Funny Moments in Tennis 2

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Yonex Tennis Gold Coast
Haa nice comeback Stephie.
1:50 who is , tennis player name ?
Rachel Costello
goes to show tennis is a boring sport even the funny bloopers are boring.and does women always make those sex noises
Carlos Miguel Ordoñez
The weirdest is the screaming
Shocking Entertainment
Started screaming from the first set! Not a good deal wild girl 😛
Alone Angel
"How much money do you have" Best question and answer of the year
Magyarul a Világ körül
Larcher de Brito vs Schiavone :) Ah-he
Colorful Random Girl
😂😂😂 My best friend told me that white girls playing tennis, sounds like porn and she was fucking right! 😂😂
Jordy Vargas
Close your eyes at the minute 2:20 and let everything to your imagination
Ritu Raj
At the video time of 0.47 minutes. She is looking like a little cute girl.
Stephie Graph. Classy and confident.
Neil Modino
ever since monica seles started the grunting everybody else doesn't and over does it. it's annoying. monica seles hates it when they talk about her grunting. she does not like it but that grunting is her own expression of giving it all and now everyone does it and is not cool.
" Most Louder Match"? Who's posting this shit? You sound like a drunk, autistic 6 year old.
That screaming is about non professional breath in moment of the game. Sharapova interview
One day I plan to be this comical, but until then I will sit bored in my bed room playing video games :(.
I would start screaming something back. Like idiot. IDIOT!
got to admit I'm a little turned on by the screaming
3:20 ... my wife came in: "R U WATCHING PORN??!!"
The Dark Knight Returned
Lol..Like they're getting a huge d**k
Fuck the screams are obnoxious and annoying
Don X
Imagine having a nose full of nickels, like ol' "butther face" there...?!"How much money you have?!"
That moment when the video quality is so bad, you can't even see the tennis ball... It's like they're swinging at ghosts...
Steffi N
Screaming like pornstars, how do they have no shame? LOL
At the video time of 3:00 minutes. This is what I've been looking for: real, sincere, intensity with mind-blowing audible expressions which are so intense, that I would rather be celibate from hence onward, and derive the satisfaction from vigorous exciting tennis in an intimate setting.
Nikhil Joshua
3.10... howling wolves
nas roti
ah ah ah.....
Benyamin harrison
lol, i never thought tenis can be so funny like this.
big LOL
Why do the russians always scream so much
christina domz delapoe
I just wonder if Nadal vs Sharapova just for one set. full scream orgasm huh.....
Mutahar Ali Ali Tariq
lovely sexy girls
pramod mulye
Why is she screaming? Actually most women screams while.........!!!!
The House of Jokes
Very tremendous. I really liked experiencing your video. I am looking forward to viewing a few extra in the near future.
Tasa-arvoinen Sananvapauslaki Suomeen Nyt
They sound like cats in heat.
Vika vs. Maria always just sounds like a pair of dogs being tortured
Waheed Iqbal
Nice funny
The screaming reminds me of my Childhood... (Dbz fans will understand)
Ruple Thaker
The screaming and grunting in tennis is so annoying and cringey. They should be penalized or kicked of court. How can the other tennis player put up with that and the audience...which is why i don't watch screamy womens tennis.
mrMIMI Cena
what is her name , that woman player at the beginning?
Putera Usman
i think they should ban screaming at the court.
Michael Weidmann
The girls sure have a lot of orgasms on court.
Hanif Purbaya
aahhhhh !
Gabriele Ciambellotti
Poooooo Peuuuuuu Hoooooooo Ooooooooo Euoooooooo Ayyeeeeeee !
Ryan Vern
The screaming is why I can't watch women's tennis
SANTI GUITAR / Spanish & Flamenco Guitar SONGS
Ufff I didn't know that tennis was that hot look at 1:11
vincent gnanaraja
brazzers start at 2:15
Jean Leloup
Is Monica Celeste saying " I am free"....that s what i heard
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