Girls Try To Get Kim Kardashian's Waist

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It’s almost like a woman’s bullet proof vest.

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Ariana Balogh
Soooo it's a corset. I mean basically.
Who Knew
It made my butt bigger. Heck no am I going near this thing ever again. I hate my bum being so big
Christine Daaé
They should try wearing steel-boned corsets next.
Isabelle Belle
My body type is more like Kendall but I'll like to be a Kylie
Larissa Nunez-Cerrillo
Mexican girls have been wearing them for years. I got my first one at 12 and I wear it all day
Alice Moir
Dame Kate Sheppard fought around the world for release from the corset circa 1905. the Kardashians unravelled all of her work.
I don't think a waste trainer is for every day, just for when you go on tv.
Skylar Imagine
Women try chest binders.
no thx
I wore a Cinderella kinda dress (with a corset being the only thing holding the dress up on my body) for prom and I could barely breathe in it... my stomach/rib area felt all squished in the whole time and it was so damn painful.. never again
Claire Coates
Who's Stephanie
Osana Najimi
I would like to try it just because I am really curious
This is Alyx
It's a corset. It basically is a corset
Cara Lama
Think the waist (size) change was only from the girls altering their posture, if you stand correctly it elongates your waist and makes you slimmer rather than slouching, which we all tend to do these days, is all. 🦋
What I learned from this video corsets are better when fitted correctly.
Sharaya Sherwood
Thank you for bringing in the doctor, personally I think things like this is like the modern day corset. Love your body as it is!
Morgan Jerling
Waist training is overall really bad for you
Erin Fischer
I want a waist trainer just for what it's for which is shapewear. It's not gonna do anything else, let's be real. Lol
okay y'all, if you want to get into waist training please to not use one of these dank as kim k waist trainers. Those thinks are okayish if you're only waist training at the gym, but it restricts your breathing so you probably won't be able to go as hard as you want. but if you want to seriously get into training as a body modification technique, go get yourself a real underbust corset with steel or orthopedic boning from a real corsetry shop (see timeless trends). They're way safer and they last longer.
Angel 28
I love the "عائلتي" tattoo on that girls shoulder
Kitty Crazy
Why is every time someone does something it's "she's sending a bad message telling women they have to look a certain way" maybe Kim likes the hour glass shape and does things to show it off. I find women get jealous of what is sexy and instead of embracing what they have they get intimidated by women who carry their sexiness well.
Why do women constantly have to tear each other down? Why can't they just see the beauty in themselves which in return will allow them to see the beauty in other people without feeling jealous or insecure.
When you find your sexuality and love yourself you won't hate others or feel you have to compete with them just because you see them as sexy. It is much easier living that way then being mad at the world.
maya lily
it looks like a scoliosis brace lmao
Helle Nodland
i have wide hips and a smal waist and every girl in my class always coment on it every time er have gym
Yep I Draw
how they were describing it it sounded like how it feels to wear my scoliosis brace except it's safer and I don't have a chance of dying in it
Miss Killem
no one wears a waist trainer for an hour a day....this isn't realistic.
Audrey Miller
so then imagine wearing a binder...
Central Elegance
I naturally have an hourglass figure and honestly, a pear shape is a lot more feminine and appealing to me. I wish I had that figure instead.
Joshua Ramos
Idk how I got here, I was supposed to write an essay for class but now 1 hour has passed and it almost midnight
Ccsow Paris
This is not trying to get a small waist if they wanted a small waist they should have implemented exercise and healthy diet and effort it's not as simple as putting on a pink corset and calling it a video.
Ryleigh Shaw
Did they even listen to the docter
No strenuous activity
What's the point of a waist trainer if a professional literally tells you that it won't lead to permanent change
Jason Caple
😁 I nationally have that body tipe
Am I the only one who has an hourglass figure and hates it? I just want to be as small as possible, I don't want any curves. Also I use a waist trainer around 8 hours a day every day (mainly to make my hips look smaller), it isn't damaging to me at all.
Harley Quiinn
Robyn Jones
this isn't true. I own waist trainers and my waist has went down in size. I work out in it all the time.
Rachel L
Actually - those are girdles. True waist training requires a custom fitted corset that molds to your body. I wear the girdle shown in the video for my back due to a slipped disc and it's helped with the pain. It's cheaper than getting a bulky back brace and improves my posture.
Heather Wolf73
I'm glad I don't have to worry about this. I gratefully was born with the hourglass. Just not on Kim K's level of butt implants, hip implants, and boobs. Thank goodness for naturally occurring. I would get one of these for posture reasons. I don have a tendency to slouch.
Jessica Jensen
well obviously when u wear it for ONE hour a day for only ONE week u won't c results.. the girls that get results where it for 4-8 hours a day for weeks
Marie Luis
who's belly button iched when she said hers was ichy😂
Marie Luis
who's belly button iched when she said hers was ichy😂
Louise Taylor
Gonna do it
Hannah Noel
" if its too tight" then dont wear it too tight. Women after labor use it to help shrink their uterus and keep their organs in place ._.
Desiree Goings
I wear min 9-11 hours a day
Kitty Kat
so basically wearing a waist trainer is like being pregnant...squishes your insides into weird places
Why...does this one say "girls" instead of women
Emily Ann Clemente
half of them are lying. they all visibly look different in their waists because of the trainer.
Chloe Carlson
Your waist is perfect no matter what size
Alan Dominguez
Jordan you are bomb!!! super beautiful can I be your husband?!?
I just felt really uncomfortable throughout the entire video
Tristian Green
You shouldn't wear these directly on the skin if you're going to be wearing them a while. A thin tank underneath will help with skin irritation and marks.
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