10 Biggest Sea Creatures Caught

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10 Crimes Solved By Google Earth https://youtu.be/-Pl2Nd4Pr84
I caught a magikarp with a master ball once
the squid you are talking about is a colossal squid
Smil E Face
My pap had many aligator gars as pets
Molly 203040
this made me sad about humankind apart from the ones where there let it back into the sea lmaoo
Ayshie McCallum
so not true
Toher Abdullah
Isnt the one before big tuna the colossal squid?
Martina Vaslovik
Alligator gar, man I hate those fuckers! If you fish in Alabama you do too. If you catch one do not throw it back, kill it!
Mary Y
Mary Y
i caught a bluegill
Did they kill the shark?!? Cause if they did i need to have a word with them.😡
Alex Chittenden
Brian Xian
Anonymous Doggo
Person: "describe your penis is 3 words"

Me: " 2:05"
krisada phaithai
I'm Thai
Nice video! Creative!
K1ink44 K1ink
Eddie Mitza
Man, I hate it then they only talk in feet and pounds assuming we're all americans or something...Instead of just watching and enjoying the video, I need to constantly switch to a converter for calculations.
Juharto Macmod
River Monster memories
Megan Sandy
Really pisses me off that they killed most of these fish just to have a picture with them.
Simone G.
use the metric system, fuck
Joseph Giacobbe
totally awesome
Michael Snyder
I'm not a world record but I'm a state record with a 29 lb turkey and I'm ten but we didn't get it officall but in second in the state
Leo Yellowfox
I the water it's a another world
PhantomGaming HQO
ok this makes me scared if water for few moment
T Lima
Beware of secret genetic manipulations of animals.
Malkah Yellin
Chris Goffe
fuck off & leave them alone!!!
Patrick Petrie
and alligator gahr are very hard to land in a hook. bow and arrow seems a far better method.. next chance I get to fish a gahr I'm gonna try with a bow and arrow.
Paula Maria de Leon
Juliana Vidaure
I caught a 10 pound gar one time
leo loin
very Interesting thank U
tai duong
I got A whale that is 999999999 Feet long
Jeremy Peterson
I think Jeremy Wade from river monsters caught the biggest Ray!!!!
1x1x 1x1
Michel baily= Michael bay
Scream 2016
When she said Big Tuna I immediately thought of Andy and Jim from the office
Pandora Geronimo
3,427 lbs is over a ton
frida randal næss
someone else who laughed when she said"BIIIG TUNA" xD xD
michon manning
Israel Zavala
Dark Kawaii :3
This how animals go extinct lol just kidding XD
Anastasia Papazaxaria
You caught something so rare and despite throughing it back to the water you kill it in order to show off your fishing abilities and boast about catching something so big
Alek Ludwikowski
Was big tuna an office reference
Sandra Baker
It makes me sick when sharks, etc., are killed for the hell of it!
Even if that particular species is only "endangered". What do you think the next level is going to be?!?!
Liliana Prado
i belive you
Beth Crawshaw
Aligator gar arnt is ugly
Thats why im scared of sea , river and ocean... Nobody knows whats in there.
Afif Abdurrahman
yeah my dick is a shrimp but atleast it is the largest one that had been found
Keira Workman
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