People Learn Disturbing Sushi Facts While Eating Sushi

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These facts will ruin your life.

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lijeu lola
I like the blonde girl, what's her name ??
Emily Garrett
They got sushi from sugarfish ❤️
Emily Garrett
They got sushi from sugarfish ❤️
sushilover 06
I would still eat it bc it's just a waste of a fish life since not eating is wasting the fishes lives
Dang it 😒 I lowkey still want sushi though
Jeila Delos
lol at least i hate fish
Gracefully Awkward Teen
That is why I eat a chicken tempura roll in my nearby sushi restaurant
Rosie D
I'm not a heartless person but i feel like these facts would either have no effect on me whatsoever or I'll be to into my sushi to be paying attention😂🍣🍣
Chelsea Galley
Michelle Cortes
the sushi i eat isnt touched by slaves its touched by my parents
Keiten Ishibashi
At least it tastes good
Choopen Loves manga
U know what, get ur salmon from Japan the place who made sushi. They dont even have salmonella, they can eat raw egg!!! So it must be safe to eat their salmon rite? Rite???!?!?!?
Well.... good think I hate fish and I only eat California rolls and canned tuna....
The fact that the most just kept eating sushi after hearing such facts shows pefectly whtat's the problem in so many cases. People know that they are harming themself, ther surrounding, other people and animal with doing some things but they just keep doing the things. Because it is not enough to just know but to implement knowledge and to change behaviour. But that's just how humans are, right? Sad...
K and E Henager
I will not be fazed. my sushi love is to strong

...I will not be fazed.

um.. I wont be fazed

OH WOW CANCER.. I won't be fazed.

Pollution...I..won' fazed..?

Slave Labor. God. Ducking. Dammit.

I still love Sushi -.-
Celest Guillen
Facts: You can get cancer and health issues
Me: I don't give a sh*t
keeps eating 🍣
Harrison Oh
all I saw was sushi on the title and then I got hungry
Two idiots Maxwell
It's just sum sick fuckin cycle 😂😂😂
I'm entitled
now I feel bad about loving sushi
Juan Jones
I love sui hi Erin Jones
Becca Shulman
Is it bad that all I could focus on was how much I wanted to eat the sushi? Nothing can ruin sushi for me
Ro Mo
Now the follow-up video to teach lazy people how to peel their own shrimp?
Jennifer Rocha
I'm a simple girl. I see a try guy, I click.
I have never had sushi before but I really would love to try it but I have never seen a shop round where I live that sells sushi
Rebecca Z
This is what we learn in biology
Gray SENPAI!!!!!
God made animal to help us live like dogs dogs is here to protect us and chicken chicken is here to feed us
Katie Kim
1:59 kelsey kills me every fucking time
Keith learns disturbing facts about fried chicken while eating fried chicken
henry gibby
They only care because they are in front of a camera.
Alexander Ivan
I'm pretty sure some of these statements originates from poorly backed articles. For instance; in Norway the estimated weekly salmon-intake is about 200 grams (7 oz) per person to supply the human body with enough fatty acids, omega-3 and other important nutrients. There is an overwhelming amount of positive effects by eating salmon as oppose to the negative effects. You can eat farmed salmon without fear :)
I want sushi now 🍣
I only eat California rolls :P
Animator Wolf
I my
søft ånd nėåt
Honestly I feel sad that salmons will disappear not because I'm sad for the fish I'm just sad that there will be no more sushi. I feel bad now
Imelda Dian
how about parasites
The majority of humans could careless about what they put in their bodies, what behaviors they do that harm others, the environment or anything else. Humans are selfish, ignorant, and arrogant, hence why we are all killing ourselves off at a rapid pace. This will never change until humans are extinct.
Keira Hine
More reasons I hate sushi
Jimmy Butler
We are all going to die one day...
Steven Widjaja
im eating sushi .......................
Not to mention fukoshima.
Flag of Romania
Amyra Hana Aguscahyani
i love the blonde girl reaction ! hahaha
I'm still gonna eat sushi cause I love it
aight... who's the blonde chick, I gotta know cause of... reasons
Christina Super
I suppose buying vegetarian sushi still contributes to the industry...
jalila love
Damn it, fish is ruined for me forever now.
Mars Blue
Wait... How does Keith think that slavery and human trafficking is a wider problem than us as a human race poisoning the ocean life? Is that even what he meant? This has got me really confused.
Ibrahim Malik
When Keith said "The WWF, the wildlife one not the wrestling one" I burst into tears remembering the Attitude Era, and angry that we have this PG Era shit.

Blake Hatheway
If I stopped to worry about the poisons in every food I ate or the deplorable circumstances that lead to everything I own being made I would never be able to enjoy anything in this life and would end up so depressed that I kill myself with a gun and bullet that were probably made in the same conditions. My advice is eat your food, use your slave labor products and enjoy them cuz life is short.
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