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Time to break some football recs! (records) 
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Dude Perfect
NEW Video -- Pool Trick Shots 2 coming Monday! 👊🏼🙇🏻🐼
Squig McCrory
After all these years, you guys sure know how to make us smile! Great job!
Piper McLean
I think Michael is running out of awards, for Dude Perfect..
Lil Derp
Hey Dudes do you know who Andy Dalton is? He went to TCU.
coleen smith
who is the panda
Benjamin Stewart
Me and my friend could MABY beat the worlds highest catch. MABY!
Katia Sapoznikova
all these haters in the comments they're just jealous
This is american football, not football. See football is the sport americunts call soccer
Austin Hurley
I feel bad for the people who paid for this song when I just went and looked it up on YouTube and listen to it there
Kidsters dude
how much world do you guys have . about 30
Drew Ballard
any body think tye should be a QB
Ahmad Ghalem
idk but i feel some tricks is fake :/
Ahmad Ghalem
idk but i feel some tricks is fake
Lachlan Winter
Unedited version of the most one handed catches in a minute?
donald casas
Cody Buckley
Cody should be a QB
Emmanuel Padilla
now we know who the panda is
Martin To
dude go make a swimming race
3:05 one of the twins got there ankles broke
gael Rangel
Ty I hate you. you broke my favorite football players one haddend catches
Will05 gamebuster Ga
Do a strong man battle 👊🙇🐼
John Ferina
you're lying he is panda
Austin Cisneros
he is the panda
Brenna Girardin
Did you guys not accomplish any of the world records?
katie zhang
who is really the panda?i'm curious
Braiden R
is one of the camera guys the panda
Mustache Sensei
That's crazy and awesome how they beat OBJ, and Antonio Brown for most one handed catches in a minute!!!
Augustine Agbeko
Coby won sumo wreseling
Salvador Maciel
They should do a soccer edition, like if you agree
I can do that
James Sigaty
Highest football throw, 563 ft!😝
john dowwd
if i could brick a record it would be most targets hit with a snip😏
Manuel Dominic
Every dude perfect member never let Michael talk
Mad Max03
I bet you the guy they said was the panda was actually the panda
Eyosias Getachew
Question: What stadium is that?
Shawn Kuehling
for the highest football pass Cody should've gotten it, he passed it.
Time Paradox
Can't believe these guys have more subs than Jacksepticeye
YY and Ani
People that say it is fake. It isn't because they wouldn't got the guiness world record plake.
Bob 14
micheal's the best
Anye-Nkwenti Forti
Someone tell me if this guy made those rewards just in case
Abdulhadi Sajjad
My Grandmother died can I get a few likes?
call of duty boss -streams daily
he is the f ing panda
Laura Holder
will you tell us who panda is
Benjamin Fraser
Next time you should do tennis!😀😊😄😇😃
Bear Gawd
Steve is the panda
Some of these things r fake
Rashaun Howard
we know the pandas true I denied
You are good!!!!!!!!!!
Golden Wolf
He is the panda
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