Christian Borle Is The Willy Wonka We Deserve

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Broadway's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' star Christian Borle realizes that Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp have set the chocolate bar very high.

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Michael Karas
I can tell Christian Borle has a dark side from this interview.
Robert Ryder
I try to watch but gotta delete this dopey sht!! Get old quick!! Just not entertaining!!#! Kind of pathetic copy cat!!#! Sad little man#!! :(
Kailtyn Parker
you could tell from the first moment when they both waited too long for the other one to sit down that this interview was not gonna go down well...
Andrew Santos
I saw the show it's Awesome. My favorite part is when the town people sings WILLY WANKA WILLY WANKA the song is stuck inside my head every day I love it
Kenneth Desmond Mosley
Well wil
Boycotting that show if he can't stop being snarky about politics.
Leo in the dark
I can't wait to see it
AV and EK
Christian looks like an egg but honestly I don't care
He looks like his is 30 not in the early 40s; I want those genes and diet!
Abigail Jensen
i love this mans
Katie Carlson
Look up Falsettos, you won't regret it.
Katie Carlson
Christian...where is your hair?!
Magitroopa (luigistar11)
I'm seeing Charlie on Broadway this Saturday night, so excited! :D
Nickolis Speetzen
This guy owes at least ten percent of his spiritual success or appearances on shows like this to Dark Knight, C. Bale and the insanely awesome and infinitely perfect performance of Heath Leadger.... but he's great so fuck it. Let's just say it was arms. (2 Tony's. that's not nothing.)
Alexia Tr
he has a Tim Curry vibe
I was not familiar with Christian Borle but he made for an excellent interview.
Emeline Emeline
I've liked him ever since Smash. Great show!
Talyta Barcelos
don't say yes antil i finish talking guy
David Wiebe
Colbert you flakey shill you - where is your friend and patron bongo? Is he really in French Polynesia, is he getting trannied over there, whats up?
Ariel Steinsaltz
I got a selfie with him last year stage-dooring "Something Rotten."
He had hair then.
I don't get all these comparisons with Sutherland and etc. Who he really registers similarly to is Justin Kirk. I've been confusing Christian Borle with Justin Kirk, now starring in APB, ever since APB debuted.
Christian Bale playing Willy Wonka?
Handley Family
fuck obama
Rebecca Rivera
Oh, Christian, put your hair back on! And that "skinhead" joke was not only inappropriate, it is untrue.
Andrew Kohler
I still send my therapy bills to the Roald Dahl estate.
Ashley Walton
oh he's incredible, I saw the show already and I wish I could see it again
Daniel Jensen
I guess he knew Stephen would take it in stride, but it's a little surprising he went there with that 'I just want my father back' story considering what happened to Stephen as a kid.
Tabitha G
Everything I've seen Christian in he's been absolutely stunning (specifically falsettos! It was wonderful!!!) I can't wait to see this!
i can see him as Wonka. the way he talks and his wide eyes are perfect
Bailey North
I think he should play in the musical version of "X-Men.
Ani J
how could you forget "starring role in Stars Hollow: the Musical" ??
I love how the audience doesn't know who he is but they still pretend to be super excited
Chad Hofheins
Roald Dahl was a genius. So glad his books were around in my childhood.
Gregor Collins
Not sure who is more charming.
Adam Weinberg
He has the unstable look about him that I think would make him a very good Wonka
Adam Weinberg
He has the unstable look about him that I think would make him a very good Wonka
Liyah U
I don't think I've ever seen him, but his voice sounds so familiar .
Actually, I think Roald Dahl simply understood to perfection a child's demand for Absolute Justice against douche-bags, and equal demand for an un-categorically HAPPY Ending. I remember my fellow students' glee at the comeuppances of each Dahl villain they encountered. I believe I was the only kid I personally knew for whom a Roald Dahl bbok was a hair-raising experience, full of worry over the complete ghouls he slew.
Dang and I thought it was "The King & I"...
Kyle Heuer
The squirrels tear veruca from limb to limb in the show
he could play the joker....
Saw Christian Borle as Wonka last week and he's awesome!!!!
Blissful Nerd
My prayers were answered with this interview! I love him so much!
pat comerford
Twitch, what about the amazing J. Depp?
Got my tickets, can't wait to see the show!
Jennifer L.
He kind of looks like a young, bald Donald Sutherland.
The difference is that on TV the stories are real.
Dr Matt Phillips
Smash was a great show.
I love Christian, but that Steve Bannon joke was cringe.
suddenly Gene Wilder is everyone's favorite
existential. anarchist
This guys shall play a villian
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