10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!

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top 10 biggest fish and creatures caught in the ocean
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The waters of the world are an incredible environment teeming with all sorts of life. In fact, a lot of what we know about the world’s oceans is based on quite a small bit of research. How small? Well, we’ve only really explored around 5% of the oceans so you could say we really don’t know that much, nor have we likely seen all there is to see under the surface. Nonetheless, years of sailing the seas and centuries of men and women fishing the Earth’s waters has exposed us to some incredible finds and confrontations. Fishermen have headed out to pretty much every area where we thought fish could be caught. Sometimes they scored big and other times they caught very little. Ultimately, however, each time the net or lines were cast we learned a little more about our waters and what exactly lives in them.
Naturally, with so many people fishing the waters of the earth we’re going to end up hearing about some pretty spectacular things that get caught. Being human, we love breaking records and attaining things that are bigger or stand out from the rest. As a result, we love recording the biggest things we’ve pulled from the water. Now, being fishermen, obviously a lot of these record catches are going to be conventional types of fish. To spice things up we’ve also thrown in a few massive catches that aren’t exactly what you picture when you think of fishermen reeling in a line. From massive tuna to sharks that would do Hollywood proud, these catches definitely live up to their billing as the largest.

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Where's the 2headed dragon in this???😤
Nikki Worman
Lol mostly all these comments are not to do with the video!
shaun williams
Big tuna? I didn't know Jim Halpert was in this video
Matthew Rose
Try to think that 5% of the ocean has been discovered!!!!
an atom because since it's so small it would be amazing for it to be so huge
Worst voice over ever, you aint teaching me shit bitch. I hate these overproduced youtube videos, this aint a tv show motherfuckers. Wheres my book?
I mean I've cought a 41 inch alligator gar b4 and I thought that was big but Jesus
Wyndell Fuentes
The giant squids eyes has a size of a plate because I watched it on YouTube too so guys I think you must search it but the title is "The Ocean is way Deeper Than you Think" so guys that was true because it said that the size of the giant squid is up to 50 meters I think because I forgot it and I think that was the title because I forgot it too 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Izzy Mendez
I love fishing 🎣
thats where my goldfish got to
Insanity Pie
Hope those shark killers get eaten
Insanity Pie
Hope they shoot themselves in their feet
Marsel Mala
Ermal fejzullahi
Good job, you manage to kill the largest and possibly oldest critters of their species
Donatas Kazakevicius
We need to stop animal torture as our hobby. We need to look after our nature.
ChanyeolKaiKyungsoo Biased
Epic blockbuster S
Mr Inthon
10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!
Lawliet Frost
Oppa! anyone? no? k
Mr Amtreh
10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!
Frank Castle
Holy crap
Mr Runtho
10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!
Mr Erthuk
10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!
Mr Eltherne
10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!
Juan Mendoza
l tv tv 7
Mr Jonath
10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!
The last shark was full of whale...
Anthony Bliss
Eric Bland
Miranda Blackshire
That was awesome
Fish With aids
Me including
Romeo Fodjeu
World Mania
Hey where is me i m strange creature :/
Stanley Lundi
Honestly, I didn't find any of them scary. Maybe the shark, but then again, who wouldn't be afraid of a shark that big.
Mr Kinthd
10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!
yiling yuan
Dakota Beshears
Bull crap
Mr Sotnk
10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!
Ivon Hurtado
Nina Lesso
Paul Mccafffery
Dull Turd
Big Black Cock
This is so sad. They should have all been released.
Christopher Rankin
That's so freaking creepy
Kathie Wiggins
rasta gospodin covijekl
Beatrice Pellegrin
ovo da se baci na rostilj
Peter Built
Some of the content on this channel if funny and some is scary it's why I love the richest
Mr Robin
10 Scariest Creatures Caught While Fishing!
Professor Snippety-snaps
It's so sad to me when sharks get caught and killed): it's an unreasonable fear.
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