Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 POST CREDIT SCENES Explained! (All FIVE of Them!)

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 All Five Post Credit Scenes breakdown! What were the post credit scenes after Guardians of the Galaxy 2?


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ended with FIVE post-credit scenes, with big reveals for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Erik Voss is here to break them down. Who is Adam Warlock, and why is he important to the Marvel comics? Who are The Watchers? Could Star-Lord Peter Quill be Adam Warlock's father? Is Stan Lee a Watcher? What is the importance of seeing Groot as a teenager and Kraglin using Yondu's yaka arrow? Where is the Miley Cyrus cameo? And who are the Ravagers gathered by Skarat Ogord (Sylvester Stallone)?



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I wanna see secret wars!!!!
wtf,when i watched the movies she called Adam,marcus,what is going on here?
main frame is also a dr who cyberman ... btw
Blah Anger
why does mainframe look like a dr who's cybermen?
Thandi Luncheon
is it me or aleta agord charactrr looks like the character from thor 3 that shattered thor's hammer
Razvan Adrian Solea
darn!!!! so much same content on multiple videos... really?!
suman oli
i have uploded guardians of the galaxy 2
Tyra Deck
does anybody here has some tape?
Fionn McKee
OMG remember in the first movie the Collecter showed Quill the thing where a group could hold an infinity stone?

That group are the watchers!!!!
C Wang
first Merle, now Yondu. just WHY😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Manual Batt
I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ... in the nut shell ... glad i saw it for free
Carl Jensen
I didn't connect Stakar with Starhawk though I noticed the ring-wings on the shoulders as a nod. The Ravagers were bad people in the comics who rose Stakar after finding him in a jar on a planet of dying mutated peoples. Stakar finds an alien artifact with his step-sister and they are both merged with a celestial entity to create Starhawk. The One Who Knows. Stakar and Aleta separate, have children that are psychic vampires, Stakar's adopted dad tries to use them against Starhawk but they rebel and kill the adopted father instead. It was tragic and fueled the anger of Aleta towards Starhawk and Stakar for many issues, and even across volumes.
Yeah. I'm a serious Guardians geek. Own most of the original appearances and guest shots in other comics, especially the Avengers. There is a goldmine of storytelling pre-Starlord and seeing even a partial representation of the first team in the credits was awesome. If Charlie had to be black for diversity, Vince is a great choice. Replacing Nikki with the mystic makes sense enough for me to forgive the omission. Gunn's version of Aleta leaves me no clues... which makes me guess this is before the Starhawk merging, which makes sense as Stakar is still a Ravager.
My hope is a Guardian's offshoot on TV which would feature the original Guardians as presented. They were the same kind of family of injured. <Sniff> But no Yondu.
Anyway, this vid was a great look at what and where Gunn has in mind for his version of the team. Thanks to the production team, it was relevant and informative.
stallone stole the show with that line at the end
I was thinking that he might be THE ONE ABOVE ALL being that in the comics he appears as different ppl. Plus he's the creator of Marvel so it would make sense that he's written himself in these movies as THE ONE ABOVE ALL
Bill Gaudette
So, if Stan Lee is a Watcher, does that mean that Mallrats is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Enrique Duarte
This movie is one of those cases where the plot is all over the place but it does such amazing fan service that it's incredibly easy to forgive all its mistake due to how insanely awesome the movie is.
Andrew Jakober
Sean Gunn also does body stand-ins for Rocket I believe. He will be in Infinity War, but I don't think that 100% means his Ravager character will me.
Eleven Tocker
Dear god. Please stop moving your hands.
death of yundo
Stan Lee is The One-Above-All
R Backus
Isn't the only "Marvel" movie Stan Lee wasn't in, Blade?
Jason Howes
I want Stan Lee to be "One Above All"
Starhawk? 2:40

Stallone played Lincoln Hawk in "Over the Top" from 1987!
But wait how does Stan Lee reference the civil war cameo if this takes place in 2014 cameo hole ?
aleta looks like hela
Jason Rippentrop
Mainframe is a Cyberman !
Russell hurt
Miley Cyrus... Blech!
FYI, the credits list Stan Lee as a "Watcher Informant" which confirms the theory of him being a canon character throughout the MCU. Like so others can see or something.
ashlon smith
please make Stan Lee a watcher
meryl and yondu are now dead. daym.
ThunderCat123 Studios
I think Stan Lee is actually the one above all.
or maybe since Stan Lee created marvel, he just gets a kick out of his cameos, so he made sure if possible he gets one in every movie.
squid bear
Wtf Miley cirus was that head!!!!
"i am known for my famously big turds"
Timothy Gray
I have sensitive nipples.
Celtic Bhoy
When Mantis asks to clap rocket 😂
Stanley as a watcher could be, but he died on The Amazing Hulk
Slug n' Sentry
He says that the Stan Lee-Watched theory is weird yet earlier in the video he made a theory that Adam Warlock was Star Lord's son...?
J Wang
Stan Lee is the one above all else. Which still fits in with your theory but also that's actually who he is in the comics.
Zeta ateZ
is it just me, or does the adam warlock egg in the post credits look very...giger-esque?
There should be a movie where Stan Lee is the main character and all other super heroes are just cameos .
Amka Nemekhbayar
I wanted to see them not explained, dipshit.
How can they not have Adam Warlock HIM
K, so there are some gods (Celestials) [Guardians of the galaxy]
They live in the universe (Infinite universes) (Infinite celestials in each universe)? [Dr. Strange]
Then there are the realms in the universes (So....infinite Thor's and that?) [Thor]
Ixil Pierce
Did newrockstars use screencaps from a pirated cam version? I think they did. I'm pretty darn sure they did.
I think Stan Lee is going to take it a step further than that. I always thought he was going to write himself in as The One Above All.
quirky mermaid28
the high priestess kinda looks like paris hilton..
Dane McClendon
rooker is the new sean bean smh
That One Toad
I was somehow unsubscribed to this channel....

Thanks youtube
Dara Buckley
alita looks like hella
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