just james
Thanks For Watching ..!!
Aaliyah Carter
I'm telling you: if he hadn't passed he would have won, straight up. No BS. He would have WON 🏆. He had such a beautiful voice and a great personality and he was so talented. R.I.P Brandon Rogers 😭😢😥😨😧😞
Eva Vasques
omg he died?
Kim Charlton
This guy is incredible !!!! What a loss! So very sad and un necessary. God Bless you Brandon. rest in peace and Love. xo
Danielle Roberts
He was an Outstanding Singer, as well as a Doctor. He seemed to have had such a pure soul, you could just tell. Taken way too soon!!!
Gone but Never Forgotten!!! Rest In Heaven Sweetheart!!!😢
Mrs Alsina-Gray
I really wish he didn't have to go soo soon.. I would've really liked to listen to some of his music... too bad he won't ever have a chance to make some😢 He could've made a huge change to today's music. So sad that you didn't get to see it to the end. Rest In Paradise 💗
Nicole Weeks
RIP Dr. Brandon Rogers
Singerraindrops MzWoods
Dam so sad I remember this rip prayers to the friends and family
Taneisha Howell
Just found out today he passed. But I have listened to this video so many times cause it was just something about him. May his soul rest in peace.
D'Walla Simmons-Burke
I just watched the airing of his performance and I am speechless! RIH Dr. Johnson!
John Crawford
this hurts my heart, he's my sons age, and he seemed like a very sweet kid, so very sad.
Lynn Sutton
Just saw AGT, and I am so sad right now. Praying for Brandon's family that they find healing in the millions of people he touched with healing hands and his healing voice. #unbelievable
Jada Matlock
I still can't believe it. I was just watching Americas Got Talent and he was the last contestant. And then when he told his mom and dad that he got 4 yes', it said the day of his death.....I was shocked....R.I.P 😇😇:(
Pentatonix's ARMY
R.I.P Dr. 😪💕 you will not be forgotten
Nolan Scavella
first time learning of this tragedy, my prays for his family, I m so touched by this.
Lily Luscious
Belieber 4Life
Such a beautiful soul gone. God bless him and his family. Even though i never knew him he sounded like a wonderful person. R.I.P Dr. Brandon Rogers
tiana brown-miller
I am complete tore up!! You don't have to meet people to be touched by their spirit. his voice...his talent...will be greatly missed. RIP, doctor. God needed that voice back to praise Him externally.
Alyssa santiago
So sad 🙏🏽😕 he passed away so young he was so talented you can see he had a beautiful spirit. God bless his family and love ones
Shaylan Ferguson
R.I.P ❤️🙏🏽
Tristan Andrew
Brandon had so much to live for very heartbroken to see that he passed away the funeral takes place tomorrow and Thursday I was looking at Brandon Brother Danni Rogers Instagram page he was sad crying he look to have been crying all night Danni said he is supprised and overwhelmed by all the Lives he touched with his voice if you want to Danni Rogers said cannot back with everybody he really taking it hard that said he a sister Just keep the whole family in prayer
Evelyn Caban
Brandon you will be missed a lot . Now you will be singing with the angels . Rip
Jennifer Martin
So talented. So sad. Rip
SM Star Girl
R.I.P DOCTOR BRANDON. GONE TO SOON. U are a Beautiful singer.😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😥😥😥
Sylvia Willis
I'm taking this so hard. I remember my first time hearing him. I kept playing it over and over. I was in love never met him but he touched my soul.
Emma Steinkrauss
he was an angel from above
Shomari Roberts
Rest easy young man. You should not have had to wait another second for anyone in the music industry to hear what we hear and fulfill your dreams and destiny. You gave us hope and possessed a raw talent that many of us needed to see restored in music today. Perhaps it was a blessing that you didn't become engulfed into that arrogant, self-righteous world of "entertainment". Even the few good ones that we have out are just crabs in a barrel keeping anyone else down.
BigBigBig Break
Life is a crap shoot. Grab all you can when you can, it's a short life Don't waste a single day
Fey Ackah
Rebecca Hammonds
so sad 💔💔 rest in peace 😇
Latasha McGowan
wonderful talent....R.I.P Dr.
Heartbroken :(
R.i.p. Young man
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