Diver finds $1 million in sunken Spanish treasure

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Listen as this diver realizes he's found the jackpot off the Florida coast. The sunken treasure includes 51 gold coins, 40 feet of ornate gold chain, and a rare single coin made for the king of Spain, Phillip V.

Lukasz Szmit
maybe he can find a golden train from poland :)
Lily E
i found the queens missing ring
Michael Bowman
Why not grab it all?
CRDF Rider
Who is the person? do they have a channel?
Fake as hell
Ghost_ _Gamer
Why did he leave
mohd danish samri
even this video got a million viewers.does he have million magnet or wat
SebaCod Py
Este guey dijo....
I doubt he can keep it, as always the government claims it is nation's treasure and must go to museums, but he can get reward money.
Heidi Benitez
What if when he removed the dust it was actually a chukey-chess token😂😂😂
Rindol Vok
это гривны
Jesus Cruz
then he looked at them again and they were dun dun dun dun chucke cheese tokens
nice fake
He just found the rest of Henry Avery's ship from libertalia... unfortunately Sam and Rafe burnt the ship so the treasure is all gone underwater. Like if you got it! ;)
Tom Locks
Its not suken spanish!! its portugues!!!! american ppl pls!!!! can u stop!?!!?! portugal is a country and spanish its other......
Internet Dinosaur
I love his reaction tho.
Or Bassin
Only a skilled man can find gold coins but and idiot would take 2 and leave the other 5 lol
Seezoo Bam
Ohhhhhh. Nigga
Žalud CZ
Nic Jackson
I love it when I find chocolate coins
and then a shark comes and eats his ass
Lea Marie
I like how he keeps screaming under water " ohhh" oh mannnnn" like someone can hear him from down there😂😂
Lea Marie
I like how he keeps screaming under water " ohhh" oh mannnnn" like someone can hear him from down there😂😂
Troy Place
lol their was so much more but he didnt pick it up
DannyTv _
Do not talk in water it's annoying
HamsterDealer /
Can i have my money back ?
Since when were 2 coins worth a million
Trap Wolf
Hitman Mo
Lucky Basterd,
Just Hate
I think it's fake.
Love videos like this. Makes me wanna buy a metal detector and hit the beaches.
Ender Bot
and then he wakes up
Whispy Mender8908
he keeps on yelling
too bad this guy killed himself
Jackie Her
Yeah whatever dude! Looks like chuck e cheese coins!
Doge Adventures
He left so many coins
He didn't leave the coins there. It looks like he was going to get another diver. These guys use powerful blowers to blow all the sand off the bottom then scour with metal detectors. That one coin is worth 500k USD I believe.
Fran a secas (Franasecas-RPG-7)
Aquí los españoles reclamamos el tesoro.
Waynes World
This guy definitely shit his wetsuit.
Jakob Gibson
Dumbass missed 2 coins
Sand Man
I can Speak This Language I believe he's saying
OhYeah!! And OH GOD
Gaming boy34
i hate how he is like saying stuff under water "all right"
beer me
I call bullshit
khaled gamal
There is still millions of treasure
1:10 There`s a lot more, why he didnt take all?
Dillion Brazil
Takes two and ditches the rest
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