Philip DeFranco
Hey everybody, come check out the Friday show! Let's have a.... conversation! :)
"heart warming" good choice of words xD
Steven Baal
why would ANYONE trust someone you temporarily love? Trust no one
Steven Baal
if you are so stupid that you allow yourself to be photographed naked, I have no sympathy and would love to see them too
Mina Dannelly
a blue falcon is just an idiot. it's like the military's version of doofus like doofus and gallant.
Daniel Ndibongo
I love that at 6:51 you can see in the right middle part of the screen that Philip DeFranco liked the Elle Audra Facebook page 😂
game doodle
Why is people going giving death threats to a person who exposed these disgusting acts?
I don't understand he did a great thing?
Are u not suppose to report on bad things if it was your "brothers" doing them?
kate whatever
as a woman who's photo was shared without my consent on this exact site, im glad to see it got called out for what it is
Zac Crow
The Shadow of War preview made my eyes water when the big it's screams "no more talk! we want WAR !" 🤣
iyke ewnaho
didn't know who dan bilzerian was till now, i like him :).
I'm Indy
As someone who's father is a marine, I am really upset. I hope the jackasses in service that took part in this go to military court. That way they get their asses handed to them. I'm glad my dad doesn't use YouTube, he would be extremely pissed for days.
NCIS is REAL??!? 😲😯
Nick Shank
Dan Bilzerian looks like a guy you have to assassinate in a GTA side mission
Slim Shady
I don't understand why people are excited for F&F movies anymore. The movies are far from what they used to be. F&F used to be about cars, street racing and family/friendship. Now it became a massively over exaggerated action movie, its not unique and there are many boring predictable action movies out there already. I understand the special effects are awesome and the production is great but that's not what F&F is about. As a child I watched those movies and they created a special place in m heart and helped me discover the passion I have for cars. They created something I really loved and the recent movies really tainted that special place for me. Now I just feel hatred and disappointment towards the franchise. Maybe its just me and the car community that feel that way.
As a Marine myself, I can say that you hit the nail on the head sir. Well said.
Grim reality is that the marine corps in large part doesnt draw the best and brightest from the population. There are many motivations for joining up, not all of them are the best, and even those with the right intentions arent as well intentioned in other areas of their life. A marine is an entire human being, with only part of that shaped by the marines (with the goal being a large part of them will adopt the instruction and conduct and apply it in other areas). Unfortunately as said there are still parts of each person that through teh anonymity of the internet or sense of distance it gives will engage in actions that are "dishonourable" or would violate an expectation of conduct. It is noted that a large part of this is that it is instructed how a marine should conduct themselves in different spheres of their whole life, it is not easy for the corps to enforce though when they do not as they are not often aware, until events like these are revealed.

Any serving marine, or a discharged/retired one employed as a contractor, who has suggested it is an action against the corps or a fellow marine to have reported these matters needs to be pulled before a discipline commitee to explain exactly how erosion of public trust in marines, as being people who can be trusted to conduct themselves equitably, honourably and in service of the public, serves the marine corps.
fuck you phil
Ken Jones
That guy from Marines United broke rule number 1.....Don't talk about the fight club. But TBH and serious there's groups like that all over FB, they are just all private and require an invite to join.
Salvadori Popadillo
Agree completely about consent. Can't stand spineless bastards, whatever the situation. You'd think these marines would have balls/ respect for fellow servicemembers, but I guess not. I know good marines but these people bring everyone down. smh @humanity.
Carter The Pitbull
the guy with the book is golden ;)
conn1380 conn1380
Gotta love phill 😍
that book is the best thing ever
Zzz Yyy
phill they are whores..."career"
why cant i be homophobic?
Jc Cummins
Ok, I know you already shared your opinion in the Friday show, which I have not seen yet but, I disagreed when you said that if you don't report suspicious or illegal findings, like if you were browsing through the marines Facebook page, you are giving consent to them. I 100% understood what you meant but you always say to get all the facts and all of the confirmation to make an informed opinion and if I don't do that than how am I to make a rash decision on something I haven't researched. I think by me hypothetically just scrolling by a nude photo or something I perceive to be 'illegal' than I am just saying that I'm to lazy to look into it and not necessarily giving consent because I don't have the whole story...,

This comment section is normally filled with people saying the feminism is un-necessary and that women have more rights than men. I'd love it if one of these people could come forward and explain that position within the context of this story about the Marines. I'd bet you anything this sort of bullshit hasn't been perpetrated against male servicemen by their female colleagues..
Michael siggers
Phil says Silence is Consent!!!!
Daithi Hallock
Shadow of war gonna rock!!!!!!!!
dyme *
Roland Deschain
Defranco clickbait gets me again
Judah Smith
This is just another great reason to stop letting women in the Marines and the military. Obviously it's not the women's fault but the reason why they were originally not allowed to join was also to keep sex completely out of the equation. An all male military would absolutely be stronger. I was in the military just 2 years ago and almost every problem that came up in briefings was some sort of sexual assault story or inappropriate servicemen relationships or false rape accusations and the solution was always yet another mandatory Sexual Assault Prevention and Response class.
Brittany Olson
That little boy getting a new heart. Dx I'm not crying YOU'RE crying.
idea is stolen. Google the book wit of Whitlam, then wit of Frazer.
Jordan Mutlow
I Love this channel! damn youtube ruining news and sensorship. Time to binge watch all of his vids.
Koji Leonardo
It would mean the world to me if you do something about kevjumba's return to youtube!!!
brandon mck
"except in his calves" hahahahaha
New fan to your channel. Informative post, I tend to agree with you on all points. This story involves a very small subset of the Marine Corps. When I was a young married kid in the military, I worked with enlisted Marines daily in the 80s and they were some of the most honorable, patriotic, decent people I ever worked with. Very respectful of my wife. But as this story illustrates, every group contains some people who don't understand honor. It doesn't mean the whole group is flawed. You made that point well.
I have to point out that I wholeheartedly believe that this whole nude scandal is perfectly wrong. Distribution of anyone's nudes without their consent is immoral; even if they willingly gave them to you. Though, if you willingly put yourself, more specifically your body, out publicly; you should expect to get reaction from that. Whether you condone the reaction or not, you, and only you, put yourself in the position where you were able to garner public attention. If you do that, you should be able to face the consequences and ridicule pertaining to your actions. It doesn't make the comments that you receive right, per se, but you are the only one who was able to put yourself in that position, where you knowingly would receive strong public opinion. Furthermore, if you sent someone a nude, you should then be prepared for that nude to be distributed among the receivers friends, and possibly even their co-workers. No matter what photo you post publicly, or even privately, you should always think about whose hands that photo could possibly fall into. I'm not saying it's right to victim blame, but one should always prepare for the consequences of their actions. Potential victims should take the steps to protect themselves before it's too late; don't send the photo if you don't feel comfortable - if it seems shady, it most likely is; don't send the photo to someone you hardly know; don't show your face in the photo, etc. Always prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.
Nio Jacobs
Elle audra Is hot AND she can kick my ass, your ass, or anyone's ass. she's not a person who would be smart to harass, if you were messed up enough to harass anyone.
Lord Voldemort
Yep, not surprised about the last story
Marlon Matute
I'm a future Marine whose in the delayed entry program and I hope stuff like this doesn't ruin the Marine Corp reputation and that a few people who shouldn't be Marines mask what we stand for with their bullshit
Fort Wayne Skating
new to this channel, are you a news reporter or what?
Deyaced Ylurt
Why can't a woman be a table? A true feminist would accept her choices in living as furniture.
Brian Cline
So the nude photo scandal, I don't know about the Marine Corps, but in the Army, new rules put out in 2015 allow for comments put on social media to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Before those rules changed, some service members tried to use the public / private persona argument with mixed results. The Army has made it clear, if you post on social media, you can and will be held liable for your actions.Personally, I hope active duty service members get fried. I hope that NCIS pass information off to the appropriate authorities and all others involved are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is not behavior that can be tolerated. The Department of Defense has made its stance on sexual harassment and sexual assault clear and has done so for years.
People who become Marines are usually off a little in the head. No question. As a former Marine infantryman... none of this surprises me at all. I don't agree with it ether. No better person to go to war with though.
It's really easy to avoid leaked pics. It's quite simple, say it with me 20 something progressives with zero common sense or personal responsibility. It's DO NOT have your face in it. Simple as that.

Honestly women cause more problems than they solve. Every male dominated area that gets flooded by women always ends up in tons of drama.
Udy Kumra
First time I'm excited about EVERYTHING in TIA!
Curious Berne
their cheeto in chief got a pass on doing the same things to women. why expect any different from soldiers gleefully serving twitler.
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