Girls Try To Get Kim Kardashian's Waist

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It’s almost like a woman’s bullet proof vest.

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Kitty Kat
so basically wearing a waist trainer is like being pregnant...squishes your insides into weird places
Why...does this one say "girls" instead of women
Emily Ann Clemente
half of them are lying. they all visibly look different in their waists because of the trainer.
Chloe Carlson
Your waist is perfect no matter what size
Alan Dominguez
Jordan you are bomb!!! super beautiful can I be your husband?!?
I just felt really uncomfortable throughout the entire video
Tristian Green
You shouldn't wear these directly on the skin if you're going to be wearing them a while. A thin tank underneath will help with skin irritation and marks.
Tristian Green
I felt those things helped my posture but not really lose weight. But I have a 24 inch waist naturally so it's unrealistic of me to want it smaller. But it did help me eat less on the days I wore it. More like a re set button. I wore it all day at work when my back was having issues.
Phoenix Marshall
wow here they are waist training and here I am eating cheeseballs and drinking Dr.pepper
Sarah Graham
The only way it works is to wear it like 8 hours a day for much longer than a week. I did that for a month and lost 4 inches
I grew up at a Renaissance Festival, where corsets are just a normal thing to wear, and you wear it all day. I laugh at these girls. I have walked around and done active jobs in a corset for a day from 9-7 and I'm 13. Ha!
when you have scoliosis so you can't have an hourglass waist anyway let alone put in a waist trainer
bulletproof vest...

sara evdv
i do not like kim kardashian body type and i don't know why some people or almost every
people love it it's disgusting 🙄
Summer Milton
I have two. And I think it works!! I just wanted to look more healthy in stead of slightly chubby. Aha. X
Khatherine Allen
okay but where's the bit on trying to sneeze while in a corset
Donnie Yaiz
get someone with a 56 inch waist
it is the ideal body type, scince forever tho bc women wore corsets for forever
anyone saying they aren't corsets - they are. That is exactly why they have that professional telling viewers not to wear the equivalent of a corset for more than 2hrs or exercise in it.
Deep like deepika
I'm wearing this right now it hurts 👏👏👏
Suga kookies With jams
When they said bulletproof I screamed lmao
Isabella Rojas
Kim Kardashians life is so dangerous 😮😮
Daysha so pretty, she doesn't need "waist training"
Brooklyn Riley
is there a thigh trainer though?😃
FunnyPuppy Fu
Guys I'm 11 and I have an hourglass shape
George Lake
Those barely cinch and they're told to only wear it for an hour as a drag queen I wear a proper corset for 2/3 hours and I'm way more pulled in
Soph O
Daysha is bawse
Isabelle Steglinski
Every person is beautiful just the way they are
7.4 million views 1 has to be Kim...
Yeah everything the nutritionist said completely debunks these damn things 😅
Erin F
This is not actually waist training. For waist training you need a steel boned corset. 1 week would not show hardly any difference as well due to having to break the corset in ("seasoning")
Lindsay Rekow
kim kill wan!!! adventure time nerd here
Logan Braveheart
how about this fat asses go 2 the gym
Elma Karic
It's so cringey that it's labelled as a corset that ain't a corset it's a waist cincher
Silver Smile
If thicker woman get body shamed, and if skinnier girls get body shamed. Then which girls DON'T her body shamed?
Llamagirl R
Tbh it looks like a cheap binder I used to wear
Aaliyah Alexander
My only problem is that Buzzfeed doesn't try and control variables with these experiments. the only Buzzfeed video I saw where the variables were controlled was when Devine did the Blonde hair video.
Discorded Spectrum
Kim K only has a 26 inch waist anyway... that's not even that small...
i lost 3 in with mine and i was already small it helped tone bidy and retain heat causing water weight and fat loss
Maxine Thomas
That's is actually really bad for your body
so down with the beauty standard and also hey look how pretty we are when we do unhealthy things.(lard, makeup, implants, waist training)
Sally Robles
Corset? What corset? Did anyone see a corset in this video? Those are not even close to real corsets.
Jessica Kuhlhoff
Waist trainers aka corsets are terrible for health and can cause breathing problems and muscle problems also back problems too I would never give this to anyone even satan
Toni Turner
All I'm thinking about while watching this video is Violet Chachki, and that death becomes her challenge _
Dimyy99 I
i have an answer for 4:29 : NO , NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOO THEY AREN'T
Aalea Yeager
"how's a bitvh dupposed to itch?" lmao weakkkk
Tara Costello
"It's like wearing a girdle constantly"

That's because it's a waist cincher, which is just a girdle for your waist. I wear a cincher because I wear a lot of clothes from the 1950s and these are necessary to fill out the clothes properly. It will not reduce your waist because it's elastic and was made for atheistic. The only true form of Waist training is with a steel-boned corset and it takes months and sometimes years to actually get your waist to shrink. Don't believe the hype on these, their results will be temporary at best.
Miss O'Grady said, lets pretend the left leg is Christmas and the right leg the new year, so why don't you come and see me between the holidays L)
case 1212
a corset will change your body permanently but you need to do sit ups every day and this a cincher not a real steel boned corset
Blu Colour
Those aren't corsets lmao. A real waist training corset is way better for you than those weird, elastic BS "trainers"
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