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Pewds - "I need a big ass hole to be satisfied" 1 minute later "eww how are holes satisfying?"
Jim Miles
I lik the january 2018 pewds better
Monkey D Luffy
:) hi I türkish
He has a Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared t-shirt
Tracy Carey
When the ad popped up on his computer I clicked the x ._.
suomi mainittu
Pedro Varunca
Did you say Portugal? I'm from Portugal
0:57 who else tried to click x on the ad on the screen ?
Nasser R.M
lol old pewed
1:26 It's glue
castiel novak
My dad is a cum.... computer
close the fucking ads
REDwolfys GAME
Oh god gross stuff happening
Poop Poopy
Who else saw the Roy shirt on him from don't buy me I'm scared
kooky cookie
Nice dhmis shirt, felix
Kuze Hibiki
3:16 I thought it's Wonderwall by Oasis.
noor plays
Pewds: I need some hole to be satisfied

Five mins later

Pewds : how is holes satisfying
Declan Moralee
Is it just me or is slime the most unsatisfyingly You’ve ever seen
I'm sure felix would enjoy watching How's It's Made
Yes... Hold Danny...
Dave Magsayo
Play paladins
Why won't ya do try not to sing along challenge
Azor Triipz
Azor Triipz
Azor Triipz
Azor Triipz
Frank Mooradian
lol he doesn't like gooey tings
Giada Playz
The only person satisfying me is pewds lol 😂
Giada Playz
How is holes satisfying some tell me actually... don't
Pewds -2016 lol
Giada Playz
"Is-that is that mother natures butt whole" 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂
Giada Playz
lol pewdiepie I need a penis or a hole or something long to be satisfied 😂
Giada Playz
He even made a intro for the try not to get satisfied, yet he won't make one for his own channel and he's had so many years to do it lol 😂
Este vídeo fue, realmente satisfactorio, tanto así que me hice una paja al terminar el vídeo, fue algo hermoso
Emperor Takashi
Are you sure this isn't the "Try not to throw up challenge" Some of that stuff was disgusting as hell.
Ikhlas Z
the slime reminds me holding and scuishing something that is flufy
Matthew Maldonado
When PewDiePie gets horny he just sprays himself down haha lol
Ellen Mae
my mum walked into the room when he started moaning and saying "oh he's going deeper" I just sat there like ITS NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE
That type of pen is actually satisfying
Noah Carignan
Is that a don't hug me I'm scared t-shirt at 8:42
Mr Brofist
Who watch this video in 2017 please click felix ass for new year!
Sleepy little Gibson
I was satisfied by the noise of the water bottle😂😂😂
Wolf Pack 69
?????? :3
Toot Sis
Satisfied = amazed
Toot Sis
Collecting Honey with a metal tool.

Riiiiiight... not buying that shit...
Little ClaraART
do the dirty mid challenge
My mom came in my room just to hear u moaning to a couple of machines. xD
Arweed JB
0:48 its glue!!!!!!!!
Goat Bricks
5:27 that scene in every zombie movie
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