Right-Handed People Try Being Lefties For A Day

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Can these righties survive being lefties?

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Shirley Dong
Im left handed :D
Saory Bautista
The blue-eyed girl knda look like Karisma Kapoor
Candii xD
The Korean girl or whatever was using her right hand to do her makeup and everything!!! 😡😡😡
Alicja Kamińska
...but how can anyone shave without any foam or anything?!?! 😷😫🙈 You're basically shredding your skin, that' so painful! Lol
Karley Call
I'm left handed and when i was little my older sister told me you could choose between being left handed or right handed and if you choose left handed you worshiped demons
Sandra Lemus
This is me
Me: For the next 24 hours I will be a right handed person
Me: Welllllll forget this
I'm left handed and I use my right hand for a mouse
H Mitchells
You should do lefties become righties
TeamShadowRacing //TSM
Lefties,its ok if you're doing cooking/doing something with your right hand.
Joyce Eleanor
Only left-handed people like me will love watching things like this
soft and neat
I am right handed but I broke my right hand so I do most things with my left and I have to write with my left hand in school
Purge Senpai
lefties tend to be more ambidextrous due to the dominant right handed stuff. after watching this video, at least they learned how hard it can be for us. Also lefties normally use their right-hand for a mouse.
Serena Thompson
all lefties are semi-ambidextorious. we have to use a right handed mouse if we need to use the arrow keys. I've used a right handed mouse my whole life, and it's okay, except for when you need to draw with a mouse. for that, I'll stick with my laptops track pad, thank you very much
Ellie G
I'm ambidextrous. I use my right hand and arm for strength but my left to write and do my makeup etc. But I generally class myself as a leftie.
Iqra Muq
in san Francisco there is a store for only leftys i went there and brought a lot
Meagan Eve
I'm a leftie and I brush my teeth with my right hand and use a mouse with my right hand
Mari Lane
I'm ambidextrous.
Photo Files
I had to be a lefty for 6 months because I broke my right hand
ItzYoGurlNicole Irish Beauty
I'm a left handed!
dorito Chip
I'm righty
Yani Lila
I broke my arm and it was my right arm and that was the arm that I used for everyday tasks,so I learned how to do everything with it
Gee Fucking Way
i use my mouse with my right hand
Sarah Gawle
I'm left-handed, and I have a hard time understanding how 85% of the world functions. Apparently well, since EVERYTHING IS MADE FOR YOU.
As a lefty this was very amusing.
Cloe McCloster
its funny how people say lefties are rare and then like all the comments are from people who are left handed lol
I didnt know nick cage was here
Clar _ Bell
I am left-handed, is that cheating?
mysticwolf 1324
I'm left handed but I learned how to use a mouse with my right hand
Princess Rose2020
omg I just tried doing this
Martian Manhunter
In a way, you can say they got their rights taken away.
Twenty øne Beebos
I write and put on makeup/ everyday activities with my right but I play sports etc with my left 😂
Katarzyna Andrulewicz
I wouldn't mind cause I just sit and scroll through my phone all day so ide only be having to scroll with my left hand
I'm a leftie :)
Using a mouse is the same for me (as a lefty) as a righty would use a mouse.
reply if your a lefty. Dislike if your a righty. #LEFTSQUAD
Charlotte Mattin
Things annoying to left handed people :

Spiral notebook
Person next to me
Jean looker
Pend you have to buy special quick dry pens
Writers cramp
Joining handwriting
Charlotte Mattin
I'm left handed but I use my right hand sometimes so my handwriting with my right is neat but it's is so uncomfortable 😣
esoj niwreik
his forehead is brighter than my future
Lieeba Ahad
What are bad combinations with Lefties? My would be lefties and writing on a white board. ;-;
June Kurobara
the other girl look like Nicolas cage gender bent
Isabel Dun
lefties use computer mice with their right hand..?????
I hope the right handers suffer one day like I do
Zeina A.
The girl looks so much like Rachel ballinger
Ash Trespeces
that asian guy has the most perfect skin omg
riski gost
I'm right handed, but I've been using my left hand for over two years. I have this weird desire to use it, even though it doesn't work quite as well. I'm almost completely ambidextrous now though. It's weird but I just can't help using it. If my left hand can't do something my right hand can it really bothers me. Idk why.
CherryTheRed Coolgirl girl-on-fire
i am ambidextrous so i can write with both of my hands
Sarah Harris
Anyone else think that one girl looks like Nicolas Cage?
Danisnotonchairs /Never will be\
Where are my both-handies att?!?!? :D
Cicely Smith
I'm a left handed person but do all these things with both hands
Random Rants
Many of the things they're failing at are things lefties do with their right hands. Trust me on this, I'm speaking from experience!
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