Google Immerse VR | Racial Identity: Exploring Race 360º VR Video

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Google Immerse VR videos investigate race, diversity, and identity by exploring how real people interact with the world and how the world interacts with them. Experience the other Google Immerse VR videos at

Join two Googlers on their journeys to more deeply understand their racial identity. Google’s Diversity and Inclusion experts help guide the experience, with prompts like: “We all see race… it's whether or not you choose to embrace it... It might be scary and it might be really, really uncomfortable, but the journey is worthwhile.”

Stand shoulder to shoulder in Virtual Reality with Dezzie, a UX Designer at Google, and Clayton, a Diversity Business Partner at Google, and explore their experiences with race and identity as you travel with them to their childhood homes, to the Google offices where they work, and around the cities of Paris and San Francisco.

Made in partnership with Light Sail VR. 
Part 2 of 3 in the Google Immerse VR Racial Identity series. 


Dezzie Dimbitsara and Clayton Robbins 
with Daisy Auger-Dominguez, Elizabeth Curtis, Michelle Ho, Laura Marquez, Victor Scotti, Jr.
Courtney Bass, Emilie Bequignat , John Harry "Cayenne" Bonck, Carl Crossgrove, Jack Davis, Benjamin Gaulon, Ilana, Alexandra Labourel, Elizabeth Lowe-Hunter, Tim Lubic, Nora, Matthew Simmons, Hanna Thedros, Ricardo Villalobos 

Light Sail VR Team: 

Director - Matthew Celia
Producer - Robert Watts
Writer - Katherine Celia
Cinematography - Keith Lancaster 
Editors - Maria Lauret, Chris Willett, and Matthew Celia
Original Music - Dimitri Smith
Guitar Soloist - Kevin Enstrom 
Cello Soloist - Katt Newlon
Production Manager - Jason Huddleston
Production Coordinator, France - Guillaume Marchant
Production Sound Mixer - Gabe Ruggiero
Production Sound, New York - Jesse James Malings
VFX - Occlusion VFX
Post Production Sound - Empty Sea Audio 
Supervising Sound Editor - Mark Camperell, MPSE
Re-Recording Mixer - Michael O’Connor
Sound Editor - Michael O’Connor
Colorist - Arianna Shinning Star Pane at Velem

Google Immerse Team: 

Google Immerse Founder - Gina Rudan
Google Immerse Executive Producer & Program Manager - Jeffrey Breau
Google Immerse Executive Producers - Liza Patnoe, Dominique Mungin, Ragland Williamson 
Executive Producer - Hunter Johnson
Google Immerse Communications - Sarah Choi
Support from - Google Computer Science Education in Media

With Special Thanks to :

Florence Aknin, Katie Gilmartin, Jose Guzman Colon, Carrie Ellis, Dianne Hackett, Audrey Harris, Jen Mayer Sandoval, K Morris, Dan Nicoletta, K. Jennifer Oki, Rosa Villalobos, David Weaver, Mark Wyn, Jovian Zayne; Nilka Thomas, Dr. Myosha McAfee and the Google Diversity & Inclusion Team; Peter Lubbers, Jamie Baughman and Google Developer Studio; Google People Development Team; Google Computer Science Education in Media; Sarah Steele, Joe Szopa and the Jump Team; Oona King, Stephen Golden and the YouTube Diversity & Inclusion Team; Erin Teague and the YouTube VR Team; Xpedition Media; Le Pigalle Café, Paris, France; San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA); SNCF France and SNCF Nevers; Woods Communications; The City of Ashley, IL; The City of Clamecy, France; The City of Nevers, France; The City of Paris, France; The City and County of San Francisco, CA; The City of St. Louis, MO; Google San Francisco, New York, and Paris 

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