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Giles Clark has to stand by as a mother Tiger gives birth to her first born but will he need to step in before the cub breathes it's first breath? Taken from Tigers About The House.

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Roxyygirl AJ
Hold on Katelyn.
I'll be there in 12 years.
Hold on.
Brave Princess 10188
I don't see this as disgusting, I think I need counseling XD
i thought it was a turd
jamie hughes
most beautfiul thinv ive ever seen
I actually threw up while watching this, but I also thought it was beautiful, how is that possible?
Pepa Pepik
xochitl somoza
Okay I got you to be your love 👩🏻😢😢👶🏻🐯🐯
Victoria Bentley
Beyond adorable made me cry...
noopur saxena
mom...human or animal black or are adorable....
Kira Randle
<-------- Well, this is ironic....
Chocolate Petals
Im Happy Easy Tiger And good luck with those cubs
Dynamic Plays
3:06 dude,you recording me while im goving birth?!
So Beautiful I love it to boys 💕🐅
Ctystal Ramirez
and babys dont have fur when there born
Ctystal Ramirez
when do the babys grow fur 2 or 4 years or months
Mia Browne
I love TIGERS🐯
Mia Browne
Australian zoo?
Mia Browne
is this Auckland zoo?
Anna Green
That is amazing but it is kinda gross
Cream Pie
the mother is so beautiful
awesome alex00
It looks funny how a tiger can put its leg up like a cat, I can only imagine a cat doing that XD
Cylan Brooks
I which she bet It
Miguel Armijo
No en tenos nada
Maple TheStrongKitty
I had a cat have kittens and, there were twins but, one didn't make it. To this day the only one has TERRIBLE allergies.
Snazzy Family
adorable the first one was harder to get breathing but second straight away and we were scared for the first one
Jennifer Liu
So beautiful ❤
Sharvani Gukhool
woa they are so cute
Antonella Paz Miño Alvarez
awwwwww is very cute and beautiful
Hannah Brown
i love tiger's
Ana Camila Lora
Ola es muy lindo
Thank you God for the beautiful animals you created for us.
yasmen Gonzalez
how did i get to this i was on mincraft then this showed up
ATMलाल यादव हिन्दुस्तानी
Jim Kelly
I like how animals just causally eat while
Giving birth💙
Ashley dger f h fg
This is incredible
It's first noise was adorable
Shagufta Memon v humans shout during labor n look at these animals, seriously amazing hats off😘😘😘😘
Joan Johnson
God is good
joe nolan
id rather see them after a month than right when theyre born
NightPlays YT
It looks like its pooping quickly,gross and cute at the same time
ღLps Roblox Loves 2ღ
It was NOT disgusting. It was beautiful! Well done momma tiger! ^-^
Logan Paul Vlogs
I better stop here because next I'll be watching a mother giving birth
Abdullah Khan
3.06 just look
Tegan Dower
this is amazing...I'm speachless...i love this...the way Caitlyn cares for the Cubs is just amazing:)
Unicorn emily
kaeden Langford
my name is kaeden
Ndèye Binta KEITA
absolutely amazing. my God ♥♥♥♥
Yolanda Fuentes Jimenez
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