TWICE (트와이스) - SIGNAL (Audio) [4th Mini Album - SIGNAL]

TWICE (트와이스) - SIGNAL [MP3 Audio]
4th Mini Album: SIGNAL (Official)

Yasmin S.
Twice é bem kpop mesmo. Músicas que foram feitas para ficar na cabeça, com palavras repetidas, rostinhos bonitos, coreografias bobas etc
Parabéns, essa música vai pra minha playlist.
Vanessa Lusanta
Signeul bonae, signal bonae~
사이라 [cyra]
twice songs always do things to me omg

i wouldn't like the song at the first few listens, but then i'll gradually start to love it and start singing along HAHAHAHAH
where's the jyp whisper tho
Selena King
i listen to audio cause i sleep with music and when i listen to the mv i always get destracted and i cant sleep
thought that I didn't like this song

I was wrong
Hoseok Shahrul
I in love with this song
Candy ELFVillalpando
La canción no está mal,Yo la encuentro perfecta :'v
Faith Hyatt
when I first heard this song I was really let down but then after a few more listens I'm obsessed. I'm even learning the dance to it😂
Joy Kim
When Signal came out
Me: "Wow this song is bad, I'm definitely not gonna listen to this again"
1 Week after Signal came out
Me: plays this song on repeat
Marie Muffins
i gotta admit i like how the start sounded
so perfect, i love ma girls
Blue Blood
Its a catchy one, but im not so keen on tzuyu singing chorus. It just doesn't give that strong vibe that chorus should have. Just my opinion, no hate..
Adalis Pabon
Catchy as kpop should be. Thumbs up
Trinish Blah
Well done haters, you helped increase the views for Twice.
this is one of the most trendy genres today called future house
sugar coated oxygen
Idc what ppl's opinion on this.
'Signal' song arrangement is very different from their other songs. I'm surprised jeongyeon get to sing the first verse. Nayeon didnt so opening like she always should be doing. And everyone get even line distribution.
I believe they focus more on the choreo. Love boene
absolute seong woo trash000
people who hate this song should listen to this more than once.
Doha Tawfik
i dont get most people , musically this is like really good and the video is also really well made , twice arent best in vocals but you can't deny that their music is nice and catchy and they are talented !
사탕이 진영이를 사랑하는
I don't understand why a lot of people hate this song, I think it's way better than Knock Knock tbh.
It's well arranged, well composed, has good tension and release, and I like the role rotation concept.
Or maybe that's just my being a huge fan of JYP's style. Also noticed how much he likes Gee's chord progression as it is once again present in this song, last time it was in Very Very Very.
such a good song just dont really like the intro
at first i really hated this song but its so catchy
This song keeps growing on me the more I listen to it!
This is the first song that was produced by JYP, I live JYP but song this is under whelming...
Angelica Perez Quijano
dnns co
can someone help me distinguish who's singing what part :(
It really growns on you hahahaa damn it
JCal 1991
I swear every time I go to check out a Twice song I always go into it thinking that I won't like it as much as the previous songs. I'm ALWAYS wrong! Every song gets stuck in my head! The choreography and music are always so dang catchy.
Minghao's Lines
It's my 10th time to visit and I still don't get the hype. I liked Knock knock more.
whatsooneuldoes ?
i can't get over with this song yet my friends said signal will flop. ( ̄へ ̄)
wow i cant stop listening to this song
I love this song, and i'm ARMY ❤
Zhea Andrea Ang
i like the chorus but there's an awkward part to the song, i bet if they didnt rush to make a comeback it couldve been improved, but overall still addicting
Hung Cuong Pham
Song is pretty catchy but the intro is the real cancer here.
exodus oppa
yall needa shut up, it might not be twice's best song but dont compare to otber groups!! its just wrong
I like it <3 I don't know why all the comments are like "This song is bad, how can you like it?" I will make the same question: how can you hate it? -_- please, if you want to hate, be quiet.
nil -
On first listen it sounded horrible, almost like those off key MR removed videos. I still don't really like the first minute, but the chorus is catchier than Knock Knock to me after more than one listen, and actually it's a lot better than Rookie personally.
alexia chuc
you guys are really going all the way here to hate on the song, if you dont like it then just leave its not that hard. just saying
multifandom kpop trash
In the beginning I didn't like the song, but now I can't stop listening it 😂😂

Sorry for my bad english.
idk wtf y'all are talking about. This is shit is a fucking bop
you can say it's weak and not catchy at all but you will sing and dance to Signal for next year at last
SLAY i love this <3
Tyler Pointer
I, an intellectual, quite enjoy this song and love hearing Tzuyu's voice in the chorus.
Funny how people don't like it when it's the first time I don't have to wait 3 months (at least) to listen again a Twice song to like it. I love their voices and the melody. Plus my Jungyeon got more lines and screentime ❤
노래 다좋네~ 일본활동 잘하길~~
it's too addicting help me i can't stop listening Dx
Hidayah Samad
move away everybody, I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!
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