Women Give Themselves Bikini Waxes • Ladylike

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“I’m a little light-headed."

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Amanda Schwartz

Ann Volcy
Kelsey nips was popping out the whole episode.
Aishwarya Patil
I am the only one who watches the slomo on repeat and lmao
Brendon Urie's biggest fan girl
one time my friend said " you can't say youre bisexual unless you are willing to go down and lick a vagina" and I was like "aha im pansexual and I will still do that" Well in ma head
Arama Kuypers
I wax myself every month lmao
Janie Jørgensen
it sound like they we're giving birth😂😂😂
abbey christopher
Saf is in this video 😭
Aleson Arizona
i laughed the whole time idk why xD
I won't wax all my hair off. (Trimming I will) I find the hair is good for protection from bacteria and infections. BUT, I do wax my bikini line. I don't like my vagina hairs peeking out of my swimsuit when it's summer. It's embarassing.
Laura Susan Johnson
3:42 The ripping sound of Saf's hair tearing out (cringe!!!) and then the slo-mo voices of all the girls turning into Zuul LOLOLOLOL!!!! I miss Safiya so much!
M 24
I need advice or help pls. 😩 I recently started waxing myself down there, but sometimes i don't get the hair all the way out so I can see the hair underneath like how it looks after shaving :/ I don't know if it's the wax or me. How can I be sure to get all the hair from the root ?
Ava Daugherty
Every time Freddie says "I!" At the end it makes me laugh so freaking hard 😂😂
Mae Beltran
00:53 Is that from Dragon Ball Z soundtrack? -or do I have a problem? xD
Yoana Hernandez
Oh god, that sad song😂😂😂
Sillencee Official
I give myself Brazilian waxes once a month every month lmao
You never get used to it
Abby Cole
I feel like I should really do this, but I'm so terrified to do it myself, and no one touches me woohoo except me
Jupiter Harte
I can't stop laughing
Freddie's shirt gives me life
Payton :D
2:32 I'm dead XD
January Campbell
oh noooooo not the gigi wax warmer
Kay Cross
the teacher had so much botox her face didn't even move
Maya Spooner
Can't you just use the strips...?
My life is Twenty Øne Pilots
Saf 😭😭😭
Jena Rupert
I tried to do a Brazilian at home, idk how I got through it
Tenleysfunzone place
U have to wax your vagina
Danielle Hillman
omg their faces look like they are giving birth
Olivia Fox
That slow-mo tho
Erin Dauer
I don't understand why but I can't stand Kelsey
Alesia Zollinger
i would rather have to shave down there everyday 2 weeks to a month. than ever wax done there let alone let someone random lady do it 😂😂
Ava Ruffin
pause @0:57 and look at the tweezers😂😂
Denisha Cook
Frankie is always having a good time lol
mcclamac 000
no youre not ladylike only Fred is bye
Britney Romero
This was really interesting.
its lexy
if your a girl and u felt there pain leave A like
Shego Episode
I can't be the only one laughing historically😂😂but the music in the background and the slo-mo make it 10x funnier
Can someone tell me where Freddy got her shirt from?(:
Grace VS
I waxed alllll of it by myself with only the help of a mirror, running back to the stove to heat the wax up everytime it cooled. No joke, bled and bled so much on the underside because of how much hair got ripped out. Took me 2 HOURS, and it hurt like a MF.
Yvonne Williams
Go to 3:52 is that her hair from down there
Laura Packard
Freddie cracks me up
Yasmin Sandoval
I love the blonde girl. That would be me 🙋🏻🙅🏻😂
Adilene Martinez
Everytime they pulled it back I never seen hair on the wax .. Like I've gone all natural ever since it started growing .. Idk is that wrong ? Should I be doing something to it
Why do we think we have to do this to be attractive... it's SO painful!
Melissa Call
i love kelsey
The .CrystalBoat
Kelsey is honestly unbearable. Ugh, just ugh in ever way. Even the way she talks is annoying.
Worst video to watch when you are trying to let your face mask dry without cracking. I could not stop laughing to save my life 😂😂😂😂💙💙💙💙💙💙
Abacado AJ
i am proud of my bush
Ilse Inanc
Proud of u Kelsey
lilo manner
thank god i did laser - but that also hurts like a motherfucka, but at least not forever
Tyler Gibson
The song that they play during the slow motion part i did a ballet dance to 😂
Christina Kelly
I'm good just shaving
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