Clash of Clans (PARODY) Captain's Log, Day 4 - Losing My Mind

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Clash of Clans Update - the Captain's Log series gets SERIOUS - we don't have an update, and the Hog Rider doesn't have any FOOD! What happens next?

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Music: Instrumental Core / Really Slow Motion

Nick Horses GamePlays And Let's Plays
likes this comment those who watch my latest video i will sub back,i don't need sub only view
Nick Horses GamePlays And Let's Plays
did galadon speak in this video?
CoC Tips Tricks
May is going to end and their is no update for May yet. I feeling sad.
Blazing Fire
Gosh dang it that pay to win scumbag Barbarian
Green Strqfe
u idiot it's not a parody
And... now the Muslims are offended.
Rishabh Bansal
it's not true
Orange Juice
I think hog rider is gonna eat hog bc he keeps saying hog is soo good
bob talbot
cringe af
Ahsan Ali
thanx galadon i guess your vids are giving more info. then the Supercell Original ones
i have this whole idea about the update just by watching this vid. (=0.0=)
ShiJie 12311
Stealing a video...
kamalakar gorle
Devilian Natas
And boat is going to Clash Royale :/ end of game
Sri Sid
you r so great than other channel
arijit chakraborty
your captain log day 4 video is different form the actual captain log day 4 video which is uploaded by clash of clans YouTube channel
Richard Peters
Joshua Haubrick
I won't think like that because hog is so good… so very, very good… hey hog you awake?
Vamsi Sai
a guy leaked captain's log day 5 video
Amrit Samanta
Galadon dude please make more parodies of other clash of clans videos ......
Amrit Samanta
hahahaha It's lot more better than the original captain log videos
Harsh Krishna
I like both the origianal vids and the parody ones. They are fun and help to wait for the update
Plants king 725
You can hear his voice near the middle of the video
Richard Yates
new hero coming
get a life
Gaming with Astro
damn Galadon I wish you sang too :\
not impressed by this one
Furqaan Khan
Pretty sure that barbarian who used gems to get there quicker was Galadon. Because galadon is a dirty gemmer. :D
odaddy 47
You're parody is so much better than supercells
Nexo Gaming
stop parodyiaing 😐😶
TrickShot 360
ok so the ship takes a while to get where every you wanna go but you can gem it!. Thx galadon
Kunal Dewangan
Yeah, better then original. I wonder that sc is only supplying galadon the video, to puzzel all of us between the parody and original video.
Random Loner
I wish the whole fan base could put their gems together to make the update come faster
Michael Hernandez
barbarian used gems to get there quicker😂😂
Clashing with Vaske
if you are not the hog rider i just dont know...
shubojit das
I hope they find land soon, or else the hog gonna turn into some yum pork chops.
Selami Bayraktar
I em Türkis
Bjorn Fidder
I got the clash of clans update ad for this video lol
Ooo, I think I know what teaser this is; The boat travels long, so it will take a while / e.g a week.
Skyelar Pepper-Vance
I guess gemming helps the boat arrive to its destination faster. Interesti bff
joe chirag
wow man how you speak in the same way galy ur awesome
Some Guy Kai
a prefer the original but Galadon has done a very impressive job voice acting Hog Rider
Hulk J26
how did galadon upload at the same time as supercell he didn't even see the log day4😏😏
Filip Grabiec
I will miss this series when it ends :)
ithun yeasir
31st may - update date
Jeff Pops
Captains log day 5,6,7. These video have zero entertainment value, non informative of future content, and shoved down our throat bc $uper cell knows it'll get the clicks and they'll get paid$$$$. That's the truth why sneak peaks are not happening this update
The Andro Boy
Your video is entirely different from Clash of Clans's official YouTube channel's upload!
Rainier van der Walt
ofc its galadon
Man how long does it takes to travells!I want the update !
animesh pradhan
hey galadon....are u the actual voice behind the real captain log series?
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