Introducing The 'Trump Attacked Me On Twitter' Hall Of Fame

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The Late Show proudly enshrines its inaugural inductees into the 'Trump Attacked Me on Twitter' Hall of Fame: Mika 'Dumber Than a Rock' Brzezinksi and 'Psycho' Joe Scarborough.

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What is the name of the music in this video?
Fiona Quiggles
"666k views" πŸ˜‚
I agree that President Trump needs to be careful in what he says in his Tweets. I don't think he fully realizes that, as President, every word and every act he does, is part of our national historical archives. He is President of the United States. He is no longer just a Hollywood actor entertainer anymore.
Anthony Purcell
They're really quite good at comedy.
James Moseley
Anybody want to help our boy, Stephen Colbert, out with a list of nominees?
Make this a physical place please. Im not kidding this needs to be an actual museum.
Seriously Joe, what's going on with your hair?
Dess D
Funny as ever put please please add the non famous people also.
Chen Songyi
Psycho Joe is a nickname that screams street cred.
Meg DiPaolo
.....and now make out.
Monsoonjr99 Mapping
0:40 Did anyone notice Brzezinski is misspelled in the description?
Damien Gitton
No! Not funny ! Guys!!! He gonna start tweeting Himself to have one !!! So when he gonna start WW3
Isabel Tome
wasn't these two in love with trump 2 years ago.
And i didn't pay attention to them before the tweets. i can say that they are very entertaining.
if she lives her hair to grow and she becomes more like Ivanka . trump tweets are going to change.
Roger Salyer
Congratulations one and all! What a great honor! You must be doing your jobs.
what a clown president. Americans elected him, huh?

Is this the kind of democrazy Americans wanted to bring to Iraq?
Felix Kasperl
I'm so glad this is a thing. Stephen, get Meryl Street on your show: she due for that honor. #merylisgod
What cartoon character does he look like?
John Bosco
Somewhat heartwarming.
xooox Thanks
Two things that don't go together like... president... trump! xD
Elizabeth Martinez
lol just so funny but true....congrats!!
Cindy Kubica
What a hoot! Kudos for your ability to laugh this off. I have even greater respect for you two!
Wesley Williams
Thicker skin the the Blonde Orange...mmm, sounds like a nice drink.
Paola Muir
Midget Penguin
When is Elijah Daniels going to be on?
Sumanadasa Wijayapala
Can someone explain what's going on with Joe's hair?
pixel girl
They are adorable together.
Crystal Rose
Congratulations to you both! It truly is a honor and you should both be so proud!
Cuz your show is so shit its like looking at a train wreck its "unwatchable" but you got to watch it or else you'll miss out on seeing how god awful it is.
Andy Kerekes
Oh that's right. I remember why these two are morons to me
I love this idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can't wait to see the next recipient
G Washington
What about the 'Bill Clinton raped me and all I got as this t-shirt' club?
So much honor!
Now I want to be insulted by Trump. ;-b
he looks a little like Matthew perry
Sean 7567
Another activity to add to my to do list
I freaking love this. Please keep this up
I think I wanna be in this HOF as well. Come at me, Trump!!! #Covfefe
While these losers have to make up they're own hall of frame of something stupid as Twitter. Donald Trump will forever be in the hall of frame of the White House throughout history. While be respected by generations to come. Forever stay assblasted liberalsπŸ˜‚
The late show should give military uniforms with ranks, badges, and medals for people who were attacked by Donald Trump on twitter.
Carlota Gimenez
Carmelo Quijano
Yahoo! Mika & Joe.
Grow a pair of balls. Just because someone says something that hurts your poor libtard feelings doesn't mean it's an attack. Cyberbullying isn't even a real thing, it's called going to a different website, maybe going outside and learning how the real world works instead of sitting in your parents house with unemployment benefits and welfare. I thought these were suppose to be comedy at first to show how much of pussies liberals are, but it's an actual video haha
imso ahmazin
too freaking cute! I love it! Stephen Colbert is the real MVP!
karina andersen
Alex Weiskopf
Lol Joe was never a republican. But whatever makes leftists feel better about themselves. It's actually getting pathetic with these anti American, anti Christian, race baiting, intolerant leftists. Didn't even vote for trump, but every time I hear left wing nut jobs attack trump for anything, I support Trump even more. Left wing media types and just insane left wing people will make sure trump gets re elected in 2020.
Shakthi Dhasan
Nice Joe & Mika, welcome
I want to be part of the hall of fame
Bradley James
This she shouldn't be a joke, this should be a frequent award before he insults too many people keep up with. lol
Aung Ye Thu
Psycho Joe and Crazy Mika. I love it! Hahahaha haha
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