Diver finds $1 million in sunken Spanish treasure

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Listen as this diver realizes he's found the jackpot off the Florida coast. The sunken treasure includes 51 gold coins, 40 feet of ornate gold chain, and a rare single coin made for the king of Spain, Phillip V.

Javi Vega
I mean what sea or lake did you see it at i want gold
Javi Vega
What lake are sea did you find that i WANT GOLD
this nigga turned into shrek when he found those coins
William Phillips
Take the lot not just two pieces
Chan Joo Park
I want at least 1...
Santiago N.V
I thought if u found them you weren’t allowed to keep it
Samuel Gavello
He led alot more gold down there
s3d _AB
Is he blind ? There was more 😠😠
Aaron Kisko
You lucky bastard
Bislarck 0
Eso es propiedad de España. Si lo sacas del pais se considera apropiacion ilegal, osea, robo.
Drift Modz
Flips coin over and reads Chucky cheeses D:
Jarred Mullis
Update government find reason to jail man. Takes all of the treasure.
Hermeregildo Saez
Más falso que un americano comiendo lechuga
Md yy
Diego Ewin
Thats illegal, thats a spanish possesion
Why do you Do this
Why didn't he get all the others coins? Highly doubt he is leaving it there for someone else haha
Nicholas Taylor
He was excited to eat the chocolate inside. All light chocolate!
Luis Fuentes
I thought they were Chuck E. Cheese tokens
Ryan Mcgrath
Fazıl Kısabacak
zenginsin oç
Anuphon Chaleomwong
Hahaha alright alright alright!!!!!!
Leanard Morales
Its funny when he says "Oh my!!"😂😂
Mircea Energy
And I can't even find my socks...
Araz Prince
John adams torres
Alright ugggghhh alright hahaha okay alright ugh alright ahrhhshahrhhrhr
Seno Budd
His reaction killed me
Good for him tho
Riven main
for all the people thay are asking he only took 2 gold coins. he only took it for proof and then came back with a pack of people for the great treasure find and comesback to surface a millionaire after changing it to the museum
Swalla HD
gold Omggg
Like if u like to find you it :)
Musically Videos
There was like five other coins why didn't he take them
Dives like 200 meters down with only 2 minutes of oxygen
Rey Vinicio
Well I'm glad a shark didn't show up
Nico Roldan
why did he grab all the gold coins??!!
Crazy Dragon_
I thought they where chicken cheese coins
Obaid Harres
Hey wait pick the others.
Turtle Productions_07
oh my god oh my go d oh my god
Alekxandra Yhzavella
he's gon empty his oxygen tank in no time woth all those cheering he's doing...
How come he didn't take the other gold coins?
Hariharan Bhikshu
That thrill is far wonderful than...
that treasure
Owen king_78
lol imagine there was choclate inside 😂😂😂
taga iligan ko
it's planted..he want to become famous..hahahaha..don't you think if it the gold coin will stock in the it will become rusty color not like that..
Black Mad
"i am rich , i am rich " ...and then (shark attacks). DEAD
John Munoz
fake as shit how is it that there not covered in any. type of crustations to clean to be old lmao
freedo yop othman
I didnt understand Caucasian if they found sonething valuable they will shout like lunatic n video every momment of it..at the end goverment will ask you to return the treasure to museum n uve got a little pay from them that can last for two weeks.....etique.. thats not.. that is stupid
Clorox Bleach
haters will say its not real
Rom Dony
this man is not greed
Saajan Arkula
I just told my mom I want to be a diver aswell :)
phantom assasin
omg he almost cant breath ..
the gold looks so new and he left the rest this feels like fake a scam.
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