Kenan Memmedov
Bu Iki Adam Aynı Haraketleri Yapiyolar Biri Çikartsa Oda Çikartiyo Biri Direye Vursa Oda Vuruyo Biri Gol Atsa Oda Atiyo
Mateusz Pedzimaz
keeper wins
Jacob Unitt
There is a advert I wish your mom was dead your a fucker
Leon Bro
You nedd this kind of a goalkeeper. xD
Studenci SGSP
the best world fanke
Joshua Waithe
that keeper looks like benzima
Big nasty Virginia WATTS
There like wow it's hard to score with a good player
Celtics Boston
Good goalkeeping by GOMES
Jezza should stick to swaz
Inco Gnito
5:23 Lewandowski!💪🔥
Mehmet Ozdemir
Mehmet Ozdemir
F2 vs Neuer will make your subscriber count go to 5.5 k
Mehmet Ozdemir
F2 vs Neuer will
Mehmet Ozdemir
Ha bad luck F2
SkillsTv HD
Lol jezzas reaction time is so slow u can tell in keeper
Why are you guys NOT Pro players
Dilan De Alwis
Gomes is so good at goalkepping
A Follower
gomes is not that famous and the f2 cant do a lot of goals, if u try vs neuer i think they dont do 1 goal
Shawze Gaming - Roblox and More!
Shawze Gaming - Roblox and More!
what gloves was he wearing?? I am a goalie and would love to know
Maxine Boyle
that music is so good
Hide Curve
song right at the beginning?
Joshua Omray
I am the only one that can save all
Do F2 vs Neuer
Captaine Camax
Il y a des français je suis tout seul ici
That keeper was amazing
David Beckham
de gea please do challenge with this pl legend!
Gomes's right side is slightly weaker than his left. Also that 2nd guy keeps getting closer and closer to the keep. He was shooting inside the penalty area at the end of the video..
The goal keeper is so fat
gomes new juventus goalkeeper ?? #BUFFON4EVER
if his there permanent keeper they wont enjoy free kick cuz all of emm saves
Goalie skills&shit 324
Do a video With Patrik Carlgren! He's a sick goalie!!! ☺️☺️ keep it up guys with the good work!
Richard Yukino
Rodrigo Souza
this guy is insane
PSV's Gomes was destined for legendary status surpassing the likes of Messi and Ronaldo. Skills you couldn't make up before seeing him do it. He would save shots that would have sailed over the bar anyways, with ease, just to fuck with the opponent. I wonder wtf they did at Tottenham
Billy Pizzie
he put his hands on Dells
George Atkins
I know I'm a Watford fan but he is amazing!
Shows how shit you are when you come up against an actual goalkeeper instead of that donkey you usually have
Majzik László
Please make video with Thibaut Courtois
Robert Mititelu
Arjuna Manda
he's learning😂😂😂
clash with jj
I've got a challenge for you f2 sledgehammer vs premier league keeper
NICE VIDEO !!!!!!!
Rafli Basman
f2 vs david de gea
Wayne Rooney
de gea
Lode Peeters
yoer met tibo courtous
Anubha Maurya Walia
your skills are awesome
tolis 11paok
go f2 in the team ?
Albert Delgadillo
Can you the real manual neuer for next video
Fifa Sk1LLz 1
them nets are tiny comparer to the prem nets hes gomes is so shit in real life tho.
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