Women Give Themselves Bikini Waxes • Ladylike

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“I’m a little light-headed."

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Amanda Schwartz

Patty S
Jevara Kyle
Okay idk if its just me but it really isnt that painful i do it myself too... takes me 20 mins and trust me mine's thick
if this is lady like put it on lady like?
Jessica Bowers
You don't wax your vagina....you wax your labia
You just can't Kelsie anywhere... 😂
Just no
Alina Jhones
It looked like they were giving birth XD
rachel Jones
i feel there pain xx
Helen Magdalena
I freakin love Kelsey!
The slo mo😂😂😂😂😂
Jessica Brown
Kelsey should sooooo join lady like, like if you agree
Azaria Sade
whats the classical song that they used?
Beary B
I began to hurt while watching this.
Everything Different
You can see Kelsey's nipples // she needs a bra
Marena Phoenix
I can't even imagine how bad that would hurt
I feel like they all just gave birth. lol
Jocee Stone
they had babizz
WOMEN, you don't need to remove your hair to make you look attractive. There are tons of people who don't mind hairiness, it's normal. Allso, the hair around your vagina protects from bacteria and helps controlling the temperature - that's what it's for!!!!!💪❤️
Ava Bohnert
I was clutching my vagina the entire time I was watching this
Do you hear that? tap tap tap that's my vag! 😂
Femke van den Berg
One of the songs playing was missed in the music list, at 4:11, Moonlight Sonata Movement 1 by Beethoven is playing
MelissaOnline MSP
Sounds like thee going through labor
yasmeen nour
i did this once
it took me 5 hours to be done
it hurt SO MUCH
but i did the whole thing
And never done it again
Bts is life I love you
It looks like they are giving birth
Maya Neuhoff
1:45 made me pee ahahahaha
Семен Сименыч
Nicole da Silva
Kelsy is so annoying
Xiovon Johnson
awww Saf left
Amy Evans
I had mine waxed by someone else and it was sore for longer than a week and itchier than when you shave when it grows back
Music Saves lives
What song is it at 4:40?
Christie Racher
I love these women
Emilee Rhymer
I love these girls so much!!❤ but I'm going to miss Sophia!!❤❤
Kiera - k3
Struggles of a women
Pupzie and Meowzie Vlogs
This music was making me soooo uncomfortable 😣
Julie Munch
This was the last ladylike video i haven't seen.. I wonder how much money buzzfeed got because of it.
Y'all should wax your noses!! Please!!!
Kristina Bernice Isetta
I tried waxing myself once and made myself bleed..
Jasmine Lucas
why would you do this yourself instead of just, going and getting it done professionally.
I tried to do this to myself and i was in tears
Firefly Forest galexy
It looks like they were trying to give birth 😂
Ella Bella
In the thumbnail it looked like saf was crying!😂
Zaynab Ahmad
Crazy Kitty
this was funny 😂
Maya Crowe
Freddie is thriving in this situation
Ashley Ervin
it's a boy! lol
Pour some Suga on me
Can someone please help Kelsey find a darker shade of foundation that matches her skintone? She's too pretty to be walking around like that. Friends don't let friends walk around looking like no face from Spirited away! lol
I don't care for Kelsey. Every time I see her in a video I stop my buzzfeed video binges. And on that note ✌🏾
Elisabeth Winkler
Kelsey should really wear better bras 😖😖😖
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