD
Roxana Delgado
why did you tell me that there is a black hole 1500 light years away o o ..
Blue's Films
For me it's usually death that keeps me up
Chara Undertale
The worst thing that makes me not sleep:

Realizing o watch to many scary videos and I think demons are after me 😳😳
Music Lovers
Xander Lasell

So your racist? Sorry I now understand it was c someone else comic than didn't want to read lol
Always Plug
I fracking love your videos p.s you are such a great artist and your hilarious
Jr. Pawprint
James!!!? How does number 4 keeps you up at night? (Not mad BTW) ( just asking)
Ella Lynn
The zodic killer is dead they finally found evidence to get him but a week before his arrest he died of a heart attack........i was and still am a litte in to the whole thing
Star Butterfly
You SLUT starts crying😂😂😂😂😂😂
Martin Vazquez
I'm watching this in the year 81819191910010100228726636728161728.
Weridness WillRise
6:03 Is the picture to the left made by Chrisidek based on stranger things?!?!?!?
Misty Jeffrey
I'm am in that year
I do #3 literally every night and by the time i actually stop to go to bed it's like
david folsom
im left handed
farmer john
Black holes look like the outside of a spherical mirrors that reflect high intensity light
theluniticspid 123
Its the fucking heat that keeps me up
roy kern
roy kern
ooh thats a spicy Meme
Wait, I'm called James and TheOdds1out is called James. He's left handed IM LEFT HANDED!
Heiley Sanchez
i close my closet too
Poop Gamer
I won't forget you
Flying Blaziken
dog law...woof
Steve West
don't worry, I'm left handled to! 😊
123 zappy
You and me both
Strawberry Swirl
Um yeah they did catch John Wilkes Booth
Wtf man your lying
TheAnoyumusLoleh 82
I'm at 192929929291 :D
Alejandro Terrazas
I'm watching in year 3621
Cookie chan 123
Same I stay up so long it's already morning and I feel like I'm being watched so I can't sleep
Tim An an
I won't for give you
JasonGamer1015 Roblox Gaming
The thing that keeps me awake at night is aliens
I don't have school but I have dance School ❤
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