I Tracked My Calories For A Month

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Sohee Lee

Special thanks to Sohee Lee www.soheefit.com IG/Twitter: @soheefit

if she was not trying to lose weight why was she eating 1500 calories ?? the nutritionist would have surely given her a different plan if she said she wanted to really just eat healthier
Aurelia W
honestly, my weight fluctuates too easily, ive been tracking calories for almost 2 weeks, and I've already lost 9.4lbs, is this normal? Im not taking on any unhealthy eating habits but I am running 3-5 miles a day, and consuming about 1200 calories or less.
she was already skinny before lmao this didnt really do that much
Mike Cola
Best Ways to Cut 100 Calories
Skip the large glass of orange juice and have an orange instead.
Never eat a whole bagel, ½ is more than enough.
You don’t need over a cup of oatmeal, try ½ a cup instead.
Have eggs without the toast.
Keep in mind every packet of sugar in your coffee is 10 empty calories.
Samantha Lee
The macronutrients add up to 1957 calories. Each gram of carb is 4 calories, each gram of protein is 4 calories, and each gram of fats is 9 calories. I would change the amount of protein to 80g to 100g to fit ~1500. However, if those calories are what make you happy and make you feel healthy, then keep doing whatever you're doing. But anyways, I'm still proud of you!!!!! Tracking is hard at first, but once you're used to it, it gets better!
carbs are not bad for you ffs
Audrey Yates
Miss Florence K
She's so funny 😂
Say Lol
Lol so much protein holy shit😂
Steph Kat
The macro numbers and calorie numbers you gave didn’t add up. 196g carbs =784 calories, 147g protein=588calories and 65g fat= 585 calories a total of 1957calories. You said energy allowance was 1450 which is 500 calories less than the macro numbers you showed.
I think if you want to lose weight, there are two good ways to do it. By counting calories you can eat less than you burn and be able to eat your favorite foods. Eating healthily is much better in my opinion because you can find healthy ways to make your favorite food and when you eat someething healthy, the nutrients go to your body and the rest of the stuff goes to fat, so I thinkn if you eat fruits, veggies, and grains and eating as much as you want that you'll lose weight in a more sustanible way. :)
Belle Stevenson
I used to do this excessively to the point where I would have panic attacks and break down into tears because I wanted to eat healthy and was so frightened of food. Do this in moderation, because now I officially hate food and have to be reminded to eat properly instead of eat 1/4 of my food portion.
Maggie Elizabeth Youngblood
Travis Lapinski
Who calculated these macros to calories? 4cals per gram of carb/protein. 9 per gram of fat.
784carb calories + 588 protein calories + 585 fat calories is 1957calories total. Not 1450 calories.
Dr Don Pham Do
Dr. Don Pham DO
Nobody told Sohee that her eyemakeup makes her look like a demon?
Hawkeye Is Life
MyFitnessPal is honestly my best friend, I recommend it to everyone trying to lose weight. I've lost almost two stone so far and I'm eating so much better. I feel her when she's talking about the whoopie pie, it's amazing the changes you notice when you try to start a healthier lifestyle 😀
Tara Drake
Whenever I count calories I start limiting myself to 500 calories a day, I just want to be healthy but I don’t know how.
Fio Dueck
She had horrible posture in the before picture
Minecraft Gamer5052
App:how many slices of pizza did you eat?
Me: 1... I didn't cut it🤤🤤🤤
Constant Chaos
carbs are important for health
hannah fronczak
Girl eating eggs and bunch of meat is not healthy it may taste good but it's definitely not good for your organs.
Water Taufu
I love So Hee!!!!
Ira Bakri
Why did she eat only 1460 cal? She's not overweight. Why didn't she eat according to her TDEE?
I think myfitnesspal should upgrade its feature with TDEE, so it's not only for people who want to lose weight but also for them who need to maintain healthy lifestyle.
did she workout at the same time???
Claire Boyle
That is an excessive amount of protein
Adel Aubakirova
(196*4)+(147*4)+(65*9)=1957, not 1450. Wat.
Joe Tran
LOL you don't need to be a nutritionist to realise those macros make no sense? That adds up to 1957 calories unless there was a mistake in the video
Shubhangi Sinha
I've been doing the same. I like it and I look so much better.
Bacall McElroy
I would love to see a video where they try working against gravity
Johan Steringer
196g carbs, 147gprotein, 65g fat is NOT 1450 calories. 1g of carbs is 4 calories, 1g of protein is also 4 calories and 1g of fat is 9 calories. This would put her caloric intake at 1950 calories.
Kendall Tise
Carbs like pasta and fruit aren't bad for you. Animal products, oils, non healthy fats are the things you shouldn't eat and are unhealthy.
I think they make a good point about going out to eat. For many restaurants it's difficult to know what the calorie count is.
I started doing this in February and have lost 20 pounds so far!
(started watching my intake in Feb, actively changed it and started working out in April after Exams)
Min Suga
1450 calories is rly low for a fully grown adult?
Emily C
I think she is sucking in her stomach but I'm not sure
alex scoffman
I know it's stupid but try the calorie counting method without changing the diet of the individual participating in the video...
Like let them eat their normal, not so healthy diet whilst they count calories.
p r
it's just her posture that looks different
Alternative Lapsi
This is what everyone in buzzfeed should do
Madison Corbett
bad before and after shots, she has better posture in the after shots so she looks better, also a different background and different outfit. Too many different variables make it harder to trust the shots.
meagz weave
So I'm confused af, with the 4:4:9 rule where every gram of protein and carb is 4 calories and every gram of fat is 9 how is she reaching 1450 calories with so many macros when those macros applied to the 4:4:9 rule equals about 1960 calories?
Sofo Safaridze
And your posture changed. Yay ! Wow!
Track your calories people and one month later just chin up and stand straight :D
2:41 the Hamilton glass
Maisy jay
In the photo she is just bending back
I started doing this a few days ago, I allow myself to go ahead and eat what I want, but it better fit into my calorie amount for the day and if it doesn't I am forced to choose a healthier option. This is the best way to live for me, and I have tried ketogenic, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and they were too strict and I felt MISERABLE. This way of living is so much nicer and easier and something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. I know I just started, but I already feel better and don't feel like i am 'dieting"
jessica mo
wait the only thing that changed was her posture 😂
episode choose your story
Rachel Fullerton
She definitely doesn't have a 31 inch waist.......
Molly Woodlief
We will get you next tine Kelsey
Karah G
sort of random.. but she has a Hamilton cup at 2:42
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