10 Coolest Vehicles In the World


10 Brilliant Ways To Get Around
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Traveling is one of the funniest adventures we can live. Exploring different parts of the world is a fantastic way to learn new things. But what’s just as important as the destination? The road you travel on and, of course, your mode of transportation.

So why not make the journey itself a little more exciting? There would be no dull moments with some innovative new vehicles.

Take the traditional motorcycle. Normally it’s exciting in and of itself. But what if you could revamp it? Are you wondering how? Well, think Tron’s light cycles. Yes, they are real, thanks to the Parker Brothers. They were able to create motorcycles that look almost like they are floating. Try that on your next road trip, and we are sure you’ll be turning heads.

Fancy something lighter? How about a hoverboard? Yes, the hoverboard is a reality thanks to Lexus. The board works using innovative technology and magnets to make it hover. Time to channel your inner Marty McFly? We think so. 

If you are an ocean enthusiast, we have something for you too. The submarine scooter allows divers to be completely protected while exploring the beautiful ocean. All you have to do is get in the scooter as you are attached by an oxygen cord. 

Excited for more? Start your engines and watch our video to see 10 Coolest Means of Transportation in The World. Let us know which of these vehicles you must have in the comments section. Thanks for watching!

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