Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 POST CREDIT SCENES Explained! (All FIVE of Them!)

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 All Five Post Credit Scenes breakdown! What were the post credit scenes after Guardians of the Galaxy 2?


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ended with FIVE post-credit scenes, with big reveals for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Erik Voss is here to break them down. Who is Adam Warlock, and why is he important to the Marvel comics? Who are The Watchers? Could Star-Lord Peter Quill be Adam Warlock's father? Is Stan Lee a Watcher? What is the importance of seeing Groot as a teenager and Kraglin using Yondu's yaka arrow? Where is the Miley Cyrus cameo? And who are the Ravagers gathered by Skarat Ogord (Sylvester Stallone)?



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Alex Gaspareto
I no have problem with spoilers
he's not a watcher, he is the one above all.
Induwara Lokuge
stan lee is the one above all
Brandan Zufelt
Tbh I think Stan Lee is The One Above All.
No, Stan Lee is a turd that has immersion breaking scenes all because he stole Jack Kirby's characters.
Mr Sk
adam warlock has soul stone
tony stark
but they burnt the fin with wandu
Molo Tulo
Faggit Jew asshole!
Roasting You 2017
No one knows where the SOUL STONE is. I think it's inside Atom ;)
Roasting You 2017
So is Atom going to have the Soul Stone ??
Godskin gz
stan might be the one above all
Kind of explains, why Ayesha looks like she just got plowed, in the end credit scene...
click bait
Sunsex Studio
Adam is coming means he has the soul stone.. Coz in there planet they are creating people with some soul they enters the soul with infinity stone power
Ken T
Vol. 2 is overrated and could be 20 minutes shorter
what is up with these blurry screens from the movie, should have used screens from this copy[E...
Brain Rush
Stan Lee is the Living Tribunal.
MaddmanTDM x_x
Judy Sowell
O.K. in the little animated cameo's at the end of vol. 2, is that David Hasselhoff saying "We are Groot", or Will Farrell? Who is that? Anybody?
Rick E
Stan Lee is the One Above All
Ashley Shingler
I heard that the director said that the Groot in this movie isn't the same one in Volume 1......has anyone else heard this? If it is then what is he? lol Is he an offspring or something?
It came out on my birthday!!! (The movie)
project ryszard
maybe they will encounter adam warlock
Brandon Calloway
Has anyone else noticed that Hela (Thor Ragnarok) is at Yondu's funeral??
iPod 97
Stan Lee, definitely A WATCHER
Liquid Knives
Adam Warlock not part of Infinity War is pure stupidity.
Jack Frost
but they left him on the planet alone in a space suite,it was nice to see Howard the duck return
Seth Lajara
The question is when will the gotg 3 be realeased
Seth Lajara
Guys who think that the movie is kinda a reference of rick and morty se3
Zack Grindle
that movie was next level its definatly my favorite i wish ego would of been good i wish we had a god
Gamaboy 21042
I want to see then guardians and avengers beat the shit out of thanos
Jason Reynolds
all I got was that Miley Cyrus might be in the next Guardians movie, and now I'm just pissed off on a Friday.
Lawrence Lepes
Is it me, or does Aleta look like Hela from "Thor: Ragnarok?"
Stuart Pawley
wouldnt be a marvel movie without a stan lee cameo!
Kalep Nichols
stan lee will NEVER die
Dylan Ace
Who thinks instead of killing yondu they killed mantis
Ardent Guy
Maybe the last infinity jem is with adam warlock(just a thoery)
lol what if Stan Lee is, in fact, the one above all and is just chilling around everyone's timeline, and he is so op he finds the watcher to just chat and see whats up.
i loved the teen groot scene it was funny as hell i loved that scene so much it made me laugh
why is cunt face getting to be in a superhero movie? she's an illuminati whore.
fan boy
this is shittiest movie
Zechary Khoo
Ewww... Cyrus....
camden sparks
Guardians of the galaxy zune that would be a cool name
Dobby The House Elf
1:52 looks like Hela and electro with two more character (Hela bottom electro right corner)
The Gladiator
Back To The Future Trading Chat
Back To The Future Trading Chat
Samantha Gillen
i'm a traditionalist
Johnny Green Face
Enclave? I'm tied of blowing up oil rigs.
Jaiden Ghedia
When I saw Adam Warlock I yelled out "That's Adam Warlock!" in the cinema
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