Thomas Ahn
Who new?
i just got a pixel XL and downloaded that "we're gunna get the water from your house your house song". your advertising worked Google.
Bruno Dematte
Bruno Dematte
O love my Google Pixel
aryan bhardwaj
Didnt mention the most important thing-price
Jared Fleming
can't wait till pixel 2
Shroomity The Shroom
0:46 yeah cant wait for pixel 2 which ia gonna be a massive downgrade from this one XD
lan boy
Angie Sapphie
ugghhh i wish i could get one but my mom just finished paying off all my siblings phones and i dont want to make her pay even more for all this TuT
song: Lemaitre - Closer
this advertisement just roasted the iPhone 7 with the headphone jack
Jurgen Treep
I actually came back to watch it again. Amazing ad.
Doodles and Spice
If only it was made in Rose gold. I would be all over this so quickly lmfao
Emmet Dobson
In my opinion this is the greatest commercial ever created.
Cherissy HIATUS
Laqueesha York
Still love apple but great commercial
Koushik Roy
google can you give me one pixl xl for free to show a unboxing on my channel plzzzz accept my request plzzzz google ......
felipe cella da silva
Quanto será que da pra ganhar vendendo 1 rim? Porque se for pouco eu vendo os dois pra ter esse celular lindo! PIMBADA VIOLENTA
Waiting for Pixel 2... using a 5s now
Trey Martin
They just insulted apple
Does anyone know the name of this version of "Closer"? All the versions I can find elsewhere have vocals starting at 0:10 whereas this version does not.
lap wong
hong kong google store how time can buy google pixel. Fast response !
0:47 savage
Poyo Eguesa Ñaba
im using the phone right now lol
Jimsheri Maziashvili
faster than crappy iPhone 7, beautiful than iPhone 7. AND IT HAVE HEADPHONE JACK TOO, HOORAY 😁😆😊😱. 😐🔫
Maulina Amin
0:46 Apple just got roasted
You guys sound like Apple when you say "A blue so blue we created it" it makes no sense
Karim Karim
am I the only one who loves the lack of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7
Technology Guru
very nice
Dennis Riungu
My dream phone! Always!
whatsapp masati
can I get this in india????

how much prize in india????
Abbas Shaabani
soo best
Lisa K
anyone else watching this on. Google pixel? I am. lol
Ferib Hellscream
omg a headphone jack! Another reason to trow away my iphone
Lord Bunkle
0:43 damn roast
Wali Mughal
who has one? comment below
apple just got roasted!
Grumpy Coder
Got the Pixel couple of weeks ago and damn it is good. Software optimisation is key for me so I obviously went for the Pixel. Very smooth UI, streamlined experience with my computer(using chrome os) and I can easily do both my hobbies and school work easily. Very satisfying product by Google, and I can't wait to see Pixel 2 sooner or later.
Wizmoz The Gamer
hey Let's call google and apple
Make a phone (A1-10 fusion chip not allowed)
Only Qualcomm Snapdragon 820+
Camera is only OIS
any casing
Who will Win?
Since A1-10 fusion chip is optimized for iPhone
We want only the same processors
Let's see how many features we can get and how fast it is
Gerardo Vitale
But, will it blend?
Original Derpsツ
The REAL question is:

Is it waterproof?
Are you copying Apple?
Crystal Wolf
the best phone in the world!!! Sumsung and apple get rekt!
The Excruciator
Google put more effort into this advert than Apple did to the latest iPhone.
WackyMeLovesDogs GamingPH
Song is dope
¡¡¡¡CAMILO!!!! 701
es resistente al agua???
sher Ali
David Jeffers
I really wish bestbuy had this ad displayed on loop on the Pixel Display.
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