United Airlines Passenger Forcibly Removed on Overbooked Flight

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Find us on http://www.facebook.com/flightorg. On the 9th April, 2017, a man was forcibly removed from United Airlines Flight 3411 in Chicago, set for Louisville. While we'd normally say that until we have all the information, we have no information at all, the United response tends to confirm the incident as described by passengers. United Airlines said that ... "Flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked. After our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate. We apologize for the overbook situation."


Awful ☹️
I´ll never flight United again ... just because of this... they can do this again !
Lo Bora
Alphons Vorderwühlbecke
Nobody knows what happened before the escalation. Fact is that lots of passengers are uneducated, rude fellows expecting royal treatment but paying peanuts. If you want to know with what kind of human scum airline employees have to deal daily, just have a look at a passenger longhaul flight cabin after the hordes of savages have left the plane! Keep your chins up UNITED.
Everyone should fucking leave the plane and demand their money back.
Ali Gündemir
Meanwhile, everyone activates the cameras of their mobiles to record the event instead of resisting violence against the passenger. WOW...
Humanity with money is not humanity!
Rizwan Kazmi
I am a United Frequent traveler and this breaks my heart. I will not fly with United again. What also breaks my heart is hearing some other passengers say "Good Job, way to go". I am asking you would you say the same thing if they had removed you like this? Smh
Alphons Vorderwühlbecke
Hi chaps

time to counter somehow the bilious battue on UNITED employees:

In a time when scores of uneducated, vulgar, impertinent, arrogating and mostly savage people paying peanuts for their transport make life of ground and cabin crews unbearable, UNITED employees try to do their best. Worse luck, it can’t always work.

My point: There were dozens of passengers that would have deserved to be skiddled out of the airplane, especially the screaming nauseous goose “oh my God, oh my God..” as if the overvalued doctor was per se a more prized customer than anyone else.

Well done UNITED, don’t let animalistic behaving Pax goof on you ever again!
This is all bullshit, and that "doctor" is a fucking scammer. He was talking on the phone with someone who had purposely told him to "be dragged out", so he could have a chance to sue the company. The person behind him recording caught him saying that. 2nd of all, this isn't entirely United's fault. They were using airport security guards for an independent republic airline service that was going by under United's wing, no pun intended. 3rd, yes they did overbook the flight which isn't the right way to secure seats in my opinion, but they were willing to pay that doctor 1800 dollars to give up his seat, but he still refused and attempted to fraud the industry. Sorry, but I don't think this is United's fault. He was a well-played scammer if you ask me.
Suggested new United mottos .
1. Board as a doctor , leave as a patient
2. Our prices can't be beaten , but our passengers can
3. We have first class , business class and no class
4. Not enough seating , prepare for a beating
5. We beat the customer , not the competition
6. Where voluntary is mandatory
7. And you thought leg room was an issue
8. We treat you like we treat your luggage
9. Now offering one free carry off
Ismail X
Louis L'Estrange999
United you are so disrespectful to your customers
Jd Mka
United Airlines
Can you please delete this video, it can harm our image.
L Lawliet
Barbarian Americans
so instead of telling to catch next flight to the guy who's already off the plane , you force other passenger out, so the other one can get in... THIS IS GENIUS.
Thanh Nguyen
The hospital would like to cooperate with United Airlines when watching this clip
If you want the customer beatdown treatment, then fly the unfriendly sky with UNITED!!!! United has perfected the mistreatment of passengers, particularly the elderly.
Sue them millions dollar
Tang Tee Keng
Wtf united I am not setting on the plane anymore you dumb fuck united shame
Tang Tee Keng
Wtf united I am not setting on the plane anymore you dumb fuck united shame
azeddine braq
This not respect people world look like sleeve as movie
Vianney Garcia
I hate united airlines they are so cruel
Grave Kennet
He could have taken the arm rest thing up at least
Carson Whiteside
United Airlines is just a sucky airline altogether, Chicago (OHare) is the worst airport ive ever been to. Put the 2 together you get this I guess.
Aguilarz Gaming
so the dumbass coo punched a doctor and made his mouth bleed and drag him that's fucked up I'll just go on Delta instead of united airlines
They should have done this to Marwan ash-Shehhi instead.
Badr A
تم التصرف بهمجية مع هذا الطبيب المسكين ذي الأصول الأسيوية
وبسبب هذا التصرف الغبي والأرعن من شركة الخطوط الامريكية وصلت خسائرها حتى الأن لقرابة المليار دولار
United Airlines. we make shit happen!
wow, United is dead to me. Fking assholes!!!
Bob Baja
Dr. Dao will be able to retire now !
Bob Baja
I thought if airlines needed to move personnel that they could utilize other airlines with empty seats. My family will never use this airline again, ughh.
Kell Arellano
Dao broke his 2 front teeth & nose, when he fell into the seat across the aisle, hitting his face into the armrest, once they were able to get him out of his seat, then dragged him down the aisle.

So not an actual assault by the officers, they acted per protocol of removing an irrational passenger.

He was also running up & down the aisle when he reboarded (after the incident), blood all over, repeating "I have to go home, I have to go home" when they staff attempted to get him to sit down.

He needs a brain scan (MRI) to look for tumors or possible stroke, related to his behavior, a thorough evaluation of his cardiac status (r/t drug use & irrational reaction).

Those who were exposed to his blood, need to have an #HIV test (related to his professional misconduct, drug use that resulted in #prison time, and #homosexual relations with patients).

The KY Medical Board has 130 pages online regarding the loss of his license, 50+ felony counts related to drugs, sexually inappropriate actions toward patients.

Dao's Licensure Suspension:
Bernard J Fortin
Boycott united airlines and let's destroy this company....!!! Bankrupt them....!!!!
Wojciech Maj
L Ditze
Putu Uye
this is America!!😎👍
Sheila Aaa
horrible!!! This happened in America???
Shopalak Petrov
why he is creaming like a pig? and also he pretend to unconscious, liar!
I wonder if that pos officer would've used that same type of force on his own father!
Alex U
Americanns rulesss!!!
If United wants to book their flights solid AND have space for their employees maybe they can have 1 small airplane that flies all over the USA to multiple airports to move employees around the country if they cannot fit into regularly scheduled flights without beating the hell out of their customers.
000 000
can someone set up gofundme page. i want to donate money to the brave person whos going to fuck up the cop who thinks hes god
and both retards recording are holding their phones vertically SMH
Poor management UA---yes, brutality to passenger---policemen. Why most of the people can't differentiate these two things?
Daniel Courage
United Airlines
If your ass doesn't fly then we'll drag it
Maxut Kurmangaziyev
this is a democracy!
Chopinfan R
You can hear the airport police after they remove him say "good work guys… Way to go". Smh
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