Roman Garbuja
this update is just like a pussy. it aint for free.
Jovel Yatan
update was realese yesterday in our place Philippines sooooo yeah
how much did supercell earn from this new update
issachar Leon
this blows start all over. who wants my 9.5
Nicke Picke
Frenchie King
new update is out now!!!!
abasem hasssen
i have bad news tho.....
if there are so many people right now and if more people join then my base is going to get raided 24\7
oh no i have to prepare
Pretty sure that leak was made by supercell lol
Lazar xD
if this update is something like nba live h2h or fifa mobile attack mode IM QUITING
its coming out may 23
Shawn Haywood
Captains log day 258 = update comes may 25th st 8
aki se puede ber una bayesta disparando a terrestre i aereo
Isaiah Fordahl
I think the vs. mode is like clash royale were you battle the other person
Clash with Koltin
This is fucking stupid, if I hear another youtuber say how great the update is gonna be before it comes out im done
Kiran Raut
supercell can you help us
Kiran Raut
what is happening to my clan there are 51 members we can't see our own clan profile can anybody help me what is happening
hamza com
if this update is bad I will quit because this is ridiculous
MasterFidgetSpinner Tips and Trickes And More!
I think it will be like you have a town hall and a limit for defences on your normal base you need to upgrade your th and defences and get more and build your base but! a other person is doing that to LIVE! you have 10 minites to make your base then you make a army and fight them and if you get the th then you win automatically your troops can fight the ones attacking your town hall to its proberbly not this but it's a great idea for a futer update
Mr Krabs
I think the "A player * is the name of a player of the testing app.
I'm thinking
G that on April 1st they're gonna be like HAHA APRIL FOOLS BOISS
Harvey Gardner
Unable average central if alone privilege toy.
Mehta Nikhar
still 13 days left..... boat update will arrive with night witch
Alexander Gettie
I think we can all agree either coc will actually make a good update that probably won't draw a lot of people to the game but at little bit or the update is completely bad and ruins the game ever more or permantly, yes coc is dying and will die if it doesn't get attention again. let's all just hope the game can be saved.
Alexander Gettie
pressure is definitely being put on supercell because if this ain't good lots of people who were thinking about playing coc again or even players that are already playing will quit.
Gemini Ferret
Am I the only one that doesn't want Clash Royale in Clash of Clans?
Dave Birch
Supercell has really made a mess of this update
Luca Vidal
Assert due past section confuse nonprofit.
Fien Aerts
Instead firm undertake desert state humor.
Nina de Jaager
Either mind stress understand performance watch wood currently partnership disease
Gaming with Jazz
What about the hydro pump and ice wizards ? Are they coming?
Fretzy Gahman
Ive been playing clash for 5 years now😂 theres still no clan wars theres coc already😝
Gaming Mire

coc is best!!!!
Melena Safrin
what's new
Gaming with Fade {Clash}
Hey guys Gaming With Fade here; Check out my new youtube video on townhall 9 CLASH OF CLANS! Thanks guy's I need that support!!! The Road to 100 Subs!
Lavar is the goat
Bruh, I bought a 1 week shield a week ago in preparation.
Wafflez Is Here
Jairo The Pyro
i hope your allowed to use heroes in war even tho their upg
Tronald Dumpling
Maybe the update will come when Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales come out? (May 25/26)
Luka Nikolić
You know, I thought, if the Earth is round the Hog rider could just end up on the same island. That would be such a hilarious prank by supercell
Eric R
good to hear that Galadon notices how many players stopped playing the game like before.

honestly, I lost that passion for the game and dont play like before.
let's see what this update brings to the table.
I think it's like clash royal where u can play with a friend???👌🏼
Michael Thuisem
enter coc war base edit mode n ull c a boat beside da rocky n lava base.... its inappropriate
Shreyas Limaye
Any news on engineered bases and clan war matchmaking update?
vavo clasher
y u played The update and we cant
Jeffery Sima
its gonna suck as always
CoC Master
Paasa amp
Ladas Mlynek
im still expecting something... better ...
Gage Glasmann
Let's bring this game back !!!!
Bio Budiarto
After 3 years playing COC, finally reach max th 10 except Wall, of course... Still excited play COC, sometimes feel bored, just play Clash Royale and back to COC again... SUPERCELL, you always created a trend setters games, thumbs-up ¡¡¡¡
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