i though the fight was 1 sided and that Lee chased the monk around the mat after a few minutes, not this matrix crap.
STK Shadow
Im back bitches
I noscoped jfk
where'd kung lao's hat go
Darrny H.
Whelp i'm glad we're getting another martial arts movie.
They stay fabricating facts that are known and admitted by those that have witnessed the events. Yet, alone still alive and have given plenty of interviews/testimonies on the life, events, etc of Bruce Lee. I could have sworn his 1st student was Jesse Glover along with others were indeed Asian, black, and white. The cast is completely Caucasian damn near. Why fabricate what can easily be researched and proven? Furthermore never knew Wong Jack Mon was a Shaolin monk/master and was some big famed guy that came from China to challenge Bruce so openly? I have nothing against any race being of mixed heritage/lineage. But, tired of Hollywood etc white washing facts. Like the old west of America. They were all Caucasian let them tell it. No Hispanics, Blacks, or Asians existed then. The Chinese built the railroads, Blacks and Hispanics were primarily what you saw often as cowboys. Along with some Native Americans as well as whites. This movie is an insult to Bruce Lee. As well as his family, student's, closest friends and legacy. At least Dragon the Bruce Lee story gave a closer insight to the facts that occurred in Lee's life. Can't believe this
It's hard for me to believe that they can do better than Dragon: The Bruce Lee story.
just a bush
EXPOSISION, THE TRAILER, WWE is not a movie studio, thisa is gonna be trash
King Henry VIII
Hidden swastica at 2:08! Can you find it?
All the Kung Fu.... then came the Mongols, then came the Manchus, then came the British and then came the Japanese. Even with a 2 million man army, they couldn't conquer a small neighboring peninsula... so how great is Kung Fool? Too Ooriginal and too Poowerful to show in the UFC. Remember guys, "Real masters" or so they would like to claim, will never show their arts to the public. It's as real as Chi balls.
King GodFlow
Man instead of this go watch The Foreigner starring Jackie Chan cuz that shit looks lit.
NICK Channel
This was the story of how Bruce Lee became a vigilante protector of San Francisco? Oh wait, that didn't happen, just like most of the stuff in this movie.
Looks like this would be a great movie!!!
Sdmelmar Episom
when is this movie gonna come out?
ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ Ultimate #POWA
The fucking lack of dislikes is god damn disgusting
peter morales
how is this wwe related?
looks like a good movie, to bad they put rap crap in it...
Glow Apple
I whoched 5 seconds and I stop just to say this look like a whates of money and this move look fucking dum and retarded
J Double C
Ok I don't give a fuck what there fucking saying about this movie I'm fucking watching it nobody is gonna fucking stop me fuck the haters
Mark Wazowski
Wait rap in the 60's? Secondly what you are portraying in the movie is not factual and by most accounts never happened. Stop with Bruce Lee already NO ONE can re create what Lee was.... No one.
16th Earl of Warwick
i was sure this was meant to be a joke....
i seen a lot of bruce lee fakes movies but this one actually interest me. he got the swag attitude
Alan Ray
This movie was supposed to come out in 2016, but the Asian community had an outrage because the movie's main character was based on Steve McKee, a Caucasian man who met Bruce Lee when he moved to Los Angeles. Bruce Lee was only a supporting role in the original trailer from last year. It's not going to change the concept of how the movie was portrayed, because they only changed it to please the true Bruce Lee fans and for all the Asians who were pissed off when they watched the trailer a year ago. You can't make a movie about the greatest martial artist ever without having him as the main character, and to also have the audacity to name the film, "Birth of a Dragon."
Ruben Aram Ter-Akopow
To my knowledge, Bruce has meet this guy just once and the whole fight was more or less like this - The guy was stepping away for a while and Bruce was trying to get him as he was stepping forward to him. Then, after few minutes of walking / slow running around the gym, Bruce did get him and ended the fight. His wife Linda said (she was the only direct witness of this event), that Bruce was kind of a pissed, that it took him so long, but from that day, the Chinese community stopped to threaten him by sending somebody to prove him wrong and his fighting style as weak. Do as much movies you want, but everything sucks ...
Justin Z
Sleeping dogs?
This pisses me off. Wong runs up a wall and does a flip, Lee does at least two jumping kicks, WHY? Why does a martial arts movie about people who used minimalist technique to maximize damage have to have them doing flashy, unnecessary moves??
Ashton Belville
Now you have begun to exceed your limits! "What limits?"
Free your mind!
Proceeds to jump off building
Ryan Russell
Whats next will they start digging stars out of the ground and cgi the skeletons
Evren Masters
I paused as soon as I heard rap. Stop it.
Zachary Thoroman
But can he beat Bruce Wayne?
Kae Pugna
Bruce lee was a movie star nothing more...not a fighter.
Its about time they make a movie on Bruce Lee. SUUUUPER stoked X]
Yuchen Liu
asian guys on american movie? fuck yeah
Powergod 88
Wait I thought Bruce lee was died
Looks dope
Keith Thompson
The bruce lee story movie was the best bruce lee ever made, it was perfect and historically accurate, this here is not.
What bugs me is the sensationalization of Bruce Lee's fight with Wong Jack Man. First of the teaching of non Chinese people was an issue but not the only one. Secondly, it was barely a fight. According to surviving witnesses Bruce landed an early decisive blow and spent much of the rest of the fight chasing Wong Jack Man around the room. This was hardly some cinematic meeting of equals. The greatest result of the fight was Bruce further refining his technique because he was so angry he couldn't finish Wong Jack Man more quickly.
Panda Hugger026
At least these characters are asian and not white people pretending to be asian
lynn pabon the elite hero
You know the movie is going to be shit when you see WWE studios logo.

Trailer looks good though
This looks fucking retarded...
Baka Neko
If you want to see a action-packed Kung Fu movie simply USING the Bruce Lee name, by all means.... Go watch this film.... If you want to see a film ABOUT Bruce Lee, who he actually was and his philosophies; there are FAR BETTER CHOICES!
Archie Monegan
lol A white man playing Bruce lol
Tony Montano
The One Inch Punch Is Savage
Gurpreet Singh
Movie looks amazing
Now make a movie where he gets choked out by Gene LeBelle
Joe Neighbor
Based on the trailer It's going to suck. Like 99% of the so called BL biographies.
Just one point of the many obvious ones: Who in a fight would run up against a pillar to do a backflip? Obviously it would be no contest for the real BL even in the early 60's.
Joseph Rodriguez
Inspired?? Why rebuild a legend that was already complete?? Bruce Lee deserves better than a movie full of testosterone, hip hop and glorified drama. Treat it like he lived his life... Honest, truthful and with honor.
Asken Reeseve
Bring it!
Gaaaaaaaaarbaaaaaage! This movie is going to be trash. So much fiction, and where did they find Goose Lee? That guy is slower than I am. Produced by a Pro WRESTLING studio? If anybody making Bruce Lee biographical style movies knew ANYTHING about Bruce Lee, they'd know that you don't have to add fiction to his life story to make it amazing. Flying through the air like Peking Opera an shit. Get OUTTA here with this mess.
Holly Wood
why does the movie dress Wong Jack Man up like a Shaolin monk? This movie is already bullshit.
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