Yuenning Che
This is really funny because her recommended macros add up to 1927 calories. 4 calories for every one gram of carb so 196 x 4 =784. 4 calories in every gram of protein 147 x 4 =588 and 9 calories per gram of fat so 65 x 9 =585. which all add up to a total of 1927 calories which is way more than her recommended caloric intake of 1450.

correct me if I'm wrong.
Rose A
her posture is different in the thumbnail which is why she looks different
Spiff McGee
Hang on, the calorie target + macronutrient breakdown doesn't add up. It says she should aim for 1450 calories per day., but the macronutrient targets add up to 1957 calories per day.

Carbs are 4 calories per gram, protein is 4 calories per gram, and fat is 9 calories per gram.
196*4 = 784
147*4 = 588
65*9 = 585

However, it DOES work out to be 40% calories from carbs, 30% calories from protein, 30% calories from fat.

Buzzfeed, fix your numbers. This is irritating me.
Sairam Sunkam
If calorie counting is an eating disorder then fat acceptance is a death sentence.
Ana Gómez
573 days on MyFitnessPal I just love it
I love MFP, it's been so helpful with weightloss and also to keep me accountable for what i am eating (for those worried about not getting to eat what you want i still get to eat pizza every week and i mean EAT PIZZA)
Cupcakegurl Candyblaze
I have this app too and I just want to maintain my weight. Not lose any or gain any. It's set at 2,010 to maintain. I'm 5'3 and 154 pounds.
Savannah Leseberg
I'm confused. The macros don't add up. Every gram of carb is 4 kcal, same with protein. Fats are 9 kcal. So that would make her calorie intake around 1,962, far from the 1,400 suggested at the beginning of the video.
JeDovey Lutwidge
Pictures: "I think so much thinner now because I'm actually standing up straight and obviously sucking in."
I don't understand how people like junk food lmao. I eat SALAD for breakfast
Katelynn Hernandez
did she exercise too?
Esther Johnson
I have to say, I don't like it when people cuss. I don't care if they are male or female, I just don't like it! It's so unnecessary. You can express yourself without foul language. I don't want to offend anyone, this is just something I was thinking about listening to Kelsey cuss every other word.
kile lamb
I downloaded the app and it says 1400 calories a day. I deleted it. (Keep in mind I'm a competitive runner and a soccer player)
Lizzy Grant Jr.
is anyone gonna talk about her waist size..? like she doesnt look like she has a 34inch waist before she looks like a 28/29in at most tbh
honestly it is so easy, and just using an app like myfitnesspal lets you actually see what you're eating so it's simple and makes sense
Felicia Allen
at 1:25 those macros don't even at up to 1450 kcals they are 1957 kcals.............
Jessica Lyn
I grew up poor and couldn't afford alot of food. Mostly whatever was the cheapest which was junk food.
Jessica Lichon
I'm surprised she's not eating more fats. They make you feel fuller longer.
Cate H.
she drastically changed her posture in the after picture. of course she looks different. she isn't standing like a crooked pickle
Taylor Lee
healthy is steak and eggs? hah.
Posture is key
I never got the point of all those high protein goals? Your body is probably only going to use about half of that protein, even with heavy exercise, the rest in essence will produce toxins to discard the excess putting extra strain on the kidneys and isn't really THAT good for you at all.
Tina Ampe
tracking kcal like that doesnt help mr much. i have a bad relationship with food and whenever i get stressed or upset junk food is there. been counting for 6months.
Pansy Flower
I wish I could lose weight.... sigh..... I hate food and hate eating.
Leyla P
i feel like....y'all measured her waist at the wrong spot lol there's no way she has a 31 inch waist
Lacey English
omg kelsey is meeeeeee.....
Alissa Gilbert
Kelsey is so cool.
Amber Beam
Sitting here eating a chocolate chip muffin
lemonlime H
When you rewind to 2:41 because you saw Hamilton
Rebecca Stol
Ontario has the calories on every meal at most restaurants! :)
Sophia Foster
i lost two stone doing this ... then i developed an ED ... great
Alexander Neil
Kelsey looked in much better proportion before. The tell tale signs of a crash diet are the skinny fat belly and characteristic loss of muscle mass. She should get a PT for a month and gain those 7lbs of calorie burning, posture improving, confidence inspiring lean muscle!
Kirsten Clow
I do this!!!
Eunice Beatrice Braga
I'm thin but I'm tracking calories so that I can gain weight because I'm also trying to gain muscle.
Jenny Rules
I lost 25 lbs ! For this app .it is work
Lia Borns
147g a day sounds like a lot of protein for someone with an average lifestyle. Correct me if I'm wrong? I was recommended around 56g a day and I workout a lot.
Jeszel Campos
I've been tracking my caloric intake for the last 4 months. I've lost 10 kg (22 lbs) since then. For 4 months I cut down to 800 calories per day and remained my sedentary lifestyle. I didn't starve myself. Just ate a lot of low calorie vegetables and some protein. I'm still doing it up to this day. I plan to continue this diet until I lose another 10 kg.
I did this and discovered that I've only been eating 600 calories a day. This app actually saved me bc it made me realize how severe my eating disorder was getting.
Lucy Schoenberg
I track my food all the time and it's great. I have changed my diet insanely because of it and I just feel so much better!
Farah Shaynah
It seems like most of the people at buzzfeed have awful diets and eat terribly, yet they all weigh under 120 pounds
Alice Ramtjärn
1400???? I would die out of hanger :c
Ichigo Red
Wow! Her results were amazing. She looks great!
Um...awks how her macros don't add up to her calorie intake.
Blue Blaze
Counting calories works...so many ppl think it's bad, but that's what it takes. I'm not saying that's the only way to get results, but it just works.
Been counting calories religiously for over 5 years now :) No cheat days.
Paola Dutto
There is a mistake at 1:24. The sum of the macros does not give 1450, but 1950.
196*4+147*4+65*9=1957 Kcal.

Just so that the people freak out thinking that this girl is maintaining at 1400 Kcal.
My fitness pal is how I lost 37lbs. I didn't deprive myself of anything. Chocolate, pizza and all kinds of other junk food and I still lost weight.
Georgia Strr
I've lost more than 8 kilos (17.6lbs) in less than 2 months by tracking my calories with this specific app and by working out 3 times per week. Do it it's worth it
This is like her most serious video that ive watched
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