Mayweather vs. McGregor - '180 Million Dollar Dance' Trailer


I can't believe this is actually happening... Lol.
Going down August 26th.



Music mix I made:

Original tracks:
'Diabolic Clockwork' -
'Gangsta's Paradise' -
(cover) -
(cover) -

Mike Fight Promo
All the music included in this video:

'Diabolic Clockwork' -
'Gangsta's Paradise' -
(2WEI's Cover) -
(Christian Reindl's Cover) -

Music mix by me:
Mac Benitez
"If I get the itch to come back, it really won't be for the money, but I have to get paid" *the IRS is knock - knock knocking on May weather's door, hey hey hey yay YEEEEEEAH
Ricardo Cuellar
todo lo que tienen de millones asi an de tener las tuberias de caca.todo lo que ande tragar
Bogdan Savitskiy
the fuck that lil dark boy saying that McGregor won't do shit and is no one for me and then fooking says that he came out of retirement for him
BIO Ging3r
I wanna say mayweather will destroy him but I'm getting a little worried. But still.... GO MAYWEATHER!!!!!!!
Edgar Alan Castro
Grant Wilson
The plot of Creed
Fabricio pessoa
dancing for 180 mil...
take out the rules, i win...
Even Mcgregor knows he will loose this boxing matchup...
EASY 50x0
Kc Davies
'lets go an have a proppa knock, under specific rules to keep you alive' hahahaha what a guy
The best 4 minutes of my life
Brody Luxon
Just hope Floyd runs into Connors left lights out, but yes bit but
Ibruh Chill
50-0 Connor Out!
Mayweather calls himself an elephant but he is smaller then a koala bear
Ra'ad As'hab
Both are arrogant SOBs... this should be interesting. I hope its a double KO!
Lion Golden
este deveria ser el tráiler oficial
Ardalan nishabourian
i rlly love this edit
Phillip Reddoor
omg 😱 🔥🔥🔥🔥
This is such a cool video sick editing
satinder khatana
Dammnnnn oh my god the music was just perfect
Jesse T.
over hyped shit the mayweather and pacquaio was way bigger, including their paychecks
Kartik Raj
After this fight start calling him Conor Money Mcgregor😎
Michiel Dijksterhuis
Conor on Aldo:
I felt when we stared down, I felt his right hand was twitching, which was a subtle tell for me. He's ready to unload that right hand and I feel that could be a downfall for him. If he lets that right hand go, I will not be there.
I simply enter the way I enter and that is it. They either over-extend or they shrink away.
Either way, it is not good for them.
I will create traps and dead space inside that Octagon. I will walk him into that dead space. All of a sudden he will be in danger.
Torey pudwill
I have a little doubt about McGregor beating Mayweather, but if he beats him, just like he said, I WILL NEVER DOUBT HIM AGAIN.
Michiel Dijksterhuis
1:45 is gonna be legendary if conor pulls it off man shit this trailer made me tear up bru
Harrison Iles
When Conor wins this fight I have no doubt he will go down as the best of all time
Jerome Noynay
right hook is the key in beating mayweather...
ayoub belajfa
Best trailer I've ever seen in my life, Maaan that's sick
Izo Khan
Showtime needs to hire you their trailer was trash compared to this.
Frankie Kelleher
People seem to forget coner started boxing before mma at a young age and was an amuter boxer
random person
im so excited
Paz Van Gelder
Better then the official one
Raccoon QL
They are gonna make a movie about this
This is such a great promo
Stackz *
Iv watched this over 10x now lmfao
Greatest promo of all time??? I think so..
Luke Crisp
3:13 Goosebumps.
linus schmidt
transaction warning horn method lately presence sure row forgive twenty.
Imran X
This promo is the best, does this fight justice 1000%
This is the greatest promo for anything ever made. Absolutely PHENOMENAL job
camden holmes
Nate out boxed him in that second round, and out boxed him multiple times in the second fight. Yeah conor won the second fight and I agree he did, but he fucking barely won 3-2 score by rounds 2 of those nate out boxed him. Nate knows that he's no Floyd mayweather. Y'all think Conor is better than Floyd mayweather and or gonna beat the p4p best defensive boxer ever you're fucking nuts
Lt Kill
Amazing just absolutely amazing ! I really in my heart want to see Conor McGregor defeat Floyd Mayweather. Who knows ? Maybe they go the full 12 rounds.

UFC fighter Cody Garbrandt (a KO artist) went against a fighter Dominick Cruz the full 5 rounds.

Note Cruz is a point style fighter, he usually goes the full rounds.
Shaun Tiller
Best promo. Ever
Hasuna Hachem
I am so pissed this wasn't used for the actual damn promo.
Mirko Armanni
“Look me in the eyes. 28 years of age. Confident as a mother fucker, long, rangy, dangerous with every hand. Trust me. I’m going to stop Floyd and you’re all going to eat your words, the whole world is going to eat their words."
Nicholas Salvato
By far the very best promo I have ever seen. Could of stopped it at about 3:08 and it still would have been great yet that next minute and a half just added. Amazing stuff man! Great job
Toby Murs
This gonna be a h*ll of a fight.
Pkay Ang
The Irish is back
Siahwash N
The same "specific rules" that kept Mcgregor alive in the first Diaz fight?
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