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Finally it's done!! Hope you guys like my video!! 

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Derpy Daphne Is Derpy
I would name myself: Your_Gun
Would be hilarious
Lynelle Ehart
I would name me Laser. Laser shot you. I don't need to explain.
Michelle Suarez Maeda
that dog was adorable :)
Hello It's Mr
Music Video by Rick Astley performing Never Gonna Give You Up.

Uploaded on Oct 24, 2999

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Who else got a laser tag ad?
The Bespeckled Cephalopod
Rip Gabe The Dog
no life
Nerd Playz
pokemon 123
Maybe your basis anigst the name huter because you got killed by someone named huter.
Brian Brake
My name is HUNTER
thestupidmonkey AKA hunter hartsfeild
my name is hunter and youtube channel is thestupidmonkey AKA hunter thank you very much
LokiRemus13 Potter
My dogs name is hunter and he's a black lab
Hi James!! The video was hilarious. And I've only played lazer tag twice and I got kicked out for kicking one of the boys on the balls... don't judge.. Bye!! 😜
CrystallicCoder / Kyle
My name would say "A gun"
A gun shot you.
Liam Curran
rip gabe the dog
Thora Smith
R.i.p Gabe
The Gamer Pony
How dare you my cousin has the name Hunter!!
Shaun Tyler
hi I'm james
Shaun Tyler
I hate Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black Crow
I named myself A_girl in the last 3 games of laser tag I've played. I got like 3rd-5th place in all of them.
I'm a girl and I would bet you in a one on one game. I'm 9p (I love your videos ) (plz shout out me I have only 7 subscribers )
I would name myself An_Idiot

An_Idiot shot you
Roballblox_HD 123
rly -_-
I would name myself...

Raider Rose
u suck
Rainbowcat rblx and more!
CChelly K
I would name my self " you "
bryce hall
I would namn myself hitler XD
Alex Rionelli
A_noob shot you. I WILL KILL YOU , NOOB!
cola fire
is it just me or does the guy with black hair look like domics
best intro ever xD
I want to see competitive laser tag where you can run jump and climb like a goddamn commando.

So basically I want the arena from Mass Effect 3.
hunter x hunter xD
hunter foss
Oswald i TLR
At my Lazer Tag place, (THE FUN WAREHOUSE) you can't make up names. When you get shot your chestplate and gun glow white and then the color you are of your team flashing.
If you could make up names in my Lazer Tag place I would name myself A_Person
I would name myself A_Lamp do it would be
A_Lamp shot you
I would name my self A_Gun

A_Gun shot you
Bacon Playz
the way u said the national anthem

(she was 23,794th not first)
Gregg Thompson
tham elipe ti's
Madison West
Gabe died 😔😔 R.I.P Gabe may you bork in the stars
AlyssaFøxy the Animatrønic Fõx
xD My friend (Who's name is Hunter) Showed me this video. I said "HAHA" because why not
Fares Saaydeh
I hate you
poppunkrock141 -
He's seems so quiet...
X xXFluttershyXx X
You shouldn't put your name "your mom" so when you shoot someone it will say "your mom"
im sorry but a girl shot you.
Drragonrider007 CraftyAfty
I was in a Kahoot game, and you get to choose your username. I thought it would be funny if I chose A_Girl as my username because of this video. So I did. In the middle of the game, the boy sitting behind me in math class said, "A_Girl? laugh Who here is an Odd1sout fan?" So I raised my hand and said It was me, I am A_Girl.
Anya Kennedy
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