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In 1964, Bruce Lee took on Wong Jack Man in one of the most controversial fights of all time. Watch the trailer for Birth of the Dragon, the film inspired by this true event.

Set against the backdrop of 1960s San Francisco, BIRTH OF THE DRAGON is a modern take on the classic movies that Bruce Lee was known for. It takes its inspiration from the epic and still controversial showdown between an up-and-coming Bruce Lee and kung fu master Wong Jack Man - a battle that gave birth to a legend.
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Wow the movie was great
Anthony C
So racist

MAKE SUR U LIKE C: srry for caps fam nvm PEACE OUT dang got to work on dis wait how did i..NVM /omg i need to shut up bye DANG IT!
I enjoyed this movie a lot!!!
This is crap.They are using the "movie" style of fighting. He only used "flashy" movements in movies.
georges Last
This was a shit movie, bad actor, very weak production, stupid story. unfair for the Legend bruce lee.
Hai Tran
Why can't progressive Hollywood make a movie about asian men that doesn't involve martial arts. So much for liberalism, unless you are a favored minority. I'm sure a Breakfast at Tiffany's remake is coming, replete with a Mickey Rooney cameo. I guess I can find solace that they used an asian man to portray an asian man in this movie, progress I guess.
Captain Bodyslam
ooooooooo i want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't know about the historical or cultural debate regarding the accuracy, etc., but it was sure a fun movie to watch. Very authentic Chinatown atmosphere and great martial arts fight scenes. Don't take it too seriously. Just enjoy....good acting too !
Bruce Lee was such a huge fan of shitty anthemic hip hop, it's nice to see that finally recognized and appreciated.
A movie imitating bruce lee without permission.
Only the voice is similar, but others are fakes.
First of all there is absolutely no rap in the movie lol. The musical score is actually very nice. Second the movie is incredible!! I seen it twice and I'm a huge Bruce lee fan. Philip Ng is a way better Bruce lee than any other actor. Of course their are parts of the movie that are complete BS but in its entirety it's an amazing movie
mark yu
the one inch punch!
Edgar G.
I was right, a movie reviewer already saw this movie, and it is utter garbage and an insult to the legendary Bruce Lee and to his family and fans. According to the movie reviewer, it's mostly about the white guy , Steve fuckin McKee, and Bruce Lee is pushed aside. Fuck you WWE studios for making crap just insult the Aisan community..Fuck you!
Edgar G.
Another commentator said it best ( from another birth of a dragon trail or thread ) and that is the is really worth $1.99 in a basket full of worthless movies @ Walmart! Wong Jack Man was no monk, BL does not fly off 50 ft. balcony, is about the white guy white guy white guy romance an Asian girl, and no Linda Lee. WwE studios don't like AMWF couple on screen. It's full of white men @ WWE studios ,so, is their point of view how to do a ( crappy, IMO ) movie with Bruce Lee. WWE is full testerone so big they look Obese.
Captain Cartman
Meh... nothing will ever be better than Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
What is with the stupid rap music? It doesn't fit at all. It's as bad as the music in the Assassins Creed movie trailer.
Universal Pictures MX
Birth of the Dragon Movie [ ]
Jonvolca Man
I think Shannon Lee (Bruce's daughter) should direct the real version of Lee's story. Too many people making movies for the sole intent of profit and disregards to history. Shannon should do this before its too late.
Corey Cross
Uh, isn't this the guy that dared Bruce to fight? And Bruce accepted and the fight lasted about 30 seconds with the dude lying in a pool of his own blood? What in the world is this crap?
j d
white savior bullshit. why do whites have to keep kissing their own asses all day long?
Ed F
It's a shame that the reviews of this aren't good - and from what I can tell that's well founded, unfortunately. I'm not really aware of Bruce Lee as I never got round to watching many of his movies (I prefer Karate but that's just because I practice it, Lee's martial art looks badass as well though) but it seems like it could have made a good movie with a good message.
Micah Philson
So is this supposed to be a comedy or serious? It has many legends and true stories about Bruce Lee mixed in with half a dozen kung-fu movie cliches, so I'm actually not sure!
Shon Curry
Everyone saying this movie is trash, and I'm pretty sure it will be trash compared to the real Bruce Lee but you know everybody here is going to watch it somehow 😂
Randy Snodgrass
Bruce was not this cocky, onr did he ask for the fight. just a fyi
Deniz Yener
I would like to donnie yen play bruce lee but still young
He may not look like Bruce Lee but he sounds like him, has his mannerisms and is cocky. Of course we just HAVE to include rap crap.
Calamansi Tree
wow.. just wow.. the cheese on this.. it's like a deep dish pizza... the cheese is so stretched!
Ben10Origins 849405
Woodrow George
This will be a great movie!!! I wish somehow, the fight was on today.
Jack Riley
The Birh of the 🐉
is going2 kickass
take names
A alsome..
2017 get it #!
Austin Wilwayco
Lol the one inch punch
ImaginaryYoutubeking ROBLOX
who else came here cuz of roblox
Joseph Lewis
Dear, Bruce I am sorry that my generation has allowed this to happen. I humbly ask that you somehow ruin this movie and stop it from being made...

-A fan
Gabriel ArchAngel
Going to be a Hollywood mockery of the Master
randy phan
Bro he is one of the best Kong fu fighter ever
Kenneth Agustin
wow btw watch ip man too #ipman
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Rob lox Adds brought me here
Solomon Productionz
Gogo Star
This was an add on roblox. lol
Who is here because of the Roblox ad?
jon green
There are enough movies by Bruce Lee and documenting Bruce Lee, do we really need another one - simply don't be ignorant and look them up.

I don't think we need another movie to exploit the life of Bruce Lee for money.
Ticci Tina
omg its coming out on my birthday!
Borderline Gaming
Dragon: the bruce lee story was ten times better.
Jr Dennison
WWE Studios? Not getting my hopes up.
Bruce Lee loses
John Pena
In my opinion, I feel like fucking hollywood is going to die. Just like the Disney version of Star Wars. HEY GUYS LETS REMAKE EPISODE 4 AND NOT INTRODUCE ANY FUCKING CHARACTERS? WHO IS WITH ME? Every 12 year old kid I am serious guys, movies are going to be replaced with really long TV shows. Look at Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Tell me I am wrong and I will reply with happiness. :)
Viet Lee
Did this channel brought it's views 8.4 million and only 138 comments?
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