Right-Handed People Try Being Lefties For A Day

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Can these righties survive being lefties?

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Diamond TNT
I feal slightly offended as I'm ledt handed but idk why
putting in my menstrual cup with my left hand only was a challenge ... but it worked yay
Koley Turner
Lol of course all us lefties use our mouse with our right hand it's the way their all made if u do it long enough it just starts to feel normal
YB is soooo damn beautiful and hot.
im a dinosaur rawr
im a left handed person now you see the struggle
ana ramirez
I'm left handed but I use everything how its normally it's just spiral notebooks hurt after awhile
Aarontf T.V
from being a lefty I learned how to use stuff right handed like a mouse and scissors.
i don't even know how to hold a pencil with my left hand xD
I've always wanted to be a leftie because both of my older sisters are.
Rebellious Winter
From watching thees Left handed videos I have come to realize... It's apparently normal for lefties to use a mouse with their left hand. I use my right hand...
Donald J. Trump Isn't Selfish For Rasism
I'm Ambidextrous But I Use My Left Hand Much More Often Because When I Was Younger I Broke My Right Hand.. So I Had To Write With My Left Hand.. Then FINALLY I Got The Cast Off But It Was Painful Writing With My Right Hand...
I have a left-handed mouse for browsing the internet and my old right-handed one for gaming, and I'm slowly transitioning to my left-handed mouse as I learn to use the number pad for controls with my right hand, since I can click much faster with my left hand. I can't wait until I fully transition because besides pressing the wrong buttons all of the time, I'm quite good with my left hand and bad with my right hand, and my right handed mouse is dying. If you're left handed, get a left handed mouse. I promise you it's worth it. When you change the settings on your mouse so the buttons are the opposite of that on a standard mouse, you just can't go back.
Cassidy The Cat
I'm a twin and left handed
barky bow
i am a leftie
AllisonNicole Reborns
I'm right handed I shave with my left and right every time it feels fine
Arlyn Diaz
Being a Leftie sucks but you're special because you're 10% of the world population
Kind Citizen
I'm a leftie and I do a lot with my hand
Sarang 034
i had to be left handed for more than 3 weeks IN SCHOOL because i fractured my finger XD
And writing with markers on a whiteboard is a nightmare
Annika Gosse
I'm left handed
Emma MacPherson
I'm a proud leftie
I'm right but in some sports I'm left and I'm left footed?
Kyptonic J Gaming
who else is scrolling with there right hand?
legitness 5401
left handed and a binder not good
Crazy People
They held the camera with right hands
Corina Knowles
I kinda just watched this because the picture was a girl in the shower. with flip flops
Taylor Montague
Lol at the mouse tho because a lot of us lefties just learn how to use our right hand for that
Natalie's World
Any right handers? Everyone in the comments is a leftie
Devin Stillman
My dominate eye is my left I'm right handed and my left leg is my dominate, I'm screwed up
Makayla Kueber
It's fun to watch when your actually a lefty.
Elliot Nixon_Yt
Im both handed I can use both pretty well
I'm left handed and if I used the mouse on the left I would struggle i always have use my right for that
HarleyQuinn videos and other stuff
i am left handed.did u know that if u are left handed that u are few of the people that are rare because a lot of people are right.my dad told me that
As a lefty i can say most all of us lefties are some what ambidextrous. Since we grew up in a right handed world we learned to do certain things right handed. For example, using a mouse on a computer, i use my right hand, although i can use my left if i wanted. i play fps pc games like any other righty. I prefer to kick a ball with my right foot and can switch hit in baseball. i swing a golf club lefty, but a hockey stick righty. I use sissors righty because they dont cut lefty. Can openers...righty. I also learned to play guitar righty bc that was how it was strung. Overall i think we were just brought up to adapt to our surroundings, and so we do. I personally love being left handed.
kerra Rodgers the potato
I'm sad because all the comments saying where my lefties, left handers , elect and I'm over here like not me
Rachel Wooten
I am a leftie
Pinky Samantha
is it weird that when i do eyeliner i use my right hand for my right eye and my left hand for my left eye. anyone else?
then don't wear makeup
MyParty OfOne
"they are sisters not twins" TWINS ARE STILL SIBLINGS PEOPLE
2:26 - Fatal mistake. Lefties sit at the edge of the table to avoid playing bumper buddy with righties when we eat
JJ Chavez
I'm both handed..
bff's diary
i'm left handed
ellie robinson
I'm left handed but use my right hand for stuff like typing,computer mouse and i play nearly all sport with my right.
Sarah Xo
I'm A Leftie And I Hold The Mouse In My Left Hand
Prinsesspopcorn Pop
I'm a leftie. ayeeee
Nici Mouse
I'm ambidextrous soooo
Fantastic Hannah Dunn42
I'm a leftie, and when I write something I always get pencil shading on my hand 😂 like it you are a leftie and always does that 😂
Glitter Twilight
Try two weeks because you sprained your right hand..
I didn't have to turn in or write anything in school tho 😂
Bella Ackley
Yeah idk why they think us lefties use the computer mouse with our left hand
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