Paramore: Decode [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Paramore's new album, After Laughter, will be released May 12th. Watch the music video for the single 'Hard Times' and pre-order the album now at

Paramore's music video for 'Decode' from the soundtrack to Twilight - available now on Atlantic Records.

Go behind the scenes of this video at


Directed by Shane Drake

How can I decide what's right? 
When you're clouding up my mind 
I can't win your losing fight all the time 
How can I ever own what's mine 
When you're always taking sides 
But you won't take away my pride 
No not this time 
Not this time 

How did we get here? 
Well I used to know you so well
How did we get here? 
Well I think I know 

The truth is hiding in your eyes 
And its hanging on your tongue 
Just boiling in my blood
But you think that I can't see 
What kind of man that you are 
If you're a man at all 
Well I will figure this one out 
On my own 
I'm screaming, I love you so
On my own 
My thoughts you can't decode

How did we get here? 
Well I used to know you so well, yeah
How did we get here? 
Well I think I know 

Do you see what we've done? 
We've gone and made such fools of ourselves 
Do you see what we've done? 
We've gone and made such fools of ourselves 


How did we get here? 
Well I used to know you so well, yeah yeah
How did we get here? 
Well I used to know you so well 

I think I know 
I think I know 

Ooh, there is something 
I see in you 
It might kill me 
I want it to be true

Manuela Jimenez
I miss the scene days lol, eyeliner black hair dye, piercings everywhere and this kind of music
Helen Natacha Oliveira
muito amor por essa música❤
Anthony Bonilla
I just came back from "hard times", it's like two totally different bands. I miss this paramore. Fuck.
Hane S2
que mudança desse tempo pra hoje em dia hen...
Cade Del Rey
Terrible movie, great song.
Маріндарін Коцька
from 2017 👍
Nick Pettu
Nigga would do anything to hook up with her
i was 8 years old when this came out. and now i'm 17. so nostalgic.
Aaron Noel
wow awesome song, and she is a redhead
Alkyra Tamano
2017?????????????????? <3
PH03NIX 7827
weird how this isn't on Spotify
Dominick Campus
say what you want about the twilight series but all 5 soundtracks are amazing.
juliana Silva
Harvey Malla
APRIL 28, 2017!!!!
Aline Martins
Eeriel Constantine
Twilight is too shallow for this song.
Ariadnne Magalhães
Kat2puntos Uve
I like this song very cool
Debb rocha
They all arrive here by twilight
Maja Dudek
April 2017 and I still stay here❤
Misa Só isso msm
Saad Zahid
Twilight is my favourite series and its songs are love ❤👌👌
Genocide Chara
questa canzone è vita.
worst movies but good song !
Lucas Nascimento
nostalgia man
Richa Sandhu
I love this song very much
Kyra The Unicorn
She was 19 when she released this
Kyra The Unicorn
This came out almost 10 years ago what
i once thought paramore wont last long, there are lots of bands out there.
but they rock us out.
shoeb saad
Wow Yea
Chelsea from that's so Raven has gone emo
You sure Hayley isn't a vampire already, I mean she literally NEVER ages.
The song is almost 10 years old. Jesus how time flies.
Jonathan Prophecy
Shannon Leigh
I love this freaking song I play diablo 2 playing this song agen and agen
Esik Kon
Крутая песенка. Просто крутяковская
Katherine Wells
I had such a crush on Haley Williams when I heard and saw this for the first time... now in 2017 I still do. Such a crush never leaves ^_^
tsc tsc
Twilight = shitty movie, flawless soundtrack
Chris Chris
John Staley
listening to this on a rainy day is the best thing ever
robyn fenty
oh my childhood....
Does listening to this in 2017 make anyone just plain sad? The movie kinda stayed in my memory and the songs just make me miss old times.
Dori Louh
hard times weyes
Sabrina Bandeira
Christian Zafra
i don't remember :(
Great songs by Paramore, the band. I found it sad the way they broke up, I lost some respect for Hayley after learning of it.
Luiza Andrade
NeRethil Wolfsson
Somebody got an idea why the movie's clips are low-res? it's bugging me...
Dayvid Araujo
paramore i love you
feels like yesterday
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