People Learn Disturbing Sushi Facts While Eating Sushi

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These facts will ruin your life.

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Gabriel Jeremy Juayno
what ever I still eating the sushi
Clay Dude
Salmon isnt deing out because of humans?!?! They are in salmon farms for humans to eat!
Lady V
Where did u get that sushi bc it looks REALLY good
•chiiru chuu•
I'm eating sushi rn
Delilah Salway-Roberts
Sushi tastes ok, just being a germophobe and eating something I know is rore just seems rank!
Zaki El Horan
I mean I've been to Thailand, and illegal work are mostly sex slaves or drug traffickers
Ivy Ruonakoski
I don't like sushi, but I do eat salmon at least once a fortnight, sometimes once a week. But the local wild salmon, not farmed or exotic salmon.
Zach Carpenter
fucking cali hipsters
Andrew Walk
I know most likely if I get killed I will burn in hell for all eternity. Because I've been an atheist for most of my life.
That's why I eat the veggie sushi and/or the eel sushi. Vegetables are vegetables and no one cares about eels.
Queen Kaye
And to think I only gave up sushi months ago because it had disgusting caviar on it😷 glad I gave it up
Sara Matt
None of these were sushi specific facts like I thought they were going to be, just fish in general. Oh
I'd still eat it lol; they already made it and someone already bought it. If you don't eat it, it either goes to waste or someone else will eat it. Just don't buy it next time or something...
Katie B.
Who else doesn´t like sushi despite those facts?
And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu
I agree with Keith, if we poison ourselves knowingly, meh. BUT, if food like peeled shrimp is the product of slave labour.. WHERE THE HUMAN RIGHTS AT? HELLO, UDHR 1948?
Jins face
I dont like sushi so I'm safe
MoonWolf 5000
Lol the "We're all gonna die anyways." thats my lifestyle.
Claudia xx
i so deadly want to eat sushi right now..
Kitty Cat
I really hate fish but I love sushi I remove the fish
Good thing I hate sushi.
Another Gay Loner
I don't eat sushi soooo
Na ah. Na ah. Thailand doesn't have slave labor. Minimum wage in Thailand is 300baht(<$10) pey day(8hours+). Why do Thai need slave!?! People can be hired with this very very low rate. Do any companies need to capture people to be theirs slaves why not pay them 10bucks which it's like nothing
The Fact that you got, where do you take it from? Any reference? Slavery to a developing country is kinda offended so.. Reseach team workharder please thx peace!✌🏻
Ps. 300baht in Thailand it's fine you can live happily with this wage
Ps2. Thai government provide every single thai person health insurance. Just 30bath per doctor visit+medicine+whatever size of surgery(even open heart surgery)
Ps3. mass transport like bus is 9baht , withA/C ~20baht (up to distance)
Mmmm. Delicious slave labor.
NicoleLJE GT
I am eating sushi while watching but I still eating cause I don't understand
Crystal Clears
ok so what do you suggest starving slave labours should do instead after everyone boycotts their hardwork?d
its ironic how they care more and mention more about slave labour, which IS a big problem, don't get me wrong ; while marine life is dying.
lol who cares
Carlo Sutomo
the sushi they're eating is from Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa. You can find them in LA
Manuel Del Toro
psssssht ecosystems getting fucked who cares that's not importent, slave labours "oh man, probably won't stop, but that's the last straw" really, now I'm not saying slavery is OK but on the grand scale of things driving fish to extinction and intern possibly fucking up the largest ecosystem in the world aka the thing you live on aka with out it your fucked should have been the last straw. this is why our species is fucked hard
Tim Wan
I bet that's not the only raw meat that went into your mouth
Deanna Veganana
go vegan people.
I love sushi too much to care for these facts... I think that's bad
Rebel Dylan18
if i was there i would've eaten all the sushi while reading the paper b/c i don't give a damn
Spider Bits
I knew all this stuff years ago, I was actually hoping this video would tell me some good news. I've been sushi free for 3 years now and miss it all the time. But until things change, until the human trafficking stops and we stop endangering animals, I simply can't justify it.
Chi Bui
The fact that they were okay eating a threatened/ endangered species that could potentially poison them, but they would stop eating because it was involving slave labor is really bothered me. Yes, there are tons of farmed salmon and most of what you eat is farmed salmon because they are cheap. However, because the demand for salmon or any other animals is high, people are willing to pay extra to have the better quality, fresher, rarer, non/less poisonous form of that protein, which leads to worldwide wildlife trade issues. It makes me sad when my little cousin is afraid of going outdoor because of wolves. Well, guess what! wolves are endangered species! they have been extinct from the NE region since the 1800s because of hunting. Yes, a big predator wiped out because of human is surely not a "natural phenomena". So sure we pray for humanity and equality but we also have to be humble and live sustainably people! We all in a way affect the listing of over 66 thousand species in the Red List. Human whether rich or poor is just one species and we make 25% of mammal species, 13% of bird species, 33% of amphibian species, and 70% of plant species in the whole world in the jeopardy of extinction. The way we care about each other is great but please think about other species too. They have been through a lot to be alive and we treat them like leisure good. Don't that remind you of slavery now? So slavery is considered bad and inhumanity but it's fine to treat other species like that? Ugh this way of thinking is really bothered me!!!!
Chile's sushi culture is dope: pacific salmon, ecuatorian shrimp..
Didi d.k.s.
I'm eating sushi while watching this.
Didi d.k.s.
Is it just me knowing these facts don't faze me at all? I'll literally eat some while watching this video if I could. XD I'm evil I know.
Rose Claire
Sushi is really just vinegar rice. Sashimi or seafood applies more to the food in this video.
Jackie Aguilar
My sisters a sushi chef and I've never eaten sushi in my whole life or any type of food with raw fish
Melz Hanley
Most food has been touched by slave labor. vegetables, meat, all of it. the only way to really advoid eating food that's been touched by slave labor is grow your own or get it from guaranteed fair trade places. farmers markets are an so-so but if you don't have a lot of money, farmers markets are the best option to mostly advoid buying food that's been touched by slave labor for a semi reasonable price. AP environmental science class taught me this. There is a lot more about the food industry most people don't know about. the movie food inc goes into a good deal of detail on it for people who are interested in learning about it. also PETA is an okay(not the optimal) source for information on that kind of thing. 🖖
how are people valuing the taste over all the reasons not to eat it LOL
I just don't like Sushi so i don't need those facts anyway ¯\(ツ)
I'm craving sushi now... so hungry
Øivind Johannessen
When it comes to salmon sushi, wild salmon is not up to standards for making sushi. Most if not all of it is farmed salmon.
Dragon Shivers
I'm so happy I live in eastren Canada. I can stick my face in a stream and come out with a normal healthy salmon. I'd say come live here, it's healthier...but no, stay out. My fish! Mine! 😜
But seriously, never knew how lucky I was. I feel good about always throwing out my trash and even picking up trash from others in our waterways.
I got your back, salmon buddies! 🐟
Eating anything raw is bad for you. The only thing you should be eating raw are fruits and vegetables. Everything else raw is basically bad for your health or death; choose your poison
Aymei Deona
There's different types of PCBs and most of which are not known to be toxic, so if you're gonna say PCBs are bad please state which ones are present in the fishes :/
Im still eating them LOL Dont give 2 shits about this.
queen grasshopper
was I the only one sad vause they didn't eat all of it ; ;
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