People Learn Disturbing Sushi Facts While Eating Sushi

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These facts will ruin your life.

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Adiba Khan
Do people eating pizza learning disgusting pizza fact ~
Ash Dab
I think I'm dead
Starbucks slime
Why I don't eat meat, fish, and poultry
Starbucks slime
Why I eat veggie sushi
Nate Lightfoot
These fools are obviously from California or NY. This was all common knowledge.
We all gonna die but not from cancer because of sushi
Collette Cupcakes
what the heck im in canada and when the salmon are spawning you can just go stand in any river and catch tons
Purple Nazli
I've never had sushi before.
Michael Phelps
who is that blonde girl?
Mara Verhoogt
just go vegan, it's easier than living with the guilt
Indya Score-Owens
So eating salmon because of human trafficking and slave labour is not okay, but salmon NEARLY ENDANGERED is??????
This person is cool.
I eat salmon weekly..😣
I just want to know where I can get a to go sushi box like that in Tacoma, Wa.....le sigh
Shane Walsh
As a sushi lover I will not watch this video because it might jeopardize that.
just be vegan
lucerito portillo
I was eating sushi while watching this and I just kept on eating
who lives in Estonia?
Serey Mao
You can always enjoy sushi without fish. Sushi with avocado, cucumber, and those other yummy veggies are just awesome with sushi and you don't get all those jucki stuff from the fish. Also you don't hurt the ocean and fish themselves. I love sushi and could eat it every day - but only without fish. and I am happy with that.
Layah tube
Ill Still Eat Sushi
Steven's hair damage though
외계인 유명인
im glad that im allergic to seafood ;)
Imani Livingston
As soon as I saw this, I was like "Keith loves sushi, so he's gonna be in this for sureeeee."
Adrian Fernandez
Hey Buzz Feed, was just wondering if you guys could send me a link to a pdf file of those facts please, couldn't find it on the video description. If the link comes with the sources of those facts that would be really appreciated, thank you.
Random myths
This is why I went vegan. Also for the facts on the meat and dairy industry. It's interesting what thoughts people have after that. You may feel a lot better after a few months of not consuming meat products or dairy. You never know.
I start watching then exit this video because I don't want it to ruin my sushi relationship.
Foxxy Gear Reviews
Don't eat anything that casts a shadow.
Darryl Makekau
None of those facts would stop me from eating sushi
dalila sebti
Is it good that im still gonna eat sushi ?
Anybody else cringe when some of them dipped the rice part of the sushi in the soy sauce?
that's why vegans are from the future
I like Kelsey
jian hao christ
Well.......if you are talking about slavery, probably your clothes, shoes, watch, video camera, studio, apartment, makeup, food package, plastic, chair, door, table had been touched or made by them. lets just go back to the cavemen days doing spearfishing in our leaf covered underwears homemade
Anthony Pella
you could just not eat salmon
Alexis Baker
still gonna eat sushi
As long as it's good and doesn't kill me, it's fine
Bibekjot Ghadu
Good thing i don't eat sushi cuz I am vegetarian
David Mesut
2017: no matter what food you eat you will get cancer and die
For fact 3- that's why doctors tell you not to eat sushi during your pregnancy is probably gonna eat sushi when I get pregnant
Geo Peppe
I bet these people go home and eat a bowl of ice cream which is like 20x worse then eating something like salmon
Ryan Ross
I love salmon and sushi so much 😂🙄
Nora W
I know that box, SugarFish!! My favorite place in all of LA, and they're opening one in NY
And people still wonder why vegans exist...
Kelsey Hendricks
I feel proud to share a name with Kelsey, she's so funny XD
Llama Lecky
Stop using chopsticks incorrectly!!! It's breaking my heart!!!
get woke
LoMo Tom
Well if they didn't buy this the people in slave labour would not only be in terrible working conditions but they would also be earning a smaller amount of money. When discussing these matters you also have to include economic features. Lol
Елизавета Дубова
Well I'm vegan, so I'll just keep eating my sushi
Rebecca Warmboe
But I just learned to eat sushi!
lucy Styles
I don't like sushi so 🤷🏻‍♀️
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