UrbanGirl Paris
this doesn't look fun , it looks like more teen angst bullshit...
Jason Kameda
That is so Polaris.
Vern Hestand III
I absolutely HATE this new thing where they show you the climax of the trailer before the trailer begins. WHO thought this was a good idea? Do they think were all asleep out here and need to be woken up first? Do they understand the nature and purpose of theatrical build up? Do they wonder why almost all trailers nowadays start out with a single piano key (haha)?
Harley Schneider
directed by Singer?.....sigh......
Aengelo Vargas
I dont like it

I despise it
Dorothy Ngo
unbelievable video, enjoy hd movie here
Wilbert Lawrence
unbelievable video, enjoy hd movie here
so where is syler? cause i saw claire and mr Bennet
jennings mills
yay i saw fred!! wesley will be delighted!
professor-X is a villain?
Matías Martínez
Esto se como la película de Carrie.
Alfredo J
this is so shit.
Brandon Dennis
x men will never be the same after logan at least they got deadpool
Robert E. Waring
Lewys Tapscott-Nott
I hope this is not going to be like a teen series
Boy Melon
1:36 is that Blink ?
Rosineide Soares
Temos duas versões mirins da jean grey
the series will kill off the excitement to watch the movies...
Aseq Sumau
Crybaby Panda
Bill? I thought you died 😲
delete this
music : Black Math - Lapse
johara FAWAZ
Root is alive ! omg
Ankuan Narciso
i think this is the new kids in Logan like if you agree
Dark productions
When I saw men I was expecting colossus,iceman,nightcrawler,Scott,sunspot,warpath,Logan,Charles,magneto,blink,bishop,storm
Oh wow another one
Nathan Crenshaw
This looks real bad
Looks like Heroes.
kischar crossdale
when this is coming out
John Breneman
I loves this show when it was Heros
Lo Re
Why they donot call the series I have powers and normal teenager problems
Doctor Blam
Bulous me Fab
looks cheap and cheap.....cheaper than heroes or any cheap shows.... I feel sorry for marvel comics
Kyle Clark
Is this a show or a movie? I really don't know
wow, cop dad that puts mutants away finds out his daughter is a mutant. This is the exact same plot of Heroes Season 1.
Brandon Gibbs
Fox has never made the Marvel logo so prominent before. The song they used is also a near beat for beat recreation of the track from the Civil War trailer, same key, same chord progression. The deception here is just disgusting. Fox and DC are like legless children dreaming they can run as fast as their big brother (Marvel).
khalil araj
feels like heroes , don't know why
Allan Bezerra
Legal. Bem loko! Like e uma BATATA XADREZ :)
Sarah Wilson
actually on Wikipedia it said the show is interconnected to the x-men movies.
😂😂😂😂 might as well make them kindergarten students
Ralph Ryder
And this is why you don't kill Logan 🙁
Oh fuck I thought this was a fan trailer or something.
Not every single damn marvel creation ever needs a series. They simply don't have the funds
Spike Spiegel
Agents of the Shield light

I'll probably still check it out
Rafael Alódio
Why they just don't call Deadpool to help them in whatever kind of conflict it is going on.
Jt Jt
IF IT AINT PART OF THE MCU its crap. Legion, CRAP. THIS MAJOR CRAP! IF IT AINT NETFLIX AND PART OF THE MCU THEN ITS GOING TO SUCK ASS. Just give the rights back to Marvel Studios so we can make BADASS shows not this shit about mutants nobody gives a FUCK about
Jt Jt
Juai nott?
As long as there are hot bitches I'm in... If you know what I mean hahaha
Justin & Jragons
Suck it avengers X-men is everlasting wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o× 1000000

Nick Anders
X-MEN: The Gifted is gonna be A great movie for me to go see.. 😊😊😁
Brent Boudreau
Reminds me of the movie Chronicle.....one kid is bullied and absolutely loses it...
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