Lauren Byrne
Do a vidio with karius
Thomas France
Jezza your the best by Thomas france
Young Geordie
Bill still wishes he was that good for Spurs
Maurice Dauphin
Dean Fuller
I am spurs fan boom
johnny Son
1:25 billy laugh
nguyen thi anh ngoc
dkm cái thằng sút chân trái như đầu boai a
Ak 27
song please 4:30
Tantra Budi
Iliada Demleka
F2 0ri
Rodrigo Quadros
2:08 "Allahuakbar"?
Ali Hosseinzadeh
Please!Next one Ronaldinho🙏
Jammy Harris
Do it with De Gea
Alexander Vilstrup
did gomes just say that? 2:08
Marcos Ramos
kaua gamer
ate quem fim um brasileiro representando
immortals !
f2 are beast
Paulo Esperandio
Boa Huerelho, mas diz aí, quando você vai voltar pro Brasil?? Tamo esperando aqui! Kkkkk
Seamus O'Connor Stewart
Great goalkeeper
Thuy Thanh
Gomes is one of the best goalkeepers
I hate ads
Karol Łoński
Najs gollkiper
Milad Morvari
Heurelho Gomez is beast goalie
Alfabio Hasa
OMG grandisimo
Tom Harrison
Can Jez not hit a dead ball? dead up
Alberto Garcia
What cleats are y'all using?
Koen K
SONG 2:50??
Scorpion822 GT
F2 vs charlie morley pls
Smithy Blud x
Song at the start
Holly Wilkins
He's shit tho
Mahalingam Yoganandha
I always wanted to defend your goals, even if I’m only 10 turning 11!
Aidan McMeeking
I hate when people say like if you agree

Like if you agree!
Abdullah Azam
Sick man!!! I wish I was like you bro
Kayden Moores
What's that song called
Air destroyer
4,425,521th view
Andrew Gilbert
the F2 should go against neuer
Kian Cox Kian Cox
f2 can you do this take a touch fake shot it do a stepother then curl it in
Rebecca Paul
Do you know who Ronaldinho
do this with loris!!
Iamzillon Gaming
f2 vs ronaldo or messi
Iamzillon Gaming
it is not so hard being a keeper. i play soccer and i am one. it is super fun
Mahendranath Saren
Billy is good at skills jezza is good too I like them
Viktor Mihola
Music pleas
Goddamn his hand are huge
Like the video so we can watch f2 vs another goalkeeper plsss
Gaming Gabriel
In the thumbnail the keeper is dabbing
Marc Nkengfac
I heard Allah U Akbar at 2:07
The Kiler BG
I love Adidas and super god keeper
Adam Johnson
Here you can see how difficult it is to score against a real professional. Gomez looks like a really nice guy and funny as well
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