Right-Handed People Try Being Lefties For A Day

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Can these righties survive being lefties?

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Sophie Henderson
Do a video where lefties have to use their right hand
I'm left handed but use the mouse with my right hand
damsam robbo
I dont know any left handed people that use the computer mouse with their left. and I'm left handed.
Takami Chika
What about left doing right?
Amie Rose〈3
I'm left handed and I use my right hand for my mouse
Silly Naomi
One of the girls used the right hand.
Um.... I'm left handed but I use a mouse with my right hand... it feels unnatural if I don't.
Sonny Bleakley
I like how there struggleing so bad.i am a lefty.my spelling is bad
Scarlett small
I'm left handed and I can't do ANYTHING with my right hand XD
Omg Hey
this video reminds me of the time when buzzed ran out of ideas and we started supplying them with ideas. Hmmmm. Anyways great video though
gg i'm black
Don t be lefti right is betr right dos not lik nigrs so betr
The worst thing about being left handed is writing on whiteboards.
Miss Verständnis
I'm left handed and I have to deal with wrong supplies every day :'D
MylifeasMaksi MSP
this is so funny to me cuz im a leftie xD
Izzy Xo23
I am a lefty and shave with both hands and use the mouse with my right
Lucinda King
the last girl annoys me
didn'tletme dosmileyfaces
I hate it when people call left handed people lefties :/
Isabell Porras
I'm ambidextrous so it was funny when they thought it was hard using their left hand
Who else knows about that Cross-dominate life?
Rachel Coco
Do left handed people try to be right handed for a day and right handed people give them challenges. Btw love this channel
I'm one of the few people in the world who actually can use both of their hands decently :)
Abby Cecilia
I'm a lefty but I don't use my left hand for EVERYTHING. I obviously use my right hand for a computer mouse, it's not that hard
This actually triggers me with the mouse and keyboard because no left handed person uses a mouse and keyboard like that
Hyper Stamina
It was a pen not a PENCIL
Sara Ochaita
My sister is the only left handed person in my family and when I see her use her left hand I'm just like "how you do dhat?"
Just_An _ID10T
I HEARD JEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Birthday Cookeh
Hoes I'm ambidextrous
XxIrene AngelxX
I'm left handed. I do lots of things with my right hand bc I'm kinda forced to. Even though it's super hard.
Mik Master
I do everything but writing and gymnastics with my left
That *weird* duck
Any ambidextrous people here? No? Just me? Ok... xP
Tara Hatton
now they know how lefties like me feel
Diana Zapata
this didnt even cover most things lefties have trouble with in a right handed world. like binders and can openers an peelers an mesuring cups an those right hand desks
Jacob Carter
Right handed desks are the worst!
J Vierra
I'm right handed and I sometimes shave my legs with my left hand just as good as my right hand with no cuts
Kathryn Barndt
Welcome to the other half right handed people.
Facts Universe
Are we not gonna mention that, that lady dry shaved?!?
Pusheen_IsLife26 Pusheen
I'm a leftie
Ally M
Im left handed with nearly everything like throwing or using a mouse I use my right hand
Wait, why did they have to use the mouse with their left hand? I'm a lefty, and I still use my right hand for controlling my computer mouse.
Random cat 64
im a lefty...
Stephanie Stella
I'm a leftie!
Jessika M
Welcome to being a leftie how else is leftie here
Ballistic Bee
I'm a lefty and I have never used a left-handed my house before
Kait T
Perks of being ambidextrous then
muhaddesa chowdhury
2:42 why are you wasting so much water
Carmen S
I'm curious....how many of you are ambidextrous with when you put on mascara? I use my left hand for left eye and right hand for right eye. No one taught me that...just naturally did it. I am pretty ambidextrous in other areas in my life but I haven't ran across anyone else who puts on mascara likes me yet!
As a leftie when I saw this title I could only think "this is terrific, they finally get their turn to suffer"
Emma Is Emma
My grandma was left handed and when she was in school she was forced to use her right hand, apparently lefties were once considered devil spawn or something
Joke Small
This video is the equivalent of saying "blind people try seeing for a day"
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