Cat mesmerized by optical illusion


Cat playing with paper that has an optical illusion.
Theres some cute clips of my cat when he was a kitten on my channel. So many cute videos. 

Glad you liked my clip!

Please email me directly if you would like to license or use my clip with contract only


He thinks there moving
Chuck Palmer
Guys cats are so dum and funny lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋 like who is with me
Manuel Gearbox
0:47 Maybe if I bite up here the problem's solved.
No, wait... What is this devilry, human!?
Wow, dirty trick!
Moon Orchid
He thinks it's moving duh
I don't understand Trump, so ...
AJ Nester
This illusion tends to be more pronounced the more stressed out you are. For a cat that means it's probably wiggling around like crazy!
J Paterson
I've watched cats do that with a blank piece of paper.
It is definitely going at the. Spots!
hahahah <3
Руслан Сурин
Кот словил глюк! ;)
Hey, just following up my previous message. We would really love to grow your number of followers by featuring your video with credit linking back to you. Let me know what you think. :)
Luna Marie
I think he likes it... 😂
Adrian Joel
So The Dodo stole this video and reupped without notice or...? Ya know, freebooting shit.
Secret Agent Paul
I was so mezmerized by the cat video I attacked my phone.
Karla Marin
it look just like him
Karla Marin
that's my cat lol😂😂
Katerina Thomas
this is gold.
plain stupid
Delta Gaming
Why would anyone dislike this?! I don't get it
You're all mesmerised by a cat that's mesmerised by an optical illusion printed on a paper. What if I told you that the person recording is a bigger animal then the cat because they can't even make their bed, and bed is not a proper place for backpack, That's disgusting eww.
Bruno Qirim
This is me in exams lmao
Lovely ♥
Leisure Muffin
It's interesting that this works on cats too, since their vision is so much different than ours.
- KKX -
Search up my sisters video. It's call "Turtle go home". The channel name is Arctic wolf snow pile
Andrew Skeith
If you really want to see a cat trip out, give them some catnip and then show them one of these illusion pictures.
Norman Waterman

welp, next stop is my printer.... hope I have ink
Vicki Cupper
I wonder what would happen if you put this in front of a dog.
Martin S
"Ah! I understand, now! It is a human trick! I'll show it who is boss around here!"
Rini Kagami
Cute X3
Hah. He must be seeing SOMETHING. Does he usually tear paper up like that?
Ok people have had to figure out the kitty is chasing his own shadow. Still cute.
Nena Vaskina
1:15 я думал он говорит "блять" но вообще то он говорит "Peter" имя кота
larry spizzirri
cats are the coolest.
Avril Ramirez
cute kitty dude
Way better than a laser pointer at least.
I love how they'll take a second to groom themselves even when they are completely engrossed in something.
avery l
Cat: Screw it, can't bother me if I EAT IT!
Russian Blue. I have one as well. My best friend.
Here's an idea, put a blank sheet of paper on the bed in that same spot and he'll do the same thing probably...
Just think, this object is something this cat actually physically cannot comprehend, its brain doesn't allow it too. Imagine having that as a human xD
PC Kosmas
You guys should check out the follow-up video. "Stoner mesmerized by yarn ball."
John Doe
How much bad luck do black cat owners have?
Antifoul Awl
Starving children could looked at that illusion.
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