The Movie That Was Too Scary for Baby James

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Big thanks to Gingerpale (hug him) ➤
Here it is folks. The longest video on this channel. And it's about a well made movie from the 80's that consisted entirely of puppets. And it was able to scare me even to this day. Jim Henson was amazing.

I gave this person (fanboy flicks) a shoutout at the begining of the video. He makes good videos talking about bad moveis. I like him  ➤

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Caitlyn McCranie
Does anyone else think Jen looks and sounds like Steve Perry from Journey?
Helena The Alienator
I was three when I watched this. (in 2008 idk) I got it for christmas AND WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WATCHED WITH MY OLDER BROTHER but i watched it without him. I thought it was funny when thew elf died and I liked the old lady dumb witch thing idk
Cam Mirror
I loved that movie as a kid and I still have it on DVD 😭
what is up with your dog
Catie G.
Migo Pogi
2:18 you had to reference IHE didn't you?
contessa graham
I hate The Dark Crystal. It freaks me out so bad. I prefer The Muppets
Maya Hazel
Well wika wika pidia tells lies
Alex Senpai
Seems like my kinda film/Comic! XD
The PlaguedGamer
The has something to do with it XD
Morgan Padberg
4:00 The child looks startled that you touched him.
This movie always makes me sick to my stomach for some reason
Kai G.
This brought back so many memories! The commentary was spot on, one of my favorite videos on The Youtube for surrrrreee!
Amy Love
I have the DVD the dark crystal I have never watched it
Gabby Pahinui
Bruh, yall muthafuckas ever seen labyrinth
Lem Aiko
Luke Skywalker
5:18 "This movie makes up so many words" shows the word crystal
Crystal and Mystic aren't made up words..
PurpleCryingGuy 1987
I bet Chamberlain is a good friend of Yoda.
Elizabeth Pruett
Actually Kira did die but she was brought back by the Tree aliens
potato potata
Now there's a Netflix movie about the dark Crystal
Caramel Drizzle
I was in Walmart™ and I was going through the movies on sale and found The Dark Crystal on sale... I bought it. AND IT SUCKED
Poppyside YouTube
Why do the bad guys look like a very ugly eagles
Elizabeth Pruett
He's actually wearing 3 pairs of glasses
Hugh’ll Float Too
The 1990 TV Mini Series - “Stephen King’s IT”
Scared the living HELL outta me when I was 6.
I watch it 6 years later and it’s still a little unnerving for me.
Elizabeth Pruett
I love The Dark Crystal
MineCrafter 2830
Ooohhhhh I️ wanna see this movie!

Now this video is relatable...
xXgamergirlXx !
It wasn't a flute it was a recorder I know cause I play flute en in my school band
Johnboi185 Valdez
Who else thinks the people that were hitting the rock(cant rember there names)look like jackels from halo
Paul Hough
Do a review of the labyrinth
Modern Bladesmith
0:43 you're getting a bit narcissistic aren't you?
0:54 o_o james... what are you doing?
Ryan Quinn
the first time i watched this movie i was tripping on mushrooms. holy fuck man wht an experience.
Giovanni saldana
I loved this movie
Aiden Gilbert
Hey did any of you watch stranger things? Mike Wheeler had a dark crystal poster in his room! Awesome right?
When I was little (like 4) I was scared of Peewee
DrayRex Z
7:32 don't worry james, I think its funny too (kinda)
Jewel Mine
the movie that scared me was the live action Alice in wounder land. For me when i was little i watched the live action verision and i was crying on the bed and i was eating cheese pizza as well. seriously i was crying and eating cheese pizza when watching a movie.
2007KaylaGirl and toria200 and rosesok207 Gamers
What app did you use to do this?
DrayRex Z
10:43 Hey it alot like my dog (~hey poppy~) ARFARFARFARFARFARAFRAFARAFARAFARAFARAF
DrayRex Z
9:31 Its a gurl, its a GURL
Tonja Siwel
this is by far my favorite video. I've rewatched this an embarrassingly amount of times
green fox XD
More moreeeeeee
0:57 "This movie came out in 1982"... you need say no more. The 80s were strange times for media.

6:01 Follow the greater sun, to the home of okra." =D

I had to literally Google it to convince myself this was never actually intended as adult horror.
Brooke Thatcher
K the teachers part two video still hasn't come out
Good Actually
0:54 - 0:56 😏😏😂😂
I grew up watching The Dark Crystal, and I still think it's a good movie.
Smokerdoodles -
I would hate to be Emperor to anyone- XD
joey joe
The crab things look like mirelurks from fallout
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