Introducing Pixel, Phone by Google

GooglephonenewlaunchpixelsmartphoneGoogle smartphone

Introducing Pixel, a new phone by Google. It has the highest rated smartphone camera. Ever. A battery that lasts all day. Unlimited storage for all your photos and videos. And it’s the first phone with the Google Assistant built in.*

*Additional information available at

Song: "Closer" by Lemaitre

This phone it's so amazing in so many ways. But it's a shame that (at least in my country) it's way to expensive. :(
1:02 "Really Blue"
I like it when is says really blue
static 679
shots fired at apple for that 3.5 mm jack lol.
Pedro Rabelo
Tudor Cretu
Pewds just downgraded to a Nexus 6P!
Google plez keep the headphone jack forever on the pixel phones
victoria andronic
google pixel
A all new full copy of HUAWEI
Hermie Films
What's the song?
Ryan Berry
Hey Google can you send me a new Google pixle.
Foxy Grandma
I think google should partner with exynos and start putting their chips in phones since they are much faster so that we can truly say that Android phones are better than iPhones in every way. Qualcomm is good just not good enough.
Wyatt Anderson
I live Google
love pixel!
Awesome Dan
Google needs to start unboxing their phones like Samsung.
Nicole Jaczek
I have a dream to work in Google some day...
Carlos Felipe Beltrán Albornoz
that's like a great idea but apple made this before
Nick Segualan
"3.5mm headphone jack satisfyingly not new"
Well turns out that its still uncooked so they roasted it.
trash on toast
"Need a new phone?"
"Like new new?"
"Like doesn't have version number new?"

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Shehan Fernando
Why Google build android laptop
Shehan Fernando
It doen't dust proof and water resistance
muy bonito teléfono pero están demasiado caros
Joshua Okereke
when will Google come to my place with this phone ?
Joshua Okereke
wow! love it, can I have one? just need one. I wish Google more creative knowledge. Amen!
Joshua Okereke
wow! love it, can I have one? just need one. I wish Google more creative knowledge. Amen!
c h y o n e x
jeez i heard ppl making fun of this but
tbh i want it
An outstanding invasion of privacy... surprisingly not so new, but a whole different level
apple got rosted
Luke Gallows
BestALDC Girls
what song is this
Glenda Desierto
At first look I thought it was iPhone....but much better
I only came here from lemaitre. Anyone else?
The 10fps Gamer
introducing the google pixel new
Android nugget
No bump
ur kidding me
this trailer is so much better than the iphone 7 trailer
Africa GS
this is literally what every phone company should have done from the very beginning
I think the music makes it the best...
Navpreet mehra
awesome into really I like it
Is Google making a second pixel phone
FCB Jaffer
i help plaes ineed isterg hsabe thx
Jonas Ochsner
Google Pixel: 12.3 Megapixels
Lumia 950XL: 20 Megapixels
Vaddepalli ShivaShankar
your Google assistant is pretty good in performance but the thing is LOOK .
white colour isn't providing a good look to the program. So my suggestion is change the colour of program completely so it could look better
Nameless Guy
3.5mm headphone jack which satisfying not new
Song ?
Iphone 10?
add headphones to the pixel 2 package!! please!!
Coen Muller
got them goosebumps
Akhil Pendyala
I love pixel
Res Doesfh
00:46 Rektd
Element Survivor
0:44 shots fired
Albert Dobrin
bai lasane! telefon de la google? hmmm... interesant
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