FAIRY TAIL Manga 532 & 533: Zeref The White Mage (720p) English

FAIRY TAIL Manga 532 & 533: Zeref The White Mage (720p) EnglishFAIRY TAIL Manga 532 & 533: Zeref The White MageFAIRY TAIL Manga 532 & 533FAIRY TAIL MangaFAIRY TAILManga 532 & 533Manga 532Manga 533Chapter 532Chapter 533Double ChaptersMotion MangaMusicBattleE.N.DVsZerefNatsuLucyCryingTearsDead Makarov

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Seriphia aka Lick
T.T Zackieeeeeeeee....
I can't.... my Natsu.... sob I just can't!

Someone go find Levy so she can rewrite that blasted book!! T.T
Kawaii Devilary
Strawhat Luffy
There goes the guild again...
abdel abid
fairy taill
abdel abid
fairy taill
Person and Person 2
Me the whole time: Wat da fuk??
Heheheheheheheh Hehe
I should've watched this when there weren't people around me…

Anybody have more tissues?
etherious. natsu.dragneel
Tbh I kinda wish zeref could have done it cuz if u think about it we know this Natsu but I wonder what he would be like if he never died 400 years in the past I wonder if the original Natsu would grow up to be the same one as this one
Jonathan Blitz
R.i.p gildart's cool geled hair
Joseph Panhilason
And so Mavis have the Fairy heart? And zeref get it from her to be goddess level so thats why mavis is considered as one of the strongest in fairytail
Richard Lee
Great the SEEDS are destroyed ,now what Lucy? Cmon FT do you want to become FK
tira laxiolala
i made zeref .now bow before your master and realize your true place as a maid in my house i said bow
tira laxiolala
umm, boo hoo hoo 0_0
Shark Bite 457
Acnologia: All dragons will be annihilated they're not necessary in this world
Me: Then why are you here 😑
Princess Sprinkles
Darn it, why do they always have to make the evil characters seem evil?

Wait wat XD
Shina Dragneel
Already a ship!
What was zeref grabbing
Fairy Tail Mage
Omggg who else saw the beginning art work?? It was literally all my favourite ships and who else saw that gajeel and Levi were naked??!!!
Natsumi Dragneel
NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I'm not sad of Natsu cause I know his gonna survive)MASTER MAKAROV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(but is master Makarov really dead?)
aqua cat
Lucy save natsu he always saves u so u can return the favor but I swear if u die us nalu shippers will not be happy
Icefire the PokeGirl and Slytherclaw Potterhead
AWWWWWWWWWWW Mira cares about Erza
Saber Pendragon
Fairy tail Manga is coming to the end?
Anthony Montero
She is not a he
jose salas joe
10:19 zeref pulled some transformers 4 shit if you now what I mean
Kawii Paris
looks at jerza and says you guys should bang 💥
Kawii Paris
The beginning drove me nuts because it showed all the couple including JERZAAAAAAaAAAAA
Abdihakim Da'ud
After Lucy does that I am guessing she is about to dy nastu is going to f*ck the sh*t out of her she will wake the f*ck up
1:01 let me get something strait.

Zeref dont give a crap if mavise has the body if a 13 year old? WTF
Flower StarDust
does anyone else still remember how Mavis' clothes are nothing but an illusion from her magic?
Kakaroth N. Buruhato
faculo a te pezzo di merda fai schifo va a caccare
0:21 - 0:38

Those are the fandom favorite ships everyone
And Hiro just loves them too so he included them so we can all fangirl in the distance
That whole fifty seconds was shipping fan art
God it's like evil Gandalf

"Zeref" -Gimli
"Yes, they called me Zeref the Black, I am Zeref the white" -Zeref(Gandalf)
Isaiah Johnson
laxus and mira confirmed the cover shows all future relationships in fairy tail including one with mira and laxus
Range GD
I guess you can say its

Alex Martirez
Why hiro make zeref more immortal now he has anhkseram curse or whatever it is and now he has fairy heart with infinite power. But still he is the coolest character for me in fairytail and i dont want him to die.
Alex Martirez
Is there someone who has the picture of Zeref in fairy heart form? because im going to make it my wallpaper.🙏🙏
Albert Chavez
White Mage Zeref looks kind of like Gray.
Jesus Trejo
men zeref lost it his eyes look like a maniac
Ariyah Landeros
zearif does love mavis they do love each I know it so happy right now!!!
Johnmark Garde
5:51 ahhh pen1s
Couldn't Natsu just punch Zeref so he would stop holding on Mavis like for real man -_-
Jan Itor
Best wishes future self
April 21, 2017
Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry
Soul Breaker
I know your gonna hate me for this but zeref and mavis nahh...hiro mashima should have made mavis a little taller because she's too small
Natsu dragneel
why natsu die no zeref T~T
raja asyiqin
its weird ...... if zeref want to die so bad why don't just let acnologia kill him because zeref can't beat him right?
_Nenergy _
This is turning into dbz really quickly xD
porbunk pig
Nalu ship iz real
Featherine Augustus Auaurora
Wow, I just realized that it was technically Eileen who killed Makorav or at least drove him to death
Featherine Augustus Auaurora
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