KICKING A BABY?! | Would You Rather #8

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Oh boy... I can't believe I had to choose kicking a baby...
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Jessie Rhodus
Urine is not sterile. You're body literally got rid of it because it's not sterile 😂
"Youuuuuu stupid shitbagzzzzzzz." - Markiplier 2016.
wolfy dat boi
I would wear gloves and skin my family and dogs then hide the evidence...o shoot this is public!
David Wrench
That shit is demented
Natalie Henry
Mark : This is why, they make condoms !!!!!

Me : * dies laughing *
Jenna Likes Everything
Urine(Or as Mark calls it, Piss) is actually only 5% Piss, and 95% Water.... so mark was right the whole time!
Diego Otter
Dude, i'd rather have all the phobias in the world than to have to slowly skin my family and pets, duh
And maybe if you are afraid of the dark and afraid of the light you won't be afraid of either
i'm ready to roll that dice if i had to
timour Hajj
I prefer to have the phobias I don't want to hurt my family fuck that shit
Allen Davis
Skin family alive
Ivy Burns
As logically as possible...

"Might as well be a cool super zombie"
Sorairo AS
James Monson
Condoms actually do very little to prevent STDs. The purpose of them is contraception.
Jelly Ellie
Rather have all phobias known to man...
ajtyav aj
Didn't Jack get the Zombie one and the Jesus one too. Wow.
10:07 "I'm getting away from the topic, let's get back to the vaginas" -Mark Edward Fischbach, 2016
liam walker
I too am a werewolf lover
Zach Mckowni
Kick a baby or kick 2 koalas...
Sophia Stryjewski
ok i deadass prolly have a mosquito disease at this point bc tHEY LOVE ME FOR SOME REASON AND I LITERALLY HAVE 9 BITES ON THE SAME FOOT
Cole Allison
If you kick the baby in the ass it wont kill it
Gus 204
I got the swine flu and west Nile lel
Luke Hodges
markypo, blood tasts good, i injoy the tast of it, have you ever tryed it? it takes more then a cup of blood to kill someone XD
Brie Deptula
for the last question id just kms
Ninjha Nooo
Could I kick both?
Jayden Calferon
Poor chica
Kelly Hall
oh god think of jack picking be a triplet 3 jacks screaming in your ear rip his subscribers
Tobais Akuma
Silent Ninja
I'll take the 'Have all the phobias known to man kind' I have a reason... I can't bear to hurt anyone or anything. (I spelt bear like that because of autocorrect is annoying)
"ill take the vagina hand" -Markiplier 2016
XPloppyPlayz Gamez
I would kill the koalas instead of kicking a baby!!
The Rotten Cabbage
Urine is NOT 100% sterile. It is 95% or lower.
Lop ,ggt
For once markiplier is smart
Comic Sans
I would have all the phobias because;
and 2. because i would rather become insane driven by fear than become insane because of a full day of horror.
It's the same in a mirror
Hopeless Fan
with that last one you'd end up in some sort of mental hospital either way
10:53 That Kevin from The Office US impression though XD
Piss is ABSOLUTELY not sterile. That's a myth
legit hunter
63% of people be pasty vampires fuck
TheDestroyer TK
2:30 maybe the 63% of people are vampires :L
Michael Casarico
all phobias
Raven stress
Raven stress
Master Joseph Tresselt
All phobias my family is the most important thing to me
Zolfo Gaming
phobia of everything? how the hell would i survive... im afraid of being clean and dirty, ageing and socializing, the outside air. I'd kill myself. e,e oh wait, im afraid to die... HELP!?!?!
Aleli Manzanilla
Marky you're so smart
Fire Slayer
Yeah but if you knew what happened to Atlanta then you could find it and have a crap ton of knowledge at the same time
Alex Tacalo
I would have the phobias because if u have all of them it would balance out
nathan cardenas
Yo mark do u belive in Jesus
George Clements
I've had west nile before
Thank god u saved the koalas humans dont deserve to live
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