Guillermo at the Oscars

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Each year, Hollywood’s biggest stars walk the red carpet right across the street from us at the Oscars and every year, Guillermo tries to get them drunk. This year was no exception. Here’s Guillermo on the Red Carpet at the Oscars featuring Kevin Hart, J.K. Simmons, Ansel Elgort, Eddie Redmayne, Ed Norton, Scarlett Johansson, Ethan Hawke, Josh Hutcherson, Viola Davis, Common, John Stamos, Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Ava Duvernay, Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Margot Robbie, Eric Garcetti, Carmen Ejogo, Miles Teller, Felicity Jones and Alejandro González Iñárritu.

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Guillermo at the Oscars

neil bercasio
rich and famous people got that some kind of air in them like they cant joke with somebody not in their stature like the guy who said he should be in jail, prolly to point out he is mexican.. and that guy who poured out the tequila and gave a smirk
Ki- Adi-Mundi
4:00 Felicity Jones 😍
Sadie Mcmurray
Stamos found him.
дядя Степа
Please explain to me what Emma Stone said 2:34
anny chua92
Eddie Redmayne is so lovely😍😍😍
Unays Sheikh
DAMN Margot Robbie and Emma stone
Sophia Cho
iMayBeDrunkDotcoms McNorm
3:29 idubbbz
Who else loves Guillermo?!
What's sexual about Meryl Streep? I didn't get this one, can anyone help me out?Would be very ppreciated.
Carson McCord
Ahhhh Emma Stone

Barry B. Benson
Id bone
Emma Stone.
Dat Boi 954
Guillermo is a natural beauty
Antonia Coito
“Why does the Easter bunny carry eggs?”
“I don’t know”
Antonia Coito
“Oh wow it’s really Mexican champagne!”
“That is tequila”
Paul Bryan Hernandez
Wow, remembered when Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are still together?

Good ol' days my friends.
Potato Fried
Love this guy he deserve his own show.
EAZYE Studios
Kevin Hart makes Guillermo look normal sized
Scarlett Johansson 😍
My Nguyễn
Felicity is so cuteee :))
Cyprian Paturaj
jesus his sideline is just amazing :P
Tim-Tam Smith
Aw, poor Ansel ;(
Aaron Kwan
Perfect for people with tongue fetishes
Rhea Mina
Guillermo deserves a raise
Guillermo rulz
Clorox Peach
I want that golden suit
Diosmio -
john remembering his name was everything
Rattan Mutti
God Ava Duvernay seems like such a delightful person
"i got teeth like a english man"
Kamiko Koko
Before the Kevin Hart scandal.
Tony marc
Michael Keaton smh batman or not. He was just a jerk
Alan Martinez
Alan Martinez
hell.yeah, tequila
michael keaton is a jerk
Guillermo doesn't even speak Spanish 😂😂😂
Sandra Salerno
I enjoy how kind they are with Guillermo this is funny 😂😂
"Honestly, I think some jail time is in order for you, really." lol Michael Keaton
It's funny cause J.K. Simmons and Iñárritu actually won
Guillermo didn't go to the 2016 ceremony? Can't find that video anymore know?
Melina Demetriou
JOHN STAMOS-no introduction,doesnt need one
Andrew Monkarsh
michael keaton is the best. "I think you need some jail time"
Vanessa Berberi
I died laughing when he was all "BORING" JAJAJAJAJA
Common got some serious cavities hahaha this is hilarious
vero vr
I love how guillermo is so naturally funny. He is awsome
AA 15
michael keaton AND eric garcetti ARE RACIST AGAINST HISPANICS
not ryhan tam
Ruby Pei
3:57 can we talk about just how many shots this guy has had
Tomás Nierenberger
Esto es una porquería.
MJ Chipps
2:10 being from england I found this funny but somewhat untrue
I want to go to the Oscars just to drink tequila with Guillermo
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