Wanye Kest
There awesome guys!
Fiha Fiha
Aaron's come a long way from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, he was only 17 then, now he's married
Iori Nagase
Harry at 2:35 OMG 💕
Thary Cheng
ur damn welcome
Ella Jeffcott
Life of Stuthi
Harry flinched more that Aaron did in the first one😂
ItsJack!! Boi!
3:30 click here it's when, Harry says " an Avocado "
Marinalva Mari
I love Harry
harry's so precious
Carly Morgan
“An avocado” everything he says is cute.
Brenna Freeman
" what are ya doing" Harry- " I I don't know"
Dona Lingga
Emily Rollins
Harry is so cute omg
You tube Awesome
He’s so hottt oh my and he didn’t rlly have that much tea
This whole game had me crying lmaoo
Sam Puckett
3:26 I thought Harry was gonna say "Kiwi" since it's his new single.. Hehe get it? No? Oh nevermind.
angus thongs and perfect snogging
Jesus Aaron looks so good holy crap
Barbie Nano
how does Harry pull off the escentric clothes he wears? like how can you look so good ?
Sol Lopez
harry wanted kiwi to be shot
aubrey turner
harry dirty boy
girl saturn
So fucking hot
taylor maney
harry and aaron would be cute together just saying
Oluwapelumi Oguntade
Good that they didn't beat him at his own game
Becky C.
Harry's reaction: "HOLY SH*T!!" Lmao
Amy Flaherty
my nan has those mugs
ArTricZz Gaming
Its good how james dosent move when its shot until you realise there is fuck all in the cup he is holding
Cassandra Lamarche
Wtf is Harry wearing ?? Lol
Aixa Tello
My two faves 🖤💕
EmilyJane M
I like Harry's hair now
Olivia Rose
3:30 😍
Mikee Estrella
They were both my childhood crushessssss omg Aaron in Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Harry obvs in 1D
Summer Lockett
he shouldve put a kiwi in there for harry
Laura Pinzon
- Aaron do you take sugar and milk in your tea?
-... No.
- Okay.

Capri Moon
you've no idea how much I want to be Harry's best friend, I literally live like 15 mins away from where he went to school lmao
Johanna Gunnarfeldt
Can you believe it's already been 6 months since he was on the Late Late Show? 😱❤️
LPS Lovey Dovey
ωтf ιѕ нαяяу ωєαяιиg
You make me begin JJK
gomdori taetae
anyone here because of BTS?
Taegguk Kim
waiting for bts!!!
12 SweetHearts
Come here bc BTS play flinch game in james cordon, but i dont even know what the flinch games is?
Saira Khan
aaron is soo good looking
Ta Ta
who's here because of bts? lol hahahha I hope they play this game cause jin, jhope and let's add suga haha their reaction will be gold so excited omg hahaha
spring day
i knew Aaron from Savages... hes so chill even irl lol
Dude I have that tea set
Nameless A
Harry shifts from cute to hot as hell in a blink
Thessalonica Fahra Williams
damn Harry's side profile is 😋😋😋
Madison Anderson
Accent I Don't Know SEXY 💋👄 HARRY IS SO CUTE
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