I Tracked My Calories For A Month

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Sohee Lee

Special thanks to Sohee Lee www.soheefit.com IG/Twitter: @soheefit

A bit of self shame isn't a bad thing, we as a society eat too much and don't exercise enough, it's good to feel a little bad about it sometimes. It'll only help you improve your body, and there's always room for improvement.
the thumbnail is just her posture thoooo
juliajulia julia
Is boldly the same thing as buzzfeed?
Let Me Sleep
Margaret Velto
I did a calorie and fitness tracker for a year because I was overweight, and I ended up losing 16 pounds in one year. :)
Colleen Kenny
Those macros and calories don't add up though? Lol the macros calculate to be 1,957 cals, huge difference
The fitness/diet coaches eyes were so far apart
Catherine Oberfield
the cutest motherfuckers in los angeles - the goddamn girl scouts
Alex Dahlia
My Fitness Pal does not cause eating disorders, if used correctly. The lowest it can go is around 1200. If you press 'complete diary' and you have not eaten enough for your body type, it WILL warn you that your are not eating enough calories and that it might lead to nutrient defiencies, side effects and health problems. The app is very useful.
Angie Angel
yay I'm cute #girlscout
Korryn Brown
2:40 HAMILTON!!!!
zah feltom
I've tried this more than once and I love it , to me its not about being obsessed with calories but just that I wanted to eat what i want but still eat like 1500 calories , and that actually made me think about what I'm eating and make better choices like do I want to eat a mac chicken and waste over 500 calories or eat more than one thing that's gonna be over 500 :)
Sarah Josey
At the 1:24 mark the number of recommended calories doesn't event come CLOSE to matching the calories she'd be eating if you calculated them based on the macro numbers listed right below.

This is a serious error that should be fixed ASAP because not only is 1,450 super low in calories, when calculated based on the macros the number of calories is actually 1,957 which is WAY different than shown.

196g carbs = 784 calories
147g protein = 588 calories
65g fat = 585 calories
Total = 1,957 calories

NOT 1,450 calories.
sarah c
i did this for 4 months and it stressed me out and made me anxious and actually made me gain weight
Louna Guillaume
host or potential dialogue dominate increase electric.
Cha Cayubit
Ash Glover
Promise Smithee
I totally see more muscle definition. checking ur macros doesn't just make u loose weight it changes ur shape makes u look more toned and loose body fat
I started eating a lot healthier three weeks ago, and I actually noticed by consuming so much carbohydrates in the past (sweets, but also chips and pasta and bread) I got bellyaches. I didn't realise I had constant bellyaches untill I stopped having them constantly, and now I know why I always felt horrible.
Sofia Lopez
I'm so glad she started eating better. She started eating vegetables and protein and wow omg that's great!
Hello Pumpkin
To lose weight you need to burn more than you eat, that means eating less calories than you burn. Your height and weight and body structure determine how much you burn, so eating 1400 calories may be way too much FOR SOME PEOPLE, and way too little for SOME PEOPLE and just right for SOME PEOPLE. So calm down
Hello Pumpkin
After counting calories i straight up didnt realise how much i ate? And most of the time I didnt even eat because i was hungry, just cause i was bored with nothing better to do. Calorie counting helped a lot.
Elizabeth 13
kelsey is my buzzfeed fav
Brooke B
In the thumbnail she's slouching in the left picture and standing up straight on the right. Classic before and after fitness trick,
Damn that girls eyes are so far apart
Hana rampily
is it bad that the only thing I thought about was salt n vinger pringles
rory mcgrath
All she did in the thumbnail was fix her posture 😂
Ms. Quackers
Congratulations on your amazing progress and lifestyle change 💚💚💚
Kimmy Vavrek
same girl same.
Ankon Ivan
So it took her 30 days to learn how to stand straight and pose? Well, ok then.
your just like me I haven't ate junk food in a long time and everytime I try to eat chocolate it makes me sick idk why 😂
Saige Qualle
Anyone else eating chocolate while watching this? No just me..... okay I'll leave
I lost 50 lbs in a year doing exactly this.
Oh hey, that's an app I use! I've lost 50 pounds while eating all the foods I love . . . just less portion size. :) And more veggies and fruits than I used to eat.
Selena Brown
1450 calories all your doing is starving your body. The calories isn't what matters. It what you eat.
Intan Laurenia
why do I feel like this is the simplest video theyve ever created? like theres no drama whatsoever like it usually has hm
Olivia Bejgrowicz
Huge shoutout to Kelsey for knowing what a Whoopie Pie is! All the fans from Lancaster, PA thank you!
- Olivia Bejgrowicz
Ja Gu
yaay! go Kelsey!
Pj Belton
It's easier just to eat healthier meals, like Mexican bean burritos, vege sushi, quinoa salad, baked sweet potato with hummus and salsa, potato roast, tagine and polenta, miso noodle soup, avocado chilli toast, oat banana pancakes, banana ice cream, peanut butter stuffed dates
Fake. She's standing up straighter in the after photo so off course she'll look skinner.
Michal Kaufman
this is incredibly inaccurate. also 1450 is way way too little and again inaccurate in the calculations of proteins carbs and fats. which is wierd because flexible dieting rocks. also calories dont matter
fast for a month
Jonas Themonkey
Looks to me like you lost track of them.
the phandom is everywhere
She sort of reminds me of Willa Holland for some reason
Wannabe Celeste infires Strong power thank you
My version of this would be " I tried McDonalds for a month" either I'm broke, I fail diets, or I just like food in general. I hate myself :(
A Sims Freeplay Fan
Can I get a like?My birthday is today
Nancy L
The best thing about this is that her goal in mind was to be HEALTHIER. This wasn't about losing inches or pounds, it was simply to help out the body by eating the right things it needs to function. Dieting should not be about the visual stuff. That stuff doesn't matter, your health is the only thing that matters.
Chris Garibaldo
Did nobody pick up on the fact her calories add up to nearly 2000 a day not 1450
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