James Ambrocio
Stan Lee obviously is the One Above All.
Deandre Key
Kamryn Smith
No he told Peter that he used his eyes before getting covered in rocks.
Engineer GamerPlays
I think Groot will grow back to how he looked before in the first film
Fiyin O
I swear to god Aleta is hella
Revile Paragon
Yeah, 'knew about the original team and Adam Warlock. Also Stanley is the Watcher confirm!
AHHH this movie was soooo good
Jordan Broly
I didn't see the movie yet, and catching up on the comics but....................... HIS DAD IS A CELESTIAL!??!?! *excited girly screams.......

Among other things :D
Andy Rosene
Advanced power armor from Fallout 2 + Cyberman Helmet = Mainframe.
Mike Murphy
Looks to me like it shows "golden spheres of Life" as an Easter egg in Aesha thrown room (3.47). This is from the original Contest of Champions from "82". This may be the resources Aesha is talking about using in the end credit scene to create Adam. It is a tie-in to Grandmaster and the Collector.
Mike Rynaski
Love your content!! Helps keep me up to date on what I am looking forward to seeing in the theaters :) keep up the awesome content.
Stan Lee is the One Above All.
Alcino Acosta
welp, stan is the one above all!
Ryan Fain
what if Stan is the one above all
it makes more sense if stan is one above all or living tribunal, uatu should look identical to the other watchers
Mustafa Amin
Lol it would be funny if Stan Lee saved everyone at the end of infinity wars
Jacob Wixted
Rowan Barker
gym beyond evolution accommodate provider expert flip.
Howard the Duck defeats Adam Warlock, true fact.
B.A. Chan
3:03 This is really Ayesha "Curry" in 2016, tending to her and her husband's wounds after Golden State Warriors defeat last year.
3:21 "I think I'll call him, Kevin. Kevin Durant."
Props to Sylvester Stallone for doing his role pro bono.
John Smith
Mainframe is a stolen prop from Dr. Who. lol
Riley Sondermann
Aleta- is she the same one that's the villain of Thor ragnatok? They look very similar
le dragon
no kidding, i watched all of these in the theater.
My dumbass got up and walked out to the bathroom after the first end credit scene, I thought it was over, and then my sister was like there were a lot of end credit scenes -_-
FYI Stan Lee is not a watcher he is The one above all.
Am I the only one wondering why the heck is Adam Warlock not a part of Infinity War? In comics he is the main character to defeat Thanos.
maya gonzalez
Miley Cyrus? Wow and cool
Blue X
keep thinking i clicked on a buzzfeed video
Kerop Grigorian
vin diesel movies
Brian Gilbreath
one downside of downloading or streaming from APKs is they don't include end credits so I always miss these
Brianna Rowe
I wish Groot could be a baby forever
Sergio Guerrera
Really Milly Curus!? ... how is she who talks like a he... have any relevance today... Could it be to have her further brother in law happy or is she just doing the director!?
that one cringe girl
Keaton Spell
LOL, Mid-Life Crisis Groot.
Dereck Dunn
Stan Lee is the "One Above All" in the Marvel Universe and movies. Even in the comics I believe he wrote himself as THE GOD. Would give a cool reason to show him in the movies as many different ppl. Especially in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 talking to The Watchers. The Watchers, in the comics, are the entity below the "One Above All" in reverence and Devine power.
Logan Provo
:( yondu was my favorite
Sebastien Tissot
In the fourth scene with teen Groot and Peter, Peter can understand what Groot is saying. Making him the only character (so far) other then Rocket, to understand the I am Groot variation.
Stanley Skalecki
Adam Warlock is guaranteed to be in Infinity War. Take a closer look at the cocoon
Yung Papi
How does stan lee talk about his role in civil war if it hasn't happened yet in the MCU?
Did Peter loose his celestial power when Ego died
Aaron D
It was confirmed Adam Warlock won't be in the first Infinity War movie. Studio never said anything about the second, so we may see Him in the second Infinity War movie.
Iain Barta
In the comics, Stan Lee was actually the One Above All
pumpkineater 200
Sig Urther
If Adam Warlock isn't in the Infinity War, it will pretty much destroy the movie for me entirely. I mean, he was the crux upon which the infinity gauntlet saga pivoted. He was Thanos' foil and the leader of the original infinity watch.
game shocker 2.0
the robot looks like from doctor why cyberman
Manuel Zero
so the Kingpin (daredevil) is also Charles-27?????????
Ori Tayar
kill yourself
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