Donald Trump Plagiarizes Legally Blonde Grad Speech - Monologue

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Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Monday, May 15.

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Donald Trump Plagiarizes Legally Blonde Grad Speech - Monologue

Caryn Van Wyk
He needs to seriously stay off the sauce he looks like shit
William Ridge Sr.
Even trump himself gives a new meaning to the term DUMB BLONDE.
Dana G
Is this real? Like, did Trump really plagiarize legally blonde?
Arel Ramirez
wait what happened to Higgins?
Oh my god oh my god you guys. Looks like trump fucking plagiarized. If there ever was a shitty president this one qualifies!!
Einarr Michaelsson
Legally Orange
God I hate liberals, and Jimmy will literally do anything to stay relevant.
boooooo. jimmy is a sell out. a wuss. a sheep. a puppet.
rock star
Francisco Martinez
Trump is stealing speeches he can't think of his own words
Helin Inal
He did the same thing with the bee movie
Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
Liberty University. Academically a joke. Be wary of anyone that has a "degree" from that "university".
Don Tyrump
DJT is illegally fake whatever, when will he plagiarize "it's not a tumor" or "get to da choppa" or "say hello to the bad guy" ?
Liberty "University" & plagiarizing? Can we get any lower? Get rid of this scuzz!
DiamondCreeper 23
Elle Woods: We did it!
Trump: No, I did it.
Liam Watson
Trying to get in on the late show with Stephen Colbert ratings!! lol
they have to be totally braingebumst to find this out
rav ernot
big hands in jynatown!
Vic Nielsen
Gee's do these nite time Dumpy's really knock down everyone in the White House or what ? I don't think America want's to really listen to idiots that make fun of our President or other offical's . Bad enough to listen to it on all the new's and then listen to it on nite time host to think that making up lie's is ok and funny ....... Sick Host and you know who all do it .....If you don't like America i will pay for your trip to Africa .
God help us all.
Adam Starkweather
We should not forget that Trump was on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy during the campaign, and Jimmy didn't do shit. Didn't ask real questions, pussyfooted around just to grab ratings. He can make fun of him now, but, he's partly to blame why we're in this ordeal in the first place.
That psycho steven miller has to be THE worst speech writer in history. just awful.
Liliana Kindell
I bet Ivanka wrote the speech. She seems that sort of person who would watch that kind of film. Locked up in her own pink-bubble with orange Oompah Loompah in charge.
Ashwin Gidwani
Legally orange
Basanth Sadasivan
Bianca Mena
this is such a good video I laughed the whole time
Gisa W Slonim
Plagiarism runs in the family...Melania plagiarized Michelle Obama when she gave her speech at the Republican convention.
calm critic
i guess that you lefties are too stupid to vote for something other than Hollywood! hahaha! i dont even like trump. hahahaha!
Christopher Clayton
4:31 to the end got me bobbing my head
Shanghai Road
Impeach the Russian in the White House...
I like Trump cause he makes me laugh 🤷🏻‍♀️😄
Pointless Bunkum
Illegally orange
Max Ward
Trump is your president, get over it
omg, lol
Maria Pia
Hahahaha this is amazing
Hector Campos
How many of you guys voted for this guy. 😠
Efrain Flores
Jeffrey Tambor's face at 1:48 was precious!!!!
Shanghai Road
Impeach the Draft Dodger in the White House...
I'm here because of instagram lol
Athena Primrose
Whose the new announcer
Femke de Wees
Roof music basically vsxglh age second surgery bear tribe touch.
Isac Kelmendi
now,this is jimmy fallon that i love,not the one that plays with trumps hair!!
Airlines are getting rid of the tv screens... and we cant travel with our laptops or tablets anymore?
JD Taxpayer
Fallon is losing the late night ratings and now decides to lower his standards...what a fucking loser. Not to worry I hear SNL is need a trash man.
fried snake
Wait where is Andy or the guy who used to be with Fallon
Echo Gecko
Bend and snap, works every time!
LMAO....moron Dump trumpt at his best!
Mari Beltran
"sun's up, it's a little after 12,
make breakfast for myself ..."
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