Cat mesmerized by optical illusion


Cat playing with paper that has an optical illusion.
Theres some cute clips of my cat when he was a kitten on my channel. So many cute videos. 

Glad you liked my clip!

Please email me directly if you would like to license or use my clip with contract only


Marieke MiketteDaydreamer
4,589,218 views in 2 weeks with your cat tripping out!?. haha WOW
You know you're a nerd when your first thought is, "Must have a decent printer."
Rusenborg 777
Stupid peoples! Cats - kings our world))
I liked how the cat carefully put its paw under the sheet of paper to see what it looks like underneath!
Omnia in numeris
Apparently mammals have quite a bit of similarities in their visual cortex too.

I always cringe when some people in their great "wisdom" warn other people from viewing other animals "like they have human feelings", but that's not what it is. Mammals are biologically programmed to take care of their young, guided by emotion, and we share those and quite a bit of other feelings with other mammals. Because of that and neuroplasticism we can relate to other mammal species if we spend enough time with them to get in tune with them. At least some of us. Sociopaths don't seem to be able to relate even to other humans.
Poor kitty!
What killed the cat?
Wizard Suth
This shows that cats can see colour, though not necessarily the exact same colours we do.
Brave F
This Optical Illusion seems the patterns are moving like a gif image, now cats have much more complex eyesight compared to us patterns must be moving like hell for the feline. Must be almost feeling stoned no wonder she attacked it LOL
Joseph Van Deusen Jr.
Reprint it and get it laminated and it will last forever
Savannah F
Your cat looks like my old cat Blackberry. We had to put him down last year on christmas because he had a cancerous tumor under his tongue. We loved him so much. Now I have an orange cat named Cuddles. Cuddles and Blackberry are exactly alike. I like to believe that Blackberry came back to life as a different cat.
Patrick Robinson
I have the same reaction.
Talk Sick
are you sure that's not blotter paper 😮😮😛😮😮
Stop hypnotizing me !!
Scott Boothby
Richard Boot
I'm startin to feel it man! The nips kickin in.
So cats can also see it? Thats very interesting for science
yash farias
DOOOOOOooo ooo SOo cute
Dan S.
Many people will be trying this with their cats now.
Korat, right? I have an almost perfect ringer but with a "disqualifying" white locket.
Is1am Is PeaceBull
Mouse K U1tra...
Daniel Cristian Rus
illusion work on them to,interesting
Fourth Fantasy Studios
I verified it's not true. I'm a cat and it makes me absolutely nothing >:v
Elite Otaku
i like how the cat tries to figure out how it works. hes smart just like trump :)
Angela Nebedum
lol I wonder what the cat is seeing when it looks at the picture thats making it want to 'catch' it the longer it looks at it? lol
Michael Henchman
Too cute. Is the cat a Russian Blue?
Miguel Angel
Cat: "This is Satan's work!"
minka kova
why do cats always lick themselves in the middle of whatever theyre doing >_<
Sarah Jo
Wow, it's a schooner!
marq scandow
~~moire patterns are mystifying~~
Jo Lewis
uh, the cat is not reacting o the picture but to whoever is running something - maybe their finger or whatever - under the cloth the paper is resting on - just as any cat would do when it sees movement under something.
That's way too cool.
Tiaras Leann
0:50 must be destroyed nom nom nom
Mike Wolf
Looks like you're gonna have to laminate that page so the cat can't destroy it, lol
Kelly Von Kibble
The cat sees it omg!
Josef Juhasz
is it a russian blue ? :)
Headie Doll
I love this!
YouTube. Fan
1 s
ScarySkelly GD
My cat would probably tear it up too and eat the paper like I used to do
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@:37 cat is like " Let me take a time out so I can figure this shit out".
Jonae Weatherspoon
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
my cat does this to plain white paper, lol
FINNALY the YouTube recommended section is smart
Jane loves Jesus
That is a gorgeous Cat, lovely fur and very pretty/handsome
Insurance is life tub
Protection Brokers and Licensing Overview (part -139)
I been hypmo-tized..........
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