Introducing The 'Trump Attacked Me On Twitter' Hall Of Fame

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The Late Show proudly enshrines its inaugural inductees into the 'Trump Attacked Me on Twitter' Hall of Fame: Mika 'Dumber Than a Rock' Brzezinksi and 'Psycho' Joe Scarborough.

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Patricia Fiands
Congratz, Mika!!!
So, I Watched Ur & Joe's Show This Morning & It Looks Like U Do Not Care For HRC Either.
That Must Mean That U Are An EQUALIZER_PARTY Member.
Congratz Again!!!
We'll See U Both Soon.
Hoop Dance Work Out
Fuzza majumula
Great job, guys!
Julie Purpleskater
Yay, Mika! :)
joe resembles Matthew Perry.
I thought that was Chandler in a wig at first O.o
Is that really how his hair looks like or is that some kind of image distortion?
Soul Sister
Funny as hell!!!
Marc Touss
mika is totally hot..
miching mallecho
A non-exhaustive list, off the top of my head: Kristen Stewart, Rosie O'Donnell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sen. John McCain, President Obama, former Secy. of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. Jeff Flake, Sen. John McCain, the entire Senate GOP, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Warren, AG Sessions, North Korea, "the media", The NY Times (especially whoever broke that story on how he groped women), CNN, WaPo, MSNBC, Sen. Sanders, Trump protesters (57% of country and counting!), the (exonerated) Central Park Five, Muslims, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, the European Union, Snoop Dogg, the musical Hamilton, former FBI Director Comey, former Acting FBI Director McCabe, former FBI Director & Special Counsel Mueller, Democrats, Sen. Cruz, Sen. Graham, Sen. Murkowski, Amazon, Justice Ginsberg, the entire judicial branch, Jeb Bush, The Des Moines Register(?), Sen. Kaine, Megyn Kelly, Iran, Merck CEO, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Jon Ossoff, Politico, Republicans, CNBC, Deputy AG Rosenstein, Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh, WSJ...
we live in a weird world
Roto Vicious
Mika is sexy
fake news
Kris Silveira
she owned the bitchs ass at 'two.things that don't go together- President trump' #mikedrop 😂😂
exactly what assholes (trump) deserve.
Matthew adams
Your hair is tall enough to cause damage to low bridges you might drive under in a convertible. I half way like your show. It's just slightly too far to the left but still on the correct side of the isle. But please stay out of Kentucky. We have many highway underpasses and we'd like them to stay right where they are and in one functional piece. Thanks morning Joe
Oskar Elek
I'm so happy I'm here to witness Trump's presidency, even from the distant, relatively safe haven that the EU is now. One day I'll have many unbelievable stories to tell my grandchildren, and they will think I'm cool.
lol :p
"So where do you see yourself in 2 years?"
What a fine wine
is it just me or does he look like Matthew Perry but what a smaller face
Trump feels proud of his amazing speaking abilities. Congratulations all recipients of Trumps attacks. You should feel very honoured.
My prediction is that the 'Trump Attacked Me On Twitter' Hall Of Fame will soon be nominated for membership in the Largest Halls Of Fame Hall Of Fame.
George Weasley
The sarcasm is overflowing with this one
Joel Courtney
0:56 when you realize she isn't a mute after all...
Nadia Bhatti
Anyone else think this was the guy from Friends when you clicked?
Fa S
Could he LOOK any more like chandler?
June Kiborn
This is gonna be a long video series:
What is the name of the music in this video?
Fiona Quiggles
I agree that President Trump needs to be careful in what he says in his Tweets. I don't think he fully realizes that, as President, every word and every act he does, is part of our national historical archives. He is President of the United States. He is no longer just a Hollywood actor entertainer anymore.
Anthony Purcell
They're really quite good at comedy.
James Moseley
Anybody want to help our boy, Stephen Colbert, out with a list of nominees?
Make this a physical place please. Im not kidding this needs to be an actual museum.
Seriously Joe, what's going on with your hair?
Dess D
Funny as ever put please please add the non famous people also.
Chen Songyi
Psycho Joe is a nickname that screams street cred.
Meg DiPaolo
.....and now make out.
Monsoonjr99 Mapping
0:40 Did anyone notice Brzezinski is misspelled in the description?
Damien Gitton
No! Not funny ! Guys!!! He gonna start tweeting Himself to have one !!! So when he gonna start WW3
Isabel Tome
wasn't these two in love with trump 2 years ago.
And i didn't pay attention to them before the tweets. i can say that they are very entertaining.
if she lives her hair to grow and she becomes more like Ivanka . trump tweets are going to change.
Roger Salyer
Congratulations one and all! What a great honor! You must be doing your jobs.
what a clown president. Americans elected him, huh?

Is this the kind of democrazy Americans wanted to bring to Iraq?
Felix Kasperl
I'm so glad this is a thing. Stephen, get Meryl Street on your show: she due for that honor. #merylisgod
What cartoon character does he look like?
Andres Diaz
Somewhat heartwarming.
xooox Thanks
Two things that don't go together like... president... trump! xD
Elizabeth Martinez
lol just so funny but true....congrats!!
Cindy Kubica
What a hoot! Kudos for your ability to laugh this off. I have even greater respect for you two!
Wesley Williams
Thicker skin the the Blonde Orange...mmm, sounds like a nice drink.
Paola Muir
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