People Learn Disturbing Sushi Facts While Eating Sushi

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These facts will ruin your life.

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xhxnnix xhxnnix
Gonna eat sushi anyway
I love how Zach just casually eats sushi anyway, while the woman is reading out loud.
busted Busted
B bu but... I love sushi... (簞^簞)
CB Sleets
Holy crap im from Estonia I can't believe they actually mentioned the country!!!! 0:35
1:33 that chick is purrrrrttttttyyyyyyyy中中中中中
the way they used chopsticks triggered me lul
Emma Monteiro
im from portugul
Newly Navy
I'm a bad enough person that I would still eat sushi while watching this.
Kayla Show
"we are killing them so they are killing us back" me: "its the circle of life on drugs"
Darlene Jaramillo
They only looked very affected when humans (our species) were brought up, not when other animals / sea creatures were dying. Think about that will you.
i can eat sushi everyday
no facts about tapeworms or other parasites in uncooked sushi....cmonn bring on the heavy facts
Ashley R.
Basically every food has something wrong with it so are we just not supposed to eat?
Kawaii Cupcakes 101
They're acting like they care. Instead of just stop eating the sushi they keept eating it!
I still love sushi
Dont look at my profile picture
I am still gonna eat all the sushi
Iris De Nile
NO IT'S NOT FINE, I don't care if we die but we don't have to ruin the planet before we do, goddamnit.
Oliv World
Zach "When I die I want someone to eat me" that made me die.
Miss Amanda's world
I see Keith I click
Adam Pistorius
This is correct for all meat products. Most meats including fish fall into the level 1 or 2 carcinogenic range.
Eric Fortune
I'm eating farm raised sushi every week.
Shione Cooper
JD Boys
How come i always see 1k likes on s comment? Hope i can get 1k likes :^/
Jazz Escoto
I'm still eating sushi
Hence why I don't eat sushi (I've never tried it; it just never really appealed to me)
Ariana Benites
Here for a good time not a long time
so fish are like asians all of them are related
John David Jaramilla
Good thing i do not eat sushi
I'm so happy I don't like sushi
Luis Lopez
noooo me salmon!!!!!!!!
Jesse Robinson
I'm going. to die I might as well die eating good food
Flynn Julian
"Tuna and mackarel are thus the most highly toxified."
Haru from free: Liars. I don't believe it.
Stephen Jin
Dr Asian Guy
Most of these "facts" are theories.
Felicity Gaming
You should do disturbing fried chicken facts with Keith
That Asian Kid
There should be a mix between the like and dislike buttons.
Plaifah Punthakeirtpaisarn
Ermmm im from Thailand...
Anamichelle Barillas
"We're going to hell.... I mean I'm going there for different reasons but this just added to the list" fucking same hahaha
choco cat
I thought by watching this I would not want to eat sushi
But the whole time I was thinking, "God dam I want sushi right now!"
slave labor? eh i'll still eat it.
we're all going to hell anyways.
Jill Chartres
Thank god I hate tuna amen hallelujah
Well I'll be peeling my own shrimp from now on that's for sure
Louis Nicholas
Maybe sushi in Japan are alright
ItzGalaxy Eclipse
I'm eating sushi while watching this... 喫梗唐痰
Maya Holt
That still wouldn't make me stop eating sushi
Kim Zhang
Simple solution: dont eat ever again
lil up to my knees in cow yachty
Still gonna eat sushi, but i will try to taste the salt of slave tears next time i do. In rememeberance of them of course
They are dipping the rice and not the fish
That is bugging me a lot
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