Anisa Rin
I hope they are healthy always.
pop goes the weasel
This is sooo cuute! └(★o★)┐
Hakim Sharulnizam
I've seen my cat give birth before, and it's pretty similar. Except that there is a sort of tube thing leading to the sack, also there were like five coming out (one at a time)
Jacaueline Clark
Was that tiger injured or something that she should have been out in the wild instead of people looking at her while she gives birth and that's not fair she should be out in the wild not in some cage trying to get enough space to push the baby out
Emma Wang
one minute im looking for codes on Wishnite's twitter, the next im watching this.
Pastel Unicorn
You know tiger and. Other big cat and pet cats give birth painful so don't be rude also you're mother give you birth like this
cυтє σякα
It's not disgusting or gross, it's natural and beautiful! I mean, what do you expect from mom tiger's vagina? A super clean cuddly tiger? Well, the baby is gonna have some saliva too.
Narayanni Maldonado
Aw, my sweetheart 😳
Horse Rider
some people are so lucky to fuss these amazing creatures
Adam Patterson
that's amazing genuinely, and to think people are convinced a big bang an explosion made all this :S an uncaused cause made all this and that is God, no two ways about it I'm afraid.
Wynter OwO
It's sad how tigers aren't in the wild and in some countries they are treated in disgusting ways like being drugged and not even allowed to sleep and do what they want to do. I hope something happens so the tigers can be released and cared for
1:06 EWWW that liquid thing was so gross
Black Pink
What Is the Pop
All perverts!
Doge Doge
In 3.05 the tiger is Like GET OUT
LilWez •
Stop watching this f lion have is baby !
Chino Pisces
I am not crying...I'm just allergic to cats...
So beautiful
Bad Bunny JR Conejo Malo
what nice
how did i get here?? just a second ago i was watching a stingray giving birth.. now a tiger give birth..
BeadyGryphon371 Hoodaman
Who thinks tigers are the most beautiful big cats ever?
Unnur Sólveig
If ur gonna keep these animals locked up then at least give them a decent home this is horrible ps I was talking about the home was horrible not the birth.
D and M D and M
How did i get here i was watching ar'mon and trey😂❓
Fira. Da TattleTail
Omg no regrets i went from hypnotism to this and im am now so happy!
ة{}ة الوو
Jen beee
They’re family. You know when the people got excited and clapped, they were family.
mervin malonzo
Cute baby lion cub 😄😊😀
etta peay
this is so nice how they take the time to study nature an bring it to us/our kids that love these animals.
Mod Podge
First i was watching cake videos so how did i get here?
Nicola Liquorish
Aoibhin Mcdonnell
I was watching greys anatomy now I'm watching this.
Forida 87
So beautiful
Black tip reef shark Master
Big tiger kitty!
✮๑。ŴĭłЂęѓ ➸☆
wow 😨👏👏👏
clap clap clap
Yasmin Gonzalez
i was just watching bts save me and now I came to this it's so beautiful😍💏💞💖💟💓💕😘😂😭
minecrafter gamer
ooouuhhh good
FireTheArrows !
I was watch slime diys and now this wow it's purfect
Noor samah
Ohhh so cute
Tridentbro801 HayHayForHoreHay104
,🐯😗😗😗☺😶😶SO CUTE
Crystal Ingham
Good job Mama 😊🐯🐯
Dulxer Garcia
Helpful KitKatlo
3.06 hey you kinda look like my cat 😅
jenn the killer
Ew did it come with poo and why did it came out like poo
arooba ansari
For a minute I got scared and thought that it might have been dead this is so beautiful though
MSP britny edwards
The thumbnail looked like the tiger mom was like what is this?!?!
Rita S
Eating while watching this wasn't a smart idea.
Kayla Thomas
It cause yall cliked on it duh
kermit the fwog
Why licking it make it brain work
kermit the fwog
Aww look at the baby giraffes
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